• ideal age to take LSD/Shrooms

    hi, I was was wondering what a "good" ( and by that I mean healthy) age would be to try LSD for the first time.
    Anyone taken LSD and thought that they were too young or inexperienced to appreciate it properly?

    • siesta said...
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    • 27 Aug 2008, 01:20
    i think this is really hard to say. i think it has to do more with maturity than age, and if you feel good mentally about it. if you're generally positive, open-minded and feel mentally prepared for it, you should be fine. i can't approximate what age that would be because there are some people out there i don't think should ever take it. i had a mate who was 21 at the time and his first trip went horribly wrong - search helicopters and forest rangers were involved. he took it again some time later and he was fine.

    i think i first took it when i was 20. i wish certain things happened differently and it was a bit dramatic but i don't regret doing it then. if you're with good friends and mentally you're not going through a bad patch, you should be alright. i've seen kids in their mid-teens take all sorts of hard drugs - i don't know how i feel about that now. obviously i think the more mature you are the more you get out of it, and well, when you're that young you just don't know enough and you do drugs for different reasons.

    i don't know of any research that says that lsd would adversely affect the developmental stages of someone really young and at what age it would be considered technically "safe". if anyone knows of a link, please post it - i'd be curious to see it too. i doubt this kind of research exists though for some reason...

    This calls for a very special blend of psychology and extreme violence.
  • Probably because it would involve giving acid to small children, and that's just a little weird/creepy... I know that shrooms are less poisonous than asprin though, so I doubt at least those would be a problem, physiologically at least.

    I took it when I was... i want to say 17, and I felt alright at that age. I do think it's more of a maturity thing. I think if you think heavily on the subject of whether you want it, and then decide yes, you'll probably be alright. If you're just looking to get messed up, I'm gonna guess that acid would backhand your brain in all sorts of unpleasant ways.
    I'd probably say post-puberty though, I know for one I was going through way too much sorts of shit during puberty to be taking hard hallucinogens.

  • thanks for the advice.
    year, maturity wise I think I am ready, and my reasons for doing it are mostly for introversion and observation of myself and the world.
    I just don't want to do it and regret the experience.

    • siesta said...
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    • 27 Aug 2008, 17:21
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    This calls for a very special blend of psychology and extreme violence.
  • I was 16 when I did shrooms for the first time. It was cool. I made sure my head was right beforehand and I was with a bunch of friends.

  • You need to have stability in your mindset and daily life before you start to tear it apart. I'd say by your senior year of high school, or freshman year of college, that is a safe time to experiment with drugs.

  • thanks for the advice

  • I'd say do not take them before you are 18, when you're sixteen your mind still has a lot of growing to do, and a bad psychedelic experience can fuck you up real bad.

    When you're 18 it might fuck you up real bad as well, but the recovery time'll be much shorter.

    Basically when you know you've fully matured, and act like an adult, go for it.

    Although this is a p big variable, you'll know when the time is right.

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    • delado said...
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    • 19 Sep 2008, 00:12
    ....no matter when you lost your drug virginity ,, but when you doit you has tobe very kalm and smut ... belive in it and the allucination brings you a lot of knowlegde .disbelive(jajaj_) and this knowlegde comes to kick you inmature ass .. but allway is knowlegde so love your mush ,pill or whatever you take ..

    .. apokalitik postdata
    ... with mushrooms ,to me ,allways is the first time ,,the world change kompletly ...enoy the psylocivine......................

    ....,.,.,,mentira la mentira,, MENTIRA la verdaaaa,..,.,.,.....
  • BIRTH!!!!!!!!!

    seriously i was 18 the one and only time. and it was a terrible trip, but an experience i wouldnt take back. acid isnt fun, but i believe everyone should experience it.

    ^^^I didn't just say that.^^^
  • LSD is whatever you want it to be
    if you go into your trip with a 100% mindset you will have nothing but a good trip

    • T-i-T said...
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    • 23 Sep 2008, 08:36
    Some people say smoking marijuana is a gateway drug, and in this case it is important that if u want to trip u should really have smoked dope before, not that they are similar in what they do but if u flip out on smoke u will assuredly flip out on trips..
    i took acid when i was like 17 and it was fine only because i knew what to expect by previous drug experience...

