• The new Kamelot album and what we know about it

    20 Feb 2010, 00:47 by MartinW

    EDIT: I won't update this anymore. There's no need to, everything any sensible non-fanatic person will want to know can be found on Wikipedia. Feel free to help us make that article more awesome.



    So have a list of things we know about the new Kamelot album, complete with delicious sauces.

    Release date: A tentative date was set at March 22 (source, from December 17), but it looks unlikely now. The latest we heard was from Thomas, saying "late Spring, early Summer" (same source, January 27).
    Update February 19th: March 22 now officially out of the question. Total number of people surprised amounts to zero. Release date to be announced (same source, February 19).
    Update March 3rd: The new album is now expected to be released right after the European tour. We'll see how that goes.
    Update May 12th: Well, the European tour has been over for a while, and we still don't have a release date, or even a title and a tracklist. Apparently Khan has said both June and August/September in concerts. The wait continues.
    Update June 17th: September 2010, according to the most recent news. (source)
    Update June 21st: The European release date is now September 3rd. (source)

    Cover art: The cover art has not yet been revealed, the only thing we know so far is that it will be made by Seth Siro Anton, who is also a member of Septic Flesh and has done artwork for several bands such as Paradise Lost and Serenity. (source)
    Update: On the new backdrop and tour t-shirts, we have been able to see this picture, which looks very likely to be an early version of the final artwork.

    Song titles: So far, we have three: "Hunter's Season", "Thespian Drama" and "The Great Pandemonium". (same source as above)
    Update February 19th: "House On A Hill", a ballad featuring Simone. (source)

    Title track: There will be one, as usual. (source) "The Great Pandemonium" is probably most likely, given that the new tour is called "Pandemonium over Europe 2010". (source)
    Update May 15: According to a member with the username Inquiescent on Kamelot's official forum, Khan said, while speaking to him after a show, that the new title would not be anything with the word "pandemonium". The plot thickens.
    Update June 16: A post made by Thomas Youngblood on the official Kamelot forum:
    Many thanks for the Birthday greetings! I was in Wolfsburg finishing some guitars for the new album P... wups..and I took the day off to see the Scorpions in Berlin.So it's fair to guess that the title will begin with P.
    Update June 21st: The new album will be called "Poetry for the Poisoned", which puts this mystery to an end once and for all. (source)

    Guest artists:
    * Un unnamed guitarist. (source) Update March 22nd: It's Gus G, of Firewind and Ozzy Osbourne fame. (source) May 18th: Two months later, Gus G is finally officially announced. OLD! (source)
    * Jon Oliva of Savatage, Jon Oliva's Pain and Trans-Siberian Orchestra. (source)
    Update February 19th: * Simone Simons of Epica will be featured on two songs. (source)
    Update June 21st: Björn "Speed" Strid from Soilwork will also appear. (source) These four seem to be all of them, so this section can be considered finished as well.

    Number of songs: At least 12, of which some may end up as bonus tracks. There could possibly be a cover as well. (source)

    Concept: We are not sure yet if the whole album will be a concept or if we do a trilogy so to speak, that is still in the planning stages. (same source as above)

    Update March 3rd: Lyrics: One song will be about the Zodiac Killer and one will be about the death of Thomas' mother, and the album will supposedly be lyrically darker than any other Kamelot album. I am crossing out the "concept" part because with two such separate themes, this cannot possibly be a concept album, at least not in the sense of having a storyline.

    Sound: Now, this is a tricky one. There hasn't been any real information about this as of yet, as far as I know. Someone wrote on Wikipedia that it would be heavier, and that has since spread around the internet, but I can't find the source of that claim. The best comment I can find regarding the sound of the new album is from before the recordings began last June: It will combine the style of the last 3 albums and we will add some new twists and turns.(source)
    Update March 22nd:We still sound like Kamelot, it's big, symphonic and very melodious with influences of everything from folk music and jazz to more brutal metal.(source)
    Update May 1st:
    I would say that "The Black Halo" and "Ghost Opera" and the new one are not too far from each other. There is no humongous difference. Except for the fact that The Black Halo is a concept album, of course. Maybe the main difference, at least from Ghost Opera, is that there are quite a few guest artists this time.(source)

    Long/epic song: This is something many fans (including myself) has been wanting, and there is hope:

    Kamelot Germany: Will there be a longer song on the CD like Memento Mori or something special like the Elizabeth Trilogy?

    Thomas Youngblood: It seems so, one of the first ideas we had in Norway was a pretty epic piece that has a killer chorus.
    (same source as above)
    Update May 1st:
    There will be a 10 minute song on the new album. (source)

    Update June 17th: Video: There will be a video for the song The Great Pandemonium, directed by Owe Lingvall (Amorphis, Nordman, etc etc). Picture. (source)

    Not sure if anyone cares except for me, but I know I'm ridiculously excited for a new Kamelot album. If I've missed anything, feel free to point it out.