Favorite album

    • Munin said...
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    • 1 May 2004, 18:43

    Favorite album

    To give some life to this group, what is your favourite SYMPHONY X album? For me it's probably The Divine Wings Of Tragedy, then The Odyssey, then V and then Twilight In Olympus (i think Twilight isn't such a bad album after all)

    What about you?

  • Divine, V, Odyssey, Twilight.

  • lost + found

    (posted again because of Yikes2)

    1. The divine wings of tragedy
    2. Twilight in Olympus
    3. V: The new mythology suite
    4. The Odyssey

    Hmm, these seem to be in chronological order.

    [edit: I must admit that The Odyssey sounds better at every run, it might rise one or more places soon.]

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    • SV_MAC said...
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    • 21 Nov 2004, 17:47

    Fav. Albums

    1. Divine wings of Trag.
    2. V
    3. The Oddyssey
    4. Twilight In Olympus
    5. Damnation Game
    6. Live On The Edge Of Forever
    7. Sym X

    (Official releases... cause i love the Osaka Bootleg (Live in Olympus).


  • 1. Odyssey
    2. Divine Wings of Tragedy
    3. Twilight in Olympus
    4. Damnation Game
    5. Sym X

    dont have V or the live album

    • Llan said...
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    • 13 Jan 2005, 17:05
    Strangely enough, I like Twilight in Olympus best as an album, it has the best overall quality.

  • hmm this is one of the most difficult questions to answer..

    I think my top 3 will be:

    1. The Odyssey
    2. THe Divine Wings Of Tragedy
    3. Twilight In Olympus

    I personally love the Danse Macabre Demo too, those guitar solo tracks are amazing..

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 9 Jun 2005, 20:13
    kinda hard to choose i must say

    1. Twilight in Olympus
    2. V
    3. The Divine Wings of Tragedy

    fav. songs:
    1. The Accolade II
    2. Of Sins and Shadows
    3. Candlelight Fantasia

  • Odyssey is probably my favourite actually

  • V

  • I love all albums, but my top 3 are:

    - The Divine Wings of Tragedy
    - The Damnation Game
    - V: The New Mythology Suite

    I'd rather die than go to heaven
  • - V
    - The Divine Wings of Tragedy
    - The Odyssey

    • Steeler said...
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    • 11 Aug 2005, 19:19
    1. The Divine Wings of Tragedy- The best album ever made.
    2. V - The New Mythology Suite
    3. The Odyssey
    4. Symphony X
    5. The Damnation Game
    6. Twilight In Olympus

    Something like that, but it depends on which album I'm listening to at the moment :>

  • The Divine Wings of Tragedy

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 12 Sep 2005, 07:46
    1. The Divine Wings Of Tragedy
    2. Twilight In Olympus
    3. V
    4. The Odyssey
    5. Damnation Game
    6. Live On The Edge Of Forever
    7. Symphony X

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 11 Oct 2005, 20:25
    The Odyssey and closely followed by The Divine Wings of Tragedy

  • 1)Divine Wings of Tragedy
    2)Damnation Game
    3)The Odyssey
    5)Twilight in Olympus
    6)Symphony X (but still pretty good)

    • VikingR said...
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    • 1 Dec 2005, 06:06
    I used to love V the most because it was the one I heard first, and I also used to dislike The Odyssey because I thought it was too heavy.

    Now though I find Divine Wings, Twilight, V and Odyssey are all equally good. I can listen to any one of them at any time.

    Damnation Game is still a classic album, but lacks the polish and quality of songwriting the later albums have. Edge of Forever & A Winter's Dream are both as good as any later track.

    The self-titled effort is a bit harder to get into and I need to be in a certain frame of mind to appreciate it. It's still good, but Rod Tyler's voice isn't something I can kick back or work to very easily.

    Live on the Edge of Forever is obviously brilliant. The fanclub CD 1 is great too.

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    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 7 Jan 2006, 17:02
    The Odyssey

  • Divine Wings, Odyssey, Twilight, then V

    Haven't really heard much of the other two studio albums

    LotEoF is incredible

  • #1 Divine Wings Of Tragedy
    #2 Symphony X
    #3 The Odyssey

    No one seems to like self titled a lot. Shades of Grey is probably my favourite symph x song.

    • Braxil said...
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    • 24 Jan 2006, 20:33
    The Divine Wings of Tragedy

    • Munin said...
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    • 27 Jan 2006, 13:17


    Quoth MiKesBlAnK:
    No one seems to like self titled a lot. Shades of Grey is probably my favourite symph x song.

    The self titled is almost unlistenable for me, because I find Rod Tyler's voice to be pretty much horrible. Even more so in comparison with Allen.

  • Re: Re:

    1. V
    2. Odyssey
    3. Twilight in Olympus

    1.Church of the machine
    3.Communion and the oracle

    Into the sun ,where you got no secrets.

  • Into the sun ,where you got no secrets.
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