All stone sour albums =)

  • All stone sour albums =)

    2002-Stone Sour
    2003-Stone Sour (Special Edition)
    2006-Come What (Ever) May
    Rare Tracks (Devil's Fruitcake, Get Inside (Rough Mix), Inhale (Unedited Rough Mix), Room 13, Suffer, The Frozen, The Matter, This Time, Through Glass (Clip Version))

    to start download press далее and then the link wich is bigger than other

    • Ru9Flip said...
    • User
    • 26 Jan 2007, 14:23
    i don't really know if external linking is allowed, but i'll leave it. if there is anything wrong, it's your ass not mine :)

  • LOL, i can delete offical albums, but demos are allowed ;D
    Anyway, this is very good stuff ;D songs like mother's ghost from demo 96 and The Matter rocks!

    • Ru9Flip said...
    • User
    • 26 Jan 2007, 18:41
    btw, i cannot download the rare tracks from the last link... why is that?

    thank you!

  • Here you go - direct link
    this was because of that international traffic was bigger than russian, but i have account, so i can get it easy =)

    • Ru9Flip said...
    • User
    • 26 Jan 2007, 21:01
    yes, and it appears only you have access! i still can't dl any of these files.

  • shit .. well, you don't understand russian and that is very sad ... try clicking on сюда, thtn choose one link and click on it, wait 30 seconds and link will appear

  • they work for me, but it says itll take like 5 days to download. i have dsl too...

    EDIT: cause its on a russian server. x.x
    do u guys no any other way i can get the 1996, 2001, and 2002 demos? (and the rare tracks) ive already got the 1994.

    Edited by Metal4ever69 on 11 Feb 2007, 03:56
  • dammit, how do i delete this post...x.x clicked twice, sorry.

  • dam.. its so slow.. where can i get this demos from not russian server coz speed is only 0.6kb/s..

  • lol, i have 2000 kb/s =D ok, i will reupload it ;)

  • Vermillion666 said:
    lol, i have 2000 kb/s =D ok, i will reupload it ;)


  • i am nab, forgot to ask .. where do you want to me to upload it? =)

  • Try maybe?

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