Bail and Padme PT Notes

  • Bail and Padme PT Notes

    FYI to readers - in my stories, Bail Antilles and Bail Organa are the same person

    Note 1:
    Queen Amidala,

    Hello. You probably have never heard of me, but my name is Bail Antilles. I’m the Senator from the planet Alderaan. I’ve been concerned over the Trade Federation’s presence on your planet. I wanted to let you know that Supreme Chancellor Valorum, has sent a request to the Jedi Council to try and get ambassadors to settle this whole issue. I just wanted you to know that I was thinking of your situation, and that other members of the Senate are concerned as well.

    Senator of Alderaan,

    Bail Antilles

  • Note 2 - Padme

    Senator Antilles,

    Thank you for your concern. It means a great deal to me and I know it means even more to my people. I will try to keep you updated on the situation here, as the Jedi ambassadors have already arrived and are being briefed as I write this.

    Thank you again,
    Queen Amidala

  • Note 3 - Bail

    Note 3
    Queen Amidala,

    Of course. I do not like to see injustices being done anywhere in the Republic. You have just been recently elected, haven’t you? This must be very tough. Stay strong.

    I hope that the Jedi arrive soon so that they can see to it that Naboo is being treated fairly. War is never a good thing, and I hope that you do not have to go to war either.

    Have the Jedi arrived yet? Yoda informed the Senate that they had. This isn’t a good sign. No one has heard from them. Well I hope they arrive quickly. Has anything new been happening on the planet that you think the Senate should be aware of?

    You said that the Jedi have arrived and were being briefed? Is that before they set off to talk to the Trade Federation? If you have made contact with them, this is news to me! 

    Well, I must go. Please inform me of how things are going.

    Senator of Alderaan,
    Bail Antilles

  • Note 4 - Padme

    Senator Antilles,

    Again, I must thank you for your concern for my planet and my people. The Jedi have arrived and it really was about time. The Trade Federation took over Theed with an Invasion Army and they tried to make me sign a treaty.

    I stalled for time as much as I could, and thankfully, the Jedi have arrived but Master Yoda has told me that they cannot fight the war for me but protect me. I don't know what to make of this because I had been assured that the Jedi would lead the negotiations.

    In spite of this, there has been little activity by the Invasion Army since the Jedi have arrived. I hope that they are not planning anything because I don't know that we would be able to fight them off.

    I will continue to keep you posted.

    Queen Amidala

  • Note 5 - Bail

    Note 5
    Queen Amidala,

    You cannot imagine how relieved my wife and I are to hear of your news. Wonderful!!!!!! I’m glad that the Jedi eventually showed up and that you are on your way to Coruscant.

    I feel bad for Senator Palpatine….and for everyone on your planet. This is an awful situation that you have to deal with!!!!!

    Let me know of your situation. Everyone in the Senate is very concerned. My wife and I are very worried about you; as well as several other Senators. I can tell that Senator Palpatine is taking this very hardly.

    I wish that you could someone come to Coruscant. I think a lot of Senators would like to hear your position on the situation. Things are getting too serious for you to remain on Naboo. Theed is your capital city, am I correct? And the Trade Federation armies have invaded it?

    Well, whatever happened with the negotiations, the Jedi are with you. I would advise you to listen to their counsel.

    Invasions take time. You say there has been little activity by the Invasion Army since the Jedi arrived? It is quite possible that they are waiting for something in particular. I sincerely hope that you will not have to fight the Trade Federation armies off.

    Thank you…I would appreciate the regular updates. May you be safe.

    Senator Antilles

  • Note 6 - Padme

    Senator Antilles,

    Thank you so much for you concern over our situation. It means a great deal to me that you care so much. We have a wonderful advocate on our side, Senator Palpatine is doing his best to make the Senate see that we need more help, but I don't know how long that will take. As you said, invasions take time and negotiations take even longer.

    But the Trade Federation has yet to act, which relieves me and alarms me at the same time. I think you're right. They're waiting for something, but for what I still haven't been able to decide. I will continue to update you on the situation here. I'm sorry this is so short, but the Jedi are coming to meet with me shortly. Thank you again.

