• Last.fm Radio Announcement

    Last.fm Radio Announcement

    I suggested that Last.fm will turn listening to music into a paid service for all people, but never suspected that they dare to establish such discrimination.

    The Last.fm shareholders started to turn the site into a profitable business last year, now they install an insulting apartheid system.

    Personally, I'm not involved, seemingly, not only because I'm German, more because I don't listen to Last.fm's radios that much, but this decision destroys any faith in a positive development of the site, the basic ideas of a social network are perishing on Last.fm.

    I'm angry, I'm gutted... and I definitely won't subscribe never ever!

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  • That blows.
    I'm not affected, but that announcement wasn't worded tactfully. Nor, was it explained to WHY the US, UK and Germany were excepted (which is what a lot of the shouts are asking). I guess the US was excepted due to the ad revenue lastfm already gets from us? In any case, it does seem that it should have been an "across the board" decision: with no exceptions.
    I'm sorry for all the users this will affect. :(

  • Well I will be affected, but not that much...
    I don't use the Last.fm radio that much and the recommendations and other services will still stay for free... So I won't subcribe...
    There are always other ways to stream music... like deezer.com and to listen to "new artists" myspace or the site of the artist will be fine too. So I really hope they will keep on providing the other services for free...

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 26 Mar 2009, 08:33
    I'm really disappointed. I am affected by this, as I live in the Netherlands, and because I use the radio pretty often. I don't really care about the fact that users in some other countries won't have to subscribe, but it does make this decision even more unfair. It's just sad that many people will stop using last.fm altogether, making it less of a social network.

    • Omnicia said...
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    • 26 Mar 2009, 09:31

    Right - well I truly appreciate that people are upset about this, it was by no means a decision made lightly, or what anyone wants.

    I've seen comments that we just "aren't trying hard enough" , that we're intentionally discriminating because we only like those 3 (the term nazis has been bandied about), and a lot of "we have to pay to support the 3 free countries" - among other things.

    A lot of analysis and work went into this – a lot – and it was established that the best way for us to keep providing radio to other countries (at all), was to make it subscribers only.

    licoricepizza is in the right area, the UK, US and DE are exempt because there is the ability to support the free services there without relying on subscriptions.

    The subscriptions paid for by other countries would have nothing to do with the services in those 3, by the way - if we just turned off radio all together outside those markets (a la Pandora) , those three would still have the free services.

    There’s also the notion that it should be all or nothing – all countries pay, or none pay – though I can understand where that rationale is coming from – I don’t really think it’s a better answer, all it would do is cause more people to lose the free service, so that others don’t feel cheated out of something. For some people this seems like the only right and fair thing to do, I personally (and this is 100% just my thoughts) would rather not cause one person to have to pay for something purely because I have to (I realize this is moot, since I live in the UK – but I’m Canadian, so this is affecting friends and family)

    For the record - this is the same approach that Spotify uses (only free in certain countries, available by subscription only in others - though there are also countries where they are just not available at all) - but because they were never free everywhere to start with, people seem to be okay with that.

    This isn’t a "it's okay, because others are doing it", just giving some perspective on the industry..

    Also, like many people have said, there are loads of options out there at the moment – we know this, and if you genuinely don’t feel our radio services (loved, recs, global tags, personal tags – remember, you’d have all subscriber features, including no ads and recent visitors, not just the currently free ones) is worth a subscription – then by all means use these others – we’re still here for your scrobbling needs (Spotify , Hypemachine and Blip.fm scrobble.. not sure about others since these are the only other ones I use.. then obviously anything you play on your own machines) you can still get your charts, your recs, there’s still the groups, the wikis, your neighbours and friends, gig listings, etc.. plus all the stuff that’s coming up in the pipeline.. all of that will still be free to anyone who wants to use them.

    Anyway, I’m not saying people shouldn’t feel upset, because I think that’s a natural reaction – but wanted to give my two cents.

    [edited to correct an annoying typo and to add the following disclaimer: This shouldn't really be viewed as any kind of "official response", though I did use the term "we" a couple times - it's my personal thoughts on the matter only - there are some staff comments on the blog and in this thread http://www.last.fm/forum/21717/_/517178 which are from more authoritative and official type staff members, for those inclined to read them - but I like this group and didn't want to just ignore this]

  • Bleh.

    Ugh- yeah, I'm bummed and I am affected and I do use the radio, etc. That said, I understand to some degree why last.fm is doing it. Still- ugh. I have to think it over some more, I guess. Not sure what I'm going to do....

  • I always understood Last.fm as a worldwide community, my friends up here hail from all over the world. Just that there were no differences how last.fm was dealing with any user, made it special. Now it's just another profit-oriented company as all the others, looking how to make money with the members.

    If the advertisements in US/UK/GER are so profitable, why not an uniform subscription of one buck for all users including those from US/UK/GER?

    The mentality of looking at the users ancestry for deciding how valuable he is doesn't please me anyhow!

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  • Thanks for that explanation Omnicia. I had a feeling that was the case. (Maybe you should have worded that announcement). :)

  • I feel very sad, it's the end of an era...people from all over the world gathered here to discover new music for free, now it won't be the same.

  • I'm sad to find the first [deleted-user] in my threads. It's unfortunate that Last.fm didn't have the tactfulness to foresee the disgust that such an act will cause.

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  • Though I don't use the radio.
    The moneymaking is sometimes necessary.

    guests are disillusioned of unkind supports.
    If dislike character, the advertisements unpleasant.

    *Typical,bad example*
    like MySpace,like Facebook, and like some Japan's SNS..etc...

    If good character's artists,
    You will want to buy their CD and books.
    Web services are also similar.

    If staffs are kind,guests pays money!

    ▲If atmosphere doesn't improve, I will never support here!▲


    ▲I DON'T WANT WIMPISH person who cannot talk with me!!▲
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