Epure-Swedish Death Metal Band From Turkey

  • Epure-Swedish Death Metal Band From Turkey

    Once described as "death metal on melody pills", Epure's sound mixes melodic elements with crushing riffs, pinch harmonics and furious screaming-growling or death grunt vocals.

    The sound of Epure reflect Swedish influences. On the one hand, the band's use of melodies, draws upon the classic death metal heritage of bands such as At The Gates, Dark Tranquillity, and In Flames. Also they use some American death metal such as New York Death Metal sounds, and Florida Death Metal sounds.

    Epure take an interestingly different approach to their lyrics. Generally the lyrics based on a person who faces his own senses, life, thoughts etc..
    As Epure's old band-name Cruor Ignis have released their first EP which is called "For The Nameless One" at the end of November. EP contains 5 tracks; The Nameless One (Part 1), Never Surrender, Mind Trip, The Nameless One (Part 2), Mankind Torture.

    Epure means: draught or model from which to build; especially, one of the full size of the work to be done; a detailed drawing.

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