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  • Ondskapt news..

    Ondskapt as of 2008-2010 have been missionising in Europe conducting live ceremonial ritual trials. Ondskapt moves forth with great strife to invoke the horrid spirits of evil through public stage performances. 2010 the third musical opus "Arisen from the ashes" was unleashed upon the world with it's grand arrival. We have been actively recruiting new members to our perverted gathering of souls. Only the very prodigious and agile of individuals have been selected.

    2010 sep:

    Due to the mysterious disappearance of Avsky, we have been forced to seek for a new bass player. In great haste a search was under way for a replacement for Avsky duly to live rituals in both Italy and Holland. Suddenly a strange individual by the name of Vlad offered his services in this endeavour to embark on yet another series of live performances. He proved to be a suitable substitute for Avsky due to his impeccable performances on stage and in person.

    Ondskapt are looking forward to perform live though out this year and the next. With a set line-up of new hungry blood, the new album released through Osmose Productions, Ondskapt is ready to take over stages through out Europe and elsewhere… stronger than ever!

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