Sun Is Evil

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Created on: 28 May 2009
Day tires and bores me. It is brutal, heavy and noisy
Sun makes me sneeze, dazzles and burns.

isn't night way better than day?

We dislike sunlight, we do not like to go outside when is sunny, specially at midday, and we dislike it because of the damage it does to us, not because it is cool to hate it. We also dislike beach culture, tanned people look bad and generic...

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  • nordic_girl

    because last fm sucks.

    11 Mar 2011 Reply
  • sinsforgemaster

    ... and why has the group leader been banned? O_o

    4 Feb 2011 Reply
  • sinsforgemaster

    oh.. what happened with the group picture?

    4 Feb 2011 Reply
  • nordic_girl

    garabagge is banned.. :( knew it would happen sooner or later

    2 Feb 2011 Reply
  • corkinthemachin

    did you know stars are descion rings

    1 Jan 2011 Reply
  • corkinthemachin

    hello group i am new here

    31 Dec 2010 Reply
  • metallicstorm

    Here too D:

    23 Dec 2010 Reply
  • Dafylaviking

    Summer has arrived!

    4 Dec 2010 Reply
  • MiltonPariah

    Sun is evil, essentially revels, sun is spirituality, especially devils

    26 Oct 2010 Reply
  • Dafylaviking

    The good side of the Brazilian summer, is the rain! It rains a lot!

    25 Jul 2010 Reply
  • Dafylaviking

    Here in Brazil, in summer the sun is a killer! Once, I went on an aquatic club, and my skin began to peel. I never got out of the pool, and I was very ill. My father, as white as I, slept in the chair, sunning.... He was as red as a pepper.

    18 Jul 2010 Reply
  • xxxdyg

    We can protect ourselves from sunburn but not from heat! I'm really jealous of the people who lays under the sun all day and not bothered by it and doesn't have a single drop of sweat!

    14 Jun 2010 Reply
  • nordic_girl

    where the hell is the confetti gods damnit

    5 Jun 2010 Reply
  • Leunardu

    Let's adore the moon!!

    3 Jun 2010 Reply
  • AlanVext

    Damn sun. Grrrr.

    2 Jun 2010 Reply
  • metallicstorm

    I hate the sun D:

    30 May 2010 Reply
  • Shaunography

    My freckles are burning :|

    13 May 2010 Reply
  • nordic_girl


    2 May 2010 Reply
  • GoHangYourself

    I was diagnosed with photodermatosis three years ago. For me, the sun is literally evil. I hope it won't get worse.

    18 Apr 2010 Reply
  • Endemion

    However, the name of this group is stupid. "Evil" is an empty distinction. It doesn't mean anything. It feeds on ignorance. There's no good or evil. The world is far more distinguished and open than what religions are trying to teach us.

    18 Apr 2010 Reply
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