Happy Holidays!

    • NHLaxb said...
    • User
    • 22 Dec 2006, 02:56

    Happy Holidays!

    Actually I would prefer to say Merry X-Mas but I fear a crazy Jewish hacker will atack me in my sleep and leave my computer inoperable... Oh the lack of listening pleasure, it would drive me crazy within the hour! Just kidding.

    But I haven't really gotten to know my christmas (or... anti-xmas) songs until this year. Roses Are Red did a pretty good job with Last Christmas, obviously From First To Last did a sick job with Christmassacre (It's what I wake up to ;'P), I kind of like Bleed The Dream's No Smiles On Christmas too.

    Post away!

  • Happy Christmas / Hanukah (???) whatever religion you`re on to.

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