• Last.fm friends - classified

    Don't take it too seriously. :)

    I seldom use the "Add as friend" link, my favorite is the "Post" button. However, my friends page accumulated a bunch of names all along. One reason is: I'm bad in saying NO! I accepted nearly every friend request in the past, worrying to offend someones sensibilities.

    Who are the people friending us here on Last.fm. Let's have a closer look at them:

    • The advertiser
      The advertisers are labels, artists, magazines, websites, resp. their representatives. Their friend requests appear in your inbox whenever your avatar crosses their paths. They gathered hundreds of friends, the trophy of their popularity, in worst case as address database for advertising PMs.

    • The collector
      Unlike the advertisers they are ordinary users, collecting friends as if this could compensate the lack of communication in their life. If you have a nice profile with some artists in common, the collector hits the "Add as friend" and after you accepted, he'll never darken your door again. Collectors may be nice people, but they just make your friend list unwieldy.

    • The newbie
      They mostly joined Last.fm within the last three days and start to discover the pros and cons of the site by hitting every button in sight. Scare them away by rejecting the request? Doing long explanations (once again)? ...or accept it, wait and see?

    • The thankful
      Some users return every favor, tip, or just kindness with a friend request. This bonus is of little value if it's the last what you get from this guy.

    • The wise guy
      He's friending you to include you in his bombarding of Last.fm users with more recommendations, tips, wisdom, and shared music than anyone can ever assimilate. Being mostly of open, friendly personality, he makes it difficult to stop the flood.

    • The scrounger
      Oh, I don't like the scrounger! He's simulating friendship just for one reason: to ask you for to share some music that he has seen in your charts before.

    • The inquisitive
      Yay! That's my favorite! The inquisitive supports the conversation, sends recommendations, comments your recommendations, or just posts a "hello, what's going on?" in your shoutbox, in short: the inquisitive communicates.

    • The sleeper
      The sleeper once was an inquisitive, but the interests of both of you changed and the communication is sleeping... until a new release of a common favorite artist, a new incredible software update on Last.fm or just the boredom of either her/him or you reawakens the conversation.

    • The dead body
      The dead body aka the skeleton is the abandoned account of a former
      esteemed user. Maybe you see him listening to music sometimes, but his shoutbox remains unread/unanswered. It's somehow as with the newly married friends in real life: they're still there, but you have to go clubbing without them.

    • The unused
      That are mostly the befriended artists. One or two visits on Last.fm per year are sufficient to update the tracks, albums. The profiles are left void, shouts remain unanswered, but you're nevertheless happy to have them in you list of friends. ;)

    Lately I learned to remove dispensable friends from my list, the advertisers, the collectors, and the dead bodies got kicked off. It's my pride and joy that the list wasn't empty after it!

    ♫ not a day without music ♫ Dieter
  • Und was bin ich? X) The "Meckerer" about female singer songwriter recommensations? :D :D :D

    Toller blog! Klasse zusammengefasst ^^

    music gives us wings
  • The unused: "[...]you're nevertheless happy to have them in you list of friends." Haha, so true, I'm always happy to see ambeR in my friend list! =)

    "It's just that a lot of songs that are popular right now, they don't have any meaning [...]"Elliott Smith

  • Oh dear god, I hope I've passed the newbie phase. Still here, still listening... :)

    • Bayou16 said...
    • User
    • 7 Jan 2009, 03:02
    This makes me think that I should clean my lastfm friends list.

  • Good list. There are slightly more types of "friends" than I excepted. I must admit that a bit more than half of my friends are sleepers, and I find it a bit bad. But they are still communicating from time to time. That suits me fine enough.

    • [Deleted user] said...
    • User
    • 27 Nov 2009, 16:10
    I'd also say most of my friends are sleepers. I'm a bit like hdsander and never refused a friendship request in the past. Now I'm more selective, I always think twice before giving myself away! :P

    • Immat said...
    • User
    • 21 Jan 2010, 01:47
    Maybe I should give up some "dead bodies" but I'm still hoping, at least about 2-3 of them. Isn't a shame when a communication which at first was fun and frequent suddenly just ends? Makes you wonder Oh what did I do wrong here?

    • [Deleted user] said...
    • User
    • 13 May 2010, 17:14
    You forgot to mention
    • The groupie: The groupie really likes that new group you created. Groupies usually befriend the leader of a group two minutes after they joined. They have a lot in common with the thankful. Losing them might mean losing them from your group as well.
    • The devotee: You knew that you shouldn't have chosen that picture of you performing a pole dance after having a couple of beers too many at your friend's birthday party as your avatar, but it is making your profile a busy place. Each day, about 30 devotees out of your 200 visitors would like to scrobble ... er ... befriend you.
    • The friend: You don't necessarily talk much, but even though you have never met and may live thousands of miles apart, you feel like you know your friend. You can rely on a friend to stand by you against troll or moderator alike, and never to deceive you. Some of your friends don't even appear in your friends list.

  • A good complement mvordeme!

    Especially The friend is an important classification! "Some of your friends don't even appear in your friends list." - so true when thinking of many of the familiar faces who crossed my way on last.fm again and again during the last years.

    ♫ not a day without music ♫ Dieter
  • "The Scrounger"...ran into quite a few of those...the Internet makes everything so easy, you'd wonder why anyone would have any problems with...

  • Oh how I would love to have a friend of the inquisitive type.

  • Friends Collector..??

    Friends collector..
    this words..
    I learnt only here.
    though,I like Music Collector......

    Person who cannot talk...
    I'm not interested.

    A clever American's blogger said.
    "The number of friends of SNS is inverse proportion to the number of reality's friends"

    I think,
    Quality over quantity...

    ▲If atmosphere doesn't improve, I will never support here!▲


    ▲I DON'T WANT WIMPISH person who cannot talk with me!!▲
    • Roseace said...
    • User
    • 10 Jul 2011, 20:20
    This list is so true, and it was so fun to read , mainly because its all true, and it seems like an exageration or something, but no, its fucking true ^^ Lol.

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