Why are you into Tango?

  • Why are you into Tango?

    I think this is a good topic to make people participate. So, why you enjoy Tango? How did you discover it?

    As I live in this globalized world, pop music have been in my life since I was born. But as a teenager I wanted to find some kind of identity with my native land. Tango was born in Rio de la Plata, and many many years ago it was quite popular among young and old people, a real feeling and trademark for generations. Despite on last decades it hasn't been so related to new generations, I think it's one of the few cultural expressions really associated with our countries. Although I've never been a full time Tango fan, it has well accompanied my life and musical taste.

    I've enjoyed Tango music and lyrics for many years, but I had never tried dancing, luckily this year I could encourage myself to start taking classes... and I have to say it isn't as hard as I thought.

  • I'm here, because I love this type of music. I like looking at people dancing tango, maybe some day I will join them...

    • zotti70 said...
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    • 22 Jun 2008, 20:57

    tango and why I am here...

    when I started dancing several years back, I discovered the music. And in order to stay informed on what is out there I was hoping for Last.fm to be my solution. ...since then I have found some new and interesting remix and fusions. Even if they are not considered to be part of the tango genre they do work on the dance floor (facing the right dance partner).

    For example: Adriano Celentano Il Figlio Del Dolore

  • I just love Tango...
    saludos, desde Bs As!

    Todos somos fragmentos no solo del hombre en general, sino de nosotros mismos (Georg Simmel)
    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 1 Oct 2008, 20:41
    Because is a genuine expression of the argentinian culture, and is so great to see people from all around the world loving it. Makes us all, as argentinians, so proud of it

  • Hola.. empecé a escuchar tango hace unos años, empecé con piazzolla, me atrapó la pasión, intensidad, y esa inexpresable melancolía que solo el tango lo tiene. :)

    • ichel92 said...
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    • 20 Dec 2008, 03:06
    El tango es un baile tan sensual y me encanta escucharlo. Es la musica perfecta para hacer el amor.

    hi, how are you
  • Tango is hapiness and sadness at time

  • i always loved the music, and now i've been dancing it for a year too, it has a big spell i guess!

    • ianshaw said...
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    • 29 Jan 2009, 20:38
    I fell in love with tango after visiting Buenos Aires two times.......incidentally, I also fell in love with Buenos Aires :) I stayed with friends in the Centro district and visted several of the old-school tango ballrooms. Of course, I did not dance, I only watched. My exeriences in those places was unbelievable. The dance, when done properly (and not for a tourist show), is nothing short of magical. The etiquette and social scene is fanscinating. My favorite thing is to watch the 70 year old gentleman, tango aficionado, approach the 26 year old woman and watch them move as if they have been partners for life . . . .inches apart, but not touching. . . . . the gentleman with his subtle and cocky experience, the woman with her appeal, hard work, and of course, tango heels ;) There is absolutely nothing like it in the whole world!

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 28 Aug 2009, 00:38
    because it's beautiful! :)

  • I feel that the lyrics are talking about my life.

    I feel so identified with the essence of tango.

    • Docrod said...
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    • 25 Mar 2010, 05:28

    why tango?

    Tango is what we do. Dance, don't catch a heel, don't trip, be daring and watch out for another. CBM, counter body movement. Hey Camus, L'etranger was a tangoist existentialist.

  • Tango is a dance of sadness, violence and passion at once. the music has its origin in the slums, not in the upper class and I like the rhtythm and the essence of it. dancing tango is not only to know the different steps but to know about the society and its special etiquette.

    >> A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence. <<
  • Im not into tango. Tango has been into me since I was a little child.

    Viva el tango, saludos desde Buenos Aires

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