Sweden Rock Festival

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    • 21 Apr 2007, 10:34

    Sweden Rock Festival

    Only seven weeks left to the Sweden Rock Festival.
    Feel free to discuss anything that has to do with the SRF, or rate this years lineup.

    I'll start with commenting on a few swedish bands coming this year:
    Falconer, a folkmetal band, is a must see for me because of their great music.

    Hardcore Superstar, a hardcore band from Gothenburg. Haven't heard so many songs with them yet but the ones I have listened to are awesome.

    visit http://www.swedenrock.com for more info about the festival.

    • Judas89 said...
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    • 26 May 2007, 23:44
    hardcore is a sleaze/glam band and nothing else!:)

    two personal favorites which will play on the festival is Wolf and Nocturnal rites, both from Sweden! and of course Bloodbound...

    All this is high quality heavy metal (in my opinion) and i really think these bands deserves a chance!

  • I'm looking forward to see Scorpions. At first I only thought of seeing them since they are one of the headliners but now that I listened to them I've started to like their rock. They are the ones I'm most anxious to see of the three headliners this year.

    REO speedwagon is also a good choice for those who enjoy more rock kind of music than hard rock. They have a few good songs too.

    And the Aussie Floyd of course. Haven't heard them but it's been said that they are the best coverband to the real Floyd. I really love Pink Floyd's music

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