Any non german speaking swiss people here?

  • Ich wohne im Mittelwallis und spreche Deutsch, Französisch, Englisch und auch ein bisschen Italienisch.

    J'habite en Valais central à Salquenen et j'parle l'allemand, le français, l'anglais et un petit peu d'italien.

    • TheBigX said...
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    • 30 Jul 2006, 22:10
    Here's a Swiss who doesn't speak any of the official languages and doesn't live/wasn't born in Switzerland. You might ask how. The answer is that I'm a so called "auslandschweizer". Swiss nationality is something that can be inherited from a relative, in this case my Swiss grandfather via my father.

    • Metze said...
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    • 30 Jul 2006, 22:12
    That's nice, and where do you exactly live?
    Have you ever been in Switzerland?

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    • TheBigX said...
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    • 30 Jul 2006, 22:20
    I live in Finland in a municipality called Sipoo, which is just east of Helsinki. It's a half hour ride to downtown Helsinki.

    I've been to Switzerland once. That was last December together with my physics teacher and some other students from my high school. We were in Geneva for a few days to visit CERN, the UN and the Red Cross. Very interesting trip. I should however like to visit my home canton, which is Zürich. Never been there and I'm really quite eager to see my other home. I really think Switzerland is a great country. A lot of things are better there than in Finland (cars cost half of what they cost in Finland, the chocolate is out of this world and just gotta love those watches (got two of them)). I also like the fact that Switzerland has a lot of public votes when it comes to important decisions, which in Finland are usually left to the parliament. I just can't wait for my next visit!

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    • TheBigX said...
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    • 30 Jul 2006, 22:21
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  • ih jag talar tysk och lite svenska -_-'

    • Hydstar said...
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    • 14 Aug 2006, 09:47
    I`m a mixed breed of swiss and australian. Ì`d say 20% schnapps nd 80% salt water.

    sunshine, love and happiness
  • Hoi!

    hey there! je suis de Fribourg, étudie à Lausanne, bosse à Genf, et j'ai des origines neuchâteloises et jurassiennes! Me manque plus qu'un morceau valaisan...

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    • H311m4n said...
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    • 19 Aug 2006, 14:46
    salut salut,

    Moitié Suisse moitié hollandais pour ma part, j'étudie a Genève en ce moment!

    Vala...a part ca je parle le français, l'allemand et l'anglais courrament ^^


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  • I'm Swiss but can't speak the official languages either.. I only know English, some Spanish, and am currently learning Swedish (moving there in a few years). My mother is from Switzerland originally, and moved here to the USA where I was born later. I managed to gain Swiss citizenship through her when I was younger, which I've retained still.

    I've been to Switzerland once in my life so far, that time I stayed for a month traveling to some of the different cantons (mostly visiting relatives). It was a very nice country/people and I hope to visit there again someday.

    • TheBigX said...
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    • 18 Oct 2006, 10:16
    I'd love to travel to Switzerland right now. Finland is just about getting cold and boring and I could kill for a nice fondue and some Swiss Dark Chocolate (Lindt Dünkel is nice). I can buy the chocolate here too, but it costs like crazy. If it costs like 6 Francs in Switzerland, which is just about 4 €, here it costs like 8 € at the very least (for 300 g).

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    • Koebi_ said...
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    • 5 Nov 2006, 09:25
    Well I'm actually from Winterthur ZH and swiss German is my native tongue that I've spoken everyday until good 3 months ago. I'm in Australia now and I've sopken swiss German twice since then - on the phone with my parents at home.

    i also parle un petit peu Francais. Je l'ai eu 6 ans a l'ecole mais je ne l'aime pas... (pas d'accent egues/graves/.. en ce ordinateur ici)

  • Hi!

    I'm from Geneva, so French is my mother tongue, but I can also speak in English (you can see it now :P ) and a little German! But not the Swiss German.. it's too difficult for me..

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  • Je parle Français et Italien aussi, même si ça fait quelques années que je n'ai plus parlé Italien.

    As I am in the preparation to become a professional translator in English, French and German, it is save to say that languages are my passion!

    I am from Aarau, I have lived in Chur for the past 3 years and now I am here in Solothurn/Soleure

    Have nice evening folks!

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