Whats your Favourite sublime album?

  • Whats your Favourite sublime album?


    for me its the self titeled album, has santeria, same in the end, what i got, get ready, doin time, wroung way, garden groove etc

    its just classic, do i hear ne arguments?
    frankly i love them all, all have a special place but this album has a mildy specerler place!

    Adventure Excitement, a jedi craves not these =]
  • Self Titled is a very good album....but.... i really love 40 oz. to freedom....it has Date Rape, Smoked 2 Joints, and of course 40 oz. to freedom...... then again Santeria, April 29, 1992 (Miami), Wrong Way, and Same in the end, are songs i cant go without.........

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  • its a hard question really!

    u cant go far wroung really!

    Adventure Excitement, a jedi craves not these =]
  • The beauty of 40oz is that its a great album to listen from start to finish. Self titled has some great songs but for me as an album 40 oz is the daddy!

  • self titled is an extremly good album, but 40 oz alos has its benifits. songs such as date rape, 40 oz santeria, what i got, wrong way are all classics that unfortunatly needed to be seperated because of their awsomeness

    • Sebert said...
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    • 7 Jun 2005, 16:37
    For me it definately is the selftitled album.
    Where 40 oz. still has some fillers, "sublime" only has killers.

  • Self Titled, Hands Down. But I agree, you really can't go wrong

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    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 10 Jul 2005, 03:39
    it's too obvious to pick the self-titled album.....my favorite album is and always will be robbin' the hood.....can't go wrong

    • dedned said...
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    • 20 Jul 2005, 09:05
    I like firecracker lounge alot.

    • dedned said...
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    • 20 Jul 2005, 09:06
    I like firecracker lounge alot.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 22 Jul 2005, 14:14
    for me, it would be sensimillia, although technically it's not a proper album. otherwise, 40 oz, then robbin, then self titled.

  • until you have all of raleigh's monologues memorized, you have not lived

  • For me it's also the selftitled album, but I also like Second hand smoke very much

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    • SKEEEON said...
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    • 10 Aug 2005, 02:17
    Second Hand Smoke, then Robbin' The Hood. Self-Titled is good, but its just not quite the same as the others.

    • cwtech said...
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    • 13 Aug 2005, 02:11
    I think I like the Self Titled album the best. Well. it's the one i listen to the most. THEY ARE ALL GREAT THOUGH!

  • I would say 40oz is my fav. We're Only Gonna Die for Our Own Arrogance, Badfish, 54-46, KRS-one are all great and then my two favs Waiting for my Ruca and Rivers of Babylon ;)

    good stuff

  • Sublime Acoustic: Bradley Nowell and friends

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  • 1) 40 oz. to freedom
    2) Robbin'
    3) Second hand smoke
    4) self titled

  • Self titled and Second Hand smoke, definitely

    • JNimb said...
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    • 29 Dec 2005, 18:31
    I love all of them but my favorite is 40 oz. because of songs like ebin, lets go get stoned, and 54-46 thats my number. Good Shit

  • 40 oz to freedom it is.

  • The self-titled album Sublime is my favorite by far.

  • 1.) Sublime - Memories (Remastered) a live album i got off http://sublimearchive.com/
    2.) Robbin' The Hood

  • Re:

    Quoth tmarthal:
    until you have all of raleigh's monologues memorized, you have not lived

    until you have raleigh theodore saker's 30 min "Rants and Rambles" EP which sublime sampled from, you have not lived

    • [Deleted user] said...
    • User
    • 12 Feb 2006, 18:43
    i would have to say 40 oz. to freedom

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