    Queen Amidala

  • Note 7 - Bail

    Note 7
    Queen Amidala,

    You seem to be a very wise ruler. Your people did a very good job of picking a ruler for Naboo.

    Senator Palpatine seems to care a great deal for your situation, and you are lucky to have such an able Senator working for you. It is a lot for one staff to handle. I have offered him my help, if he chooses to use it.

    Yes, it is a mixed reaction that I feel too…that the Trade Federation has not yet acted, it all makes me wonder what is going on. What could an overly greedy bunch like them be waiting for?

    I assume you have met with the Jedi by this time. You indicated in your last letter that they were coming to meet with you. Have you learned anything from them?

    Senator Bail Antilles

  • Note 8 - Padme

    Senator Antilles,

    I wanted to inform you that I am now on the planet Tatooine. The Jedi ambassadors were escorting me to Coruscant so I could speak to the Senate personally, but our ship needed repairs so we had to spot on this planet. Hopefully, I will be Coruscant as soon as possible because this is all taking much to long to resolve. This should have been over by now. Thank you again for your concern.

    Queen Amidala

  • Note 9 - Bail

    Note 9
    Queen Amidala,

    Thank you for letting me know that you are on your way to Coruscant. That is a great relief to me!

    Please let me know how things are going with you on the desert planet. Tatooine used to belong to the Republic….but we sold it thirty years ago to the Maurders because it is a pretty useless planet. They purchased it from us for a good amount of money, and the Senate figured it was okay to sell it. I believe the Maurders appointed a Hutt to be in charge of the planet…..some Hutt named Jabba the Hutt?

    Yes, please keep me updated on what’s going on with you.

    I hope that you reach Coruscant safely. Are you on your way right now? Unfortunately I may not be able to meet with you in person. There are so many members of the Senate, and I am sure that you will want to return to your people as soon as you can. We MAY not have an opportunity to meet with each other. It would be nice if we did, but I would not count on it. Either way, know that you have my support along with a lot of other Senators, including your very own… Senator Palpatine.

    Your ship was damaged? How? I hope that you are able to make the necessary repairs so you can continue on to Coruscant in a timely manner. Do you have any idea how long that might take?

    Everyone in the Senate is very anxious to hear you speak. I hope that you can get hear soon.

    Until I hear you speak,
    Senator Bail

  • Note 10 - Padme

    Senator Antilles,

    Unfortunately, I am not on my way to Coruscant and I have absolutely no idea when I will get there. The damage to our ship was worse than I had originally thought it was. Something with our hyperdrive. All we have is Republican credits and you and I both know that those are worthless on Tatooine. I'm not sure where to go from here. There is a small boy that I've become friends with who has said that there is a Nubian hyperdrive part in his Master's shop (yes, he is a slave). However, he would most likely have to podrace to get us the credits to buy it and I couldn't let him put himself in danger like that. But in the end, it might be the only way. But it will be the last resort. I will continue to keep you updated on our situation. Thank you again for your concern.

    Queen Amidala

  • Note 11 - Bail

    Note 11
    Queen Amidala,

    Oh my! Your hyperdrive was damaged beyond repair? That’s terrible! Ah, yes…they wanted the Maurder kind of money and not the Republic credits…that would be because the planet you are on now is not really part of the Republic?

    Well I hope that Qui-Gon figures out a way to get enough Maurder money to pay for the parts. Please let me know once he has come up with a plan.

    That boy sounds interesting. So you believe he’s a slave?

    Well let me remind you that the planet you’re on now, Tatooine, is NOT a part of the Republic. It’s owned by the Maurders. The Maurders are headed by this guy named Mr. Orange Idiot and his underling Stu Stupid. The Hutts also belong to that organization as do a few other groups. They have never really posed much of a threat to the Republic, but I did hear that in the very beginning of the Republic there was a big war…in which our original planet (Anuvuin) got burned to pieces, and that is where the Sith became extinct. Yes, slavery was outlawed in the Republic, but Tatooine does not fall under the Republic’s jurisdiction, so there is nothing we can do about them having slaves.

    Tatooine used to belong to the Republic….but we sold it thirty years ago to the Maurders because it is a pretty useless planet. They purchased it from us for a good amount of money, and the Senate figured it was okay to sell it. I believe the Maurders appointed a Hutt to be in charge of the planet…..some Hutt named Jabba the Hutt?

