How can they be called post-rock?

  • How can they be called post-rock?

    I'd like to hear your reasoning and argument for it.

  • damn, I just noticed I can sticky, lock, or delete a thread. drunk with power and all that. but anyway, I think maybe one of the original definitions of post-rock (using rock instruments for non-rock purposes), could broadly be applied to their first album, music for nitrous oxide, since it uses guitars. I still don't think it makes much sense even then, since ambient seems to be a much better fit for that album, and of course later on they move away from guitars to different instruments. ambient and drone both describe their sound perfectly, thus calling them post-rock is silly.

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    the frog has spoken

  • ribbit that, brother,

  • Yo, post rock doesn't have to mean some music that sounds like Explosions In The Sky that climaxes and builds and sounds like movie score music for some indie movie about desperation.
    The whole Thrill Jockey catalog is post-rock. I think the definition above about music made by rock instruments (that doesn't, erm, rock) would definitely fit.
    I would also call this ambient drone.

    Just saying.

  • i dont like it when sotl or any other ambient artist gets labeled as electronic or electronic artists being labeled as ambient like boards of canada. im not sayin i dont like them, but people need to realize ambient and electronic are quite different.

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