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Created on: 17 Sep 2008
IF YOU ONLY VOTE FOR ONE PRESIDENT THIS YEAR, from the creators of Support Bush, comes Support John McCain.



ahhh McCain, you've...

Basically John McCain has the strength to keep America safe and the courage to secure the peace.

There are many public causes where service can make our country a stronger, better one than we inherited. Wherever there is a hungry child, a great cause exists to serve. Where there is an illiterate adult, a great cause exists to serve. Wherever there are people who are denied the basic rights of Man, a great cause exists to serve. Wherever there is suffering, a great cause exists to serve. John McCain has spent his life serving our country and will continue to work with anyone who sincerely wants to get this country moving again. He will listen to any idea that is offered in good faith and intended to help solve our problems, not make them worse. He will seek the counsel of members of Congress from both parties in forming government policy before asking them to support it.

From the day he is sworn into office until the last hour of his presidency, John McCain will work with anyone, of either party, to make this country safe, prosperous and proud.

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  • Fatbirdsdontfly

    wow there were 20 people who wanted Mccain??

    12 May 2009 Reply
  • SauzerOCR


    28 Mar 2009 Reply
  • rockarolla00

    europe? i don't want obama ;s

    18 Nov 2008 Reply
  • riscia

    > zipped: It's interesting, e.g. I don't know anybody from my family and from my frineds who wanted Obama. Nobody. We were all sad and shocked.

    9 Nov 2008 Reply
  • zippped

    yeah europe wanted obama, but he wants to limit the import of foreign products... so less export for europe

    7 Nov 2008 Reply
  • AJulian


    6 Nov 2008 Reply
  • babyboy75

    Obama !

    5 Nov 2008 Reply
  • zippped

    haa to bad, McCain was a better man for Europa

    5 Nov 2008 Reply
  • Tomodachi


    5 Nov 2008 Reply
  • Suyomizzle


    5 Nov 2008 Reply
  • empjori

    McCain! McCain! McCain!

    2 Nov 2008 Reply
  • talkloud

    For Senators more liberal than Obama, see Feingold, Sanders

    2 Nov 2008 Reply
  • mistaken_id

    Hey Obama supporters, it's not too late to vote for the only candidate qualified to be President - John McCain! We can't elect a rookie Senator with the most liberal record to be our next leader. John McCain makes sense for America! Look at his record compared to Obama's, McCain has him beat every way possible!!!!!

    29 Oct 2008 Reply
  • mistaken_id

    "we've had 8 years of Bush, we can't have another left-wing president. " We? Who is your President? Not George Bush. And You are not voting for McCain or Obama either. Please remember that you need to be an American to vote in our elections, and you should identify yourself as a resident of the UK, instead of attempting to appear to be a resident of the USA.

    28 Oct 2008 Reply
  • mistaken_id

    Ms. palin was obviously chosen to create excitement with the base. (She has more experience than Obama though.) Eight years of Bush has kept you safe, and in these times, that's no easy task. Bush is a disappointment in his economic policies, he is not a true conservative in this area. Conservatives cut spending (or should), and I hear just the opposite coming from the Dem's. We need McCain to block the house and senate from spending us into the poor house.

    27 Oct 2008 Reply
  • AKDoc

    27 Oct 2008 Reply
  • mistaken_id

    Obama is a citizen, I just wish he would go away.

    26 Oct 2008 Reply
  • mistaken_id

    Get informed before you call 99% of McCain supporters "idiots". Both candidates have supporters who are idiots. Obama is wrong for America - he is inexperienced, unqualified, unaccomplished and leans too far left.

    21 Oct 2008 Reply
  • mistaken_id

    I don't see this a very active group - must be that all the McCain supporters are too busy actually working and paying taxes! Hopefully they take time to vote.

    20 Oct 2008 Reply
  • BluesRok

    I didn't want to pull out the "big guns", but it's time you knew: Grouchy Smurf is really John McCain. Here's proof:

    15 Oct 2008 Reply
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