    Yes, please keep me updated on what’s going on with you.

    Yes, it’s said that slavery does not exist anywhere in the galaxy, but the Republic has no say in events that happen beyond it’s jurisdiction. Unfortunately it is the kind people that are often the slaves, or the ones mistreated. There is nothing you can do for this boy and his mother. I know you must feel sorry for them, but you do have to admit that they’re not the only ones. There are other slaves on Tatooine that are probably in far worse shape than the boy and his family.

    Yes, Tatooine was sold out of the Republic. Tatooine stopped sending a representative to the Senate many years ago…I believe 25 years before Tatooine was sold. The governing body of Tatooine was completely gone. For this reason, there was no Senator from Tatooine to argue the case. Yes, selling a planet is not the wisest decision, but there was a money issue involved. You must understand that many politicians do not care about the good of their decisions….they only care about money. Sadly, money drives many Senators in the Senate. That was the reason Tatooine was sold….it was sold for a very large amount of money. I was not a member of the Senate when the issue was voted on, but I would have voted against it had I been a Senator then.

    There is nothing anyone can do about it now. That was in the past.

    I have never seen a pod race. They sound very dangerous. You’ll have to tell me about the experience of watching one….IF you do get to watch one.

    The boy sounds like a sweet boy. I’m sure he’ll grow up to be a loving, wonderful man, but a slave nonetheless. The boy was willing to risk his life for you and the others? Wow…he must not know greed. Please do tell me if Qui-Gon decides to take the boy up on his offer of racing to win you your money. I do not see the wisdom of having a boy race and risk his life…but if there is no other way and the boy is willing to do it, then I think it must happen. He must try for the part. I hope that you think of another way out of your problem.

    Your Senator Palpatine has asked that I not contact you again until you reach Coruscant safely, so I will comply with his request. I am sincerely sorry if I have endangered you in anyway. I just wished to express my concern for your situation. I don’t feel that without correspondence directly from you the Senate is in any position to decide your planet’s situation. Sigh…well you can respond to this, but do not expect to hear a reply from me until I have heard you have safely reached Coruscant.

    I hope everything works out for you.

    Senator Bail

  • Note 12 - Padme

    Senator Antilles,

    Yes, Qui-Gon did find a way for us to get the part we need. He is allowing the boy, Anakin, to podrace for the credits to buy the part, against my better judgment of course. I have certainly expressed my concern for the boy's well-being but the Jedi doesn't seem to think much of my opinion. I just hope that everything works out for the best. I don't want to think about what would happen if it doesn't.

    I must thank you again for reminding me that I'm not in the Republic anymore. It's easy to forget that fact after living in it for so long. But you're right, this place is much different than anything that I've ever encountered before in my life and it also has the most interesting people. The most interesting of course, is Anakin. I know you said there's nothing I can do for him, but there just might be. Qui-Gon thinks that he's force-sensitive and might bring him to Coruscant with us. For Anakin's sake, I hope he does. He'll have to be taken from his mother, which is unfortunate, but in the long run, it would be best for him.

    The race will take place soon and we'll all hoping and praying that everything turns out the way we want it too. I understand why you can't contact me anymore, at least for awhile. Don't worry about me. I have a feeling that things are going to start going our way. I will be delighted to speak with you personally once I arrive in Coruscant.

    Queen Amidala

  • Note 13 - Bail

    Note 13
    Queen Amidala,

    I am writing you now to inform you that Supreme Chancellor Vallorum has called for a special session of the Senate. The Senate is under the impression that you will be arriving on Coruscant shortly, and I wished to know that you were all right.

    I was very pleased to hear that Qui-Gon found a way to get the part you need. I’m assuming that the podrace worked out, and that this Anakin won the race.

    Have you left Tatooine then?

    I am sure that the Jedi was trying to do his duty, and wishes to do what is in your best interest…at least according to his opinion.

    You’re welcome. The galaxy is a rough place, and having grown up in the Republic, it sometimes is tough to remember that not all systems are its members. It is good to be exposed to other environments, and other ways of life. It makes us better in leadership positions. I am glad that you had that experience, but wish that it would have been under different circumstances.

