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    Connections to Artists (393)
    Artist connections are limited to 200. Please remove some first to make room for ones you think are more important to your group.

    Lorup wanted another group added, so i guess a clean up would be nice. Or we could leave it as it is. What do you say?

    1. Leave it as it is, the more the merrier!
    2. Clean up, and add those that have had most influence in the swepunk scene.
    3. Only new bands, so they get some attention.

    I'd say a mix of 2 and 3, the most important groups should be connected, but it would be nice to find new groups easy.

    Any other suggestions?

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  • Oh, and i'd really appreciate if somebody would like to help adding :)
    I wanted to do a lot with this group when it started, but nothing has really happened.
    Not much to be done either i suppose, but connecting artists, labels, and perhaps most important, events.
    Damn.. 5 years since it started.. time flies by :)

  • A little of topic, but the charts aren't really good at showing swepunk either. I myself listen to a lot of other stuff, and i suppose most of you are. But how nice it would be to remove artists from those charts! Perhaps something to suggest to staff?

  • Re: Connections

    The more the merrier. I think if everyone gets to say which bands to take away or to keep, you'll get a whole lot of different answers. About cleaning up, I saw troublemakers are posted twice, once togehter with other bands. Maybe delete stuff like that? One criteria could be if the the band has their music represented here on maybe?


    ps. Tekla Knös would humbly also like to be added to the crowded space... :)

  • Nothing much happening, but i haven't forgotten :) Though I didn't get much responses, so I'll give it some more time.. but seems like it isn't that of a big deal for that many.

    I can add Tekla Knös, but i have to delete a lot then.. so.. which ones? :)

    • Lorup said...
    • User
    • 25 May 2009, 08:51
    I must admit though i did suggest Raped Teenagers i don't really know much about swedish punk, mostly just Raped Teenagers, Avskum and Mob 47, so im not really capable of picking out who to remove.

    I wear newspapers for pants
  • Ok, so i changed the title and stuck it. Nothing did happen at all since that first post first so i'm wondering if anyone wants to help making this a little useful group for the swedish punk scene?

    Not much can be done about the connection limit (or other limits within but i've thought some more about it and what Shoegazig said about beeing represented on should be a good way to start. Also as i said in the first post, i'd prefer promoting active and new groups, plus a few of the most influental ones, 10-20 at most.

    Even more i'd like to promote events, so that's what i mainly would like some help with. I'll add a few festivals now, and hopefully some more later.

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