Soma Sema — Artificial Heart 7"

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    Soma Sema — Artificial Heart 7"

    Soma Sema (Hong Kong/Gothenburg)
    Artificial Heart b/w Frenzy
    7" No EMB Blanc NEB005

    Taking its inspiration from the minimal synth and coldwave genres of the 1980s, Soma Sema exists as the musical collaboration of Clara Hall (voice) and Th. Tot (music). With interest and experience in working with other forms of music, including pop, drone and noise, Soma Sema seeks to simultaneously transcend and pay homage the wave genre. The project's music experiments with ambient interludes while nevertheless embracing pop structures. In the process, it creates music that sounds polished yet also rough around the edges at the same time.

    Soma Sema's debut 7" »Artificial Heart« is available now on No EMB Blanc

    Buy at Genetic Music

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