    Let’s hope then, that Qui-Gon is able to bring the boy to Coruscant with you. If Qui-Gon is able to take Anakin with you, would it be possible to also take his mother? Then he wouldn’t have to be separated from her.

    Very good then. I will speak to you on Coruscant once you arrive. Your Senator, Senator Palpatine, has been very worried about you. He is preparing himself for your landing as I speak.

    Let me know how your trip has been, and if you like, also how the podrace and other events that you encountered since the last time we corresponded.

    Senator Bail Antilles of Alderaan

  • Note 14 - Padme

    Senator Antilles,

    Thank you for informing me of this. We have left Tatooine and are on our way to Coruscant right now. I just hope that this emergency meeting accomplishes what I hope it's going to.

    We are bringing the boy with us. The Jedi hope to train him and for his sake, I hope that they do. Unfortunately, they were only able to get his freedom. His mother had to stay on Tatooine, as a slave. He's taking it fairly well, but I can tell that he's very hurt by this. I just hope that he's going to be alright.

    I have to thank you for your kindness through all of this. You've been a very good friend to me and we've never even met. Thank you again. I will see you on Coruscant.

    Queen Amidala

  • Note 15 - Bail

    Note 15
    Queen Amidala,

    When I learned that you were on your way to Coruscant for certain, that was the best piece of news I have received in a long time.

    I assume that you are with your own Senator Palpatine…I have still been unable to see you. The Senate session starts in two hours, and I am anticipating your speech, though things in the Senate have been rough.

    I hope that this causes the Senate to wake up and take action. Just relax and speak from your heart. I will be listening to you. I will warn you that the Senate might not take what you have to say and take action immediately. However, maybe with your presence the Senate will straighten up and take action. We can only hope.

    The boy will be trained as a Jedi, then. Excellent. I hope that his meeting with the Jedi Council goes well too. Please let me know. It sounds as if he deserves the training, after all he has done for you. I was sorry to hear about his mother. Perhaps something can be done for her in the future. I understand that the little guy would be very hurt by this. Provide whatever comfort you can for him. It’ll be rough for him.

    You’re welcome, Queen Amidala. Let’s just hope that the Senate is moved by your words, and that all goes well.

    Well, I have a meeting to attend soon. I wish you luck as you prepare for the session.

    Senator Antilles

  • Note 16 - Padme

    Senator Antilles,

    I can't even begin to tell you how relieved I am to be on Coruscant. Now we can finally get this matter resolved. Too many of my people have lost their lives. It's time to take some action in this. I hope that you're wrong about the Senate. But you would know better than I would about the Senate. Senator Palpatine has told me some things about other Senators. I'm not sure what to think of it, but he's never seemed to be wrong before. He also mentioned to me about the Chancellor. He said that he has no back bone and other things like that. He also mentioned that maybe I should consider a no confidence vote against him. I'm not sure about any of this. I don't know what to make of it. Maybe you can help me. I trust you and you've been a good friend to me throughout this whole ordeal.

    Thank you for your advice with my speech. I'm almost finished with it and I pray that it has enough power to move the Senate into action. I look forward to finally be able to met you after the correspondence we've had.

    Yes, Anakin is going before the Council. I hope that he will be trained even though I can't see there being any problems. I'm going to miss him. I know that I probably won't be able to see him after this is all over. Hopefully, everything works out for him though. Thank you for asking about him.

    Queen Amidala

  • Note 17 - Bail

    Note 17
    Queen Amidala,

    I must say that you spoke very well in the Senate session. I’m sorry that the Senate did not take action. You said nothing wrong. I regret that Supreme Chancellor Valorum was removed from office. The middle of a crisis is not a good time for change in leadership. I know you felt that you had little choice, and yes, it appeared so. Well, the action has been done. We can now only hope for the best, and hope that who ever is elected will be able to do things in the Senate that Valorum was never able to do.

    I am sure that Senator Palpatine was being honest with you. I too will be honest with you. There is much corruption in the Senate. Many Senators will only take an action that is beneficiary to them, without taking into consideration what is best for the people. There has been much talk of bribery. I do not doubt this. Some politicians seem to have no limits to their corruption.