  • acid is nothing like weed you fucking idiot. dont use them in the same sentence.
    NOTHING CAN PREPARE YOU FOR ACID,so word of mouth wont even help you here.

    ^^^I didn't just say that.^^^
  • You're the idiot man.

    You completely pulled what he said out of context... he said that if you flip out on pot you will flip out on acid, which'll probably be the case. He didn't say that if you don't flip out on pot that you wont flip out on acid.


    And in a more indirect way life experience/whatever. If you know that you are able to handle alot of situations well, you'll go into it with alot more confidence, and confidence is practically the key to having good psychedelic experiences.

    Edit; Just read your other post, acid IS fun (not in the O SHIT MANG I FUXX UP HXC type of way (well sometimes it is =D). Have you had any psychedelic explorations since your bad trip. I mean no wonder that you had a bad trip what with all the closemindedness and the calling people who are smarter than you idiot.

    Soz for ranting p drunk (first week of uni woo)

    Edit 2; You had a bad trip and you think everyone should experience one ? Fuckdamnit.

    "Some people get rich and others eat shit and die." - HST
  • Acid looks not for age; it looks for readiness.

  • i whole-heartedly agree with most previous sentiments. you just have to be at a place where you feel stable with you surroundings. good people who you know well and trust, generally comfortable and in a good place with your life.

    i would say this, and everyone else, please disagree with me if you like, i almost feel like shrooms are better when you're older, at least that's been my personal experience. see, acid (a ton of fun) is something that hangs over you. i'm never quite sure what's gonna happen (that's part of the fun) but usually, even though having friends is fun and a bonding experience, i'm so blown away by what's going on, i can't really explain it most of the time. or what's going on is just crazy, not really something that requires as much maturity to explain. (example, i've seen trees turn into dragons, fly off a hill and commence with devouring a neighborhood. very cool for me, but not exactly something to spend a lot of time analyzing or talking about much past a "jesus christ are you seeing what i'm seeing!?")

    shrooms on the other hand, i feel are better for people who have more life experience, more stories to share, etc. my friends and i have the most intense discussions, and i enjoy being able to talk about a wide range of topics. trust me on this one, shrooms (most of the time) are something you can ride a little more easily, and i feel you can really get a groovy group vibe going easily on those lovely little caps.

    but, hey, it's all good. just be right in the head and feel safe where you are and who you're with. best advice anyone can really give.

    • DUMIDOT said...
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    • 11 Oct 2008, 01:20
    it doesn't depend on age but mental readiness.
    some people are never ready. and some always have been.

  • you should try DMT first

  • I was 16 the first time i had taking shrooms, Ate them right out of the field. i would say the best time would be when your brain is fully developed and wont interfere with any growing or learning process, this would very with each person of course and obviously theres just some people that should never do it.

  • roon1sicunt said:
    you should try DMT first

    Such a bad idea.
    Shouldn't we work UP to these things? Weed then shrooms then acid then DMT?

  • Xylemicarious said:
    roon1sicunt said:
    you should try DMT first

    Such a bad idea.
    Shouldn't we work UP to these things? Weed then shrooms then acid then DMT?

    i agree, that would kinda be from hobo to billionair in a day, not good, better take it steady

    This is no offense, but you are a robot arent you?
  • aha sorry. i was actually joking, i forgot sarcasm doesnt work in text.. apologies

  • Ah yes, one of the more unfortunate things about the internet. Sarcasm is either blatant and ham-handed or non-existent.

  • I'd say it would depend in the environment in which the individual was raised. Someone for example that grew up with traveling hippie festival families is probably more psychologically apt to take LSD at a young age, than say, someone who has been raised and conditioned in the modern western school piece of shit system.

    It's a matter of emotional maturity, and how much that has been hindered by marketing and social conditioning.


    And she said she needs more than a friend...that's all I ever been.
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