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Created on: 13 Sep 2005
Promoting Japanese music tagged in its original encoding.
We are more than looking forward to a time when one song has one entry on sites such as last.fm~ we think that entry should be in the...

Tagging Lists can be found in the forum ♪♪♪

★★★New Members: To ensure consistency, your first three additions to our list should be submitted by message to either die_to_xxx or kyouhakukannen (previously cherry-baby) before they are added to the forum. Those that are not will simply be removed.
Please read this page, and study/refer to the Fatima and 雅-miyavi- posts before you begin★★★

☆☆All information should appear as

音楽 {ongaku} (music) ・・・that is: original {ro-maji} (translation)

Original titles MUST be included in each post: those with ro-maji or translations only will be removed.


☆All care is taken with the information given here- the original track names, romanized versions and the translations are given in good faith. Posters maintain the right to claim artistic license within their translations, and translations are optional.

☆Please check the artist's correct name (is it really usually in English?) on a Japanese site such as グラススレッド or ヴぃじゅなび when beginning a thread.

☆Please remember that although Japanese 'writing' will display in both post title, body and links within the body, Japanese 'symbols', such as used in the band name ∀ile≠de〔Σu〕 will not. Please take care when posting.

☆Notes about first/second pressings etc should be added at the end of the post- not the beginning. If there are several editions of one CD/single, feel free to create a post for each, clearly marked.

☆Make sure that translation and romanization are never mixed. For example, 冬ロマンス should be romanized as fuyu romansu , NOT fuyu romance. In this case the Japanese word does come from the English- however it is now widely recognized and used by Japanese speakers as their own. Not only this, but to assume that the word is, or originated from, English is seriously ethnocentric and therefore just not cool kiddies.

☆Also to help maintain consistency, please romanize following the original. Katakana will usually involve hyphens, not double vowels. For example, ドリーマ should be romanized as dori-ma, not doriima. The artist chose a hyphen, not a double vowel (usually not the case with hiragana or kanji- but the original is ALWAYS the guideline). Also, please don't use the lower case English for hiragana and upper case English for katakana- it is simply messy and unnecessary.

☆Please don't add to another persons thread without consulting them via message first.

☆As the main aim here is to provide correct Japanese tags, whether you include symbols such as ♬ and ◎ in your ro-maji is up to you.

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