    As for what Palpatine said about Valorum, the man has been under much stress. Rumors were circulating about terrible things that Valorum had supposedly done. I knew Valorum fairly well, and I can tell you that most of those tales were downright lies. I believe that Valorum sincerely tried to do his best; it’s hard to keep everyone happy. Valorum told me privately that he would try his best to do something about your situation. He felt he had to agree to the commission in the Senate Session in order to appease the Trade Federation and those involved. I do not blame you for the action you suggested within the Senate.

    I had already heard rumors that a similar action was going to take place anyway. It was only a matter of time.

    It is possible that despite everything, it was the best course of action. Perhaps Palpatine knew more than I did. That would make sense. He has been given more information pertaining to your situation, and has interacted with more Senators about it than I have. Hopefully we can move forward now.

    I am very sorry that I did not get back with you before the Special Session of the Senate, but I was engaged in conversation with various other Senators.

    If you are not busy, I would like to see you, and to talk with you myself. You may meet me in the office. Ask a secretary for directions, and I look forward to meeting with you.

    I hope all went well for your little friend, Anakin. Please let me. I’m sure you made an impact on the little boy. He will be taken care of, Padmé, and you may see him again in the future. You never know what will happen. Even a little get together would be nice, just to see how he’s doing, and what has become of him.

    I also wanted to let you know that I have been nominated to be the next Supreme Chancellor, as well as Senator Palpatine. I pray that the Senate will be in good hands. Palpatine seems to be the favored candidate, and I have been getting to know him better throughout your planet’s situation. He will do everything in his power to stop the corruption in the Senate, I am sure.

    Did I hear that you were considering leaving the planet?

    Senator Bail Antilles

  • Note 18 - Padme

    Senator Antilles,

    Thank you for your kind words about my speech. I was greatly disappointed when the Senate decided to ignore us. It only firmed my belief that the Senate is extremely corrupt. Something needs to be done about this. Senator Palpatine assured me that if he is elected Chancellor he will put an end to the corruption. I hope he is telling me the truth. Sometimes, I'm not sure whether or not to trust him and he makes me uneasy whenever I meet with him in person. But I do believe him about this.

    Congratulations on your nomination! I truly believe that you are qualified for this position as well as Senator Palpatine. I know what whoever is elected will take care of the Senate.

    Yes, I haven't been able to see Anakin much. I feel bad about that because he needs a friend right now. He might not be allowed to be trained and he misses his mother so much. I wish I could be there for him more but I also have duties that need to be fulfilled first.

    And you are correct. I will be leaving Coruscant as soon as this issue is resolved.

    Queen Amidala

  • Note 19 - Bail

    Note 19
    Queen Amidala,

    I must tell you that I am greatly grieved/disturbed at the moment. I suppose I should have seen it coming. It shouldn’t have been a surprise. No one is completely free of corruption. However, it is clear that I will have to be more careful around Palpatine.

    I understood, by your own words to me earlier, that he brought up the issue of the vote of no confidence himself. Is this correct? The reason I ask is because the man has turned those words around in our most recent correspondence. I will quote him:

    “I do agree with you that perhaps a change in leadership was not warranted or even for the best at this time. However, the Queen completely blindsided me with this; I was quite appalled. Between you and me, my friend, this was never even discussed in our meetings. Once the words were out of her mouth, however, it was impossible to stop events at that point.”

    This is the cause of my disturbance. Not only does it appear as if the statement was a complete lie, but it is also an attack on your character. You seemed to speak to me in truth before the Senate session. It appears as if the former Senator can become very crafty with words and following the passions of those he speaks with. After those words I can no longer trust him, as I thought I could.

    I do not know whether you have heard this, but he has been elected as the new Supreme Chancellor. Let us hope that this was an isolated incident, though he will never have my complete trust again. Unfortunately I will have to work around this, if we are to stop the corruption in the Senate.

    I have discussed a plan for a reform committee to attack corruption in the Senate, and have presented it to Palpatine. He had shown apparent interest in it, but now I must wonder how devoted to ridding the Senate of corruption he is. I know what you mean. After his recent statement, I am no longer comfortable with the man either.

    I would not suggest mentioning this to Palpatine, though you may at your own risk. I have dealt with his type before, and generally if a person who has been attacked, you in this case, brings the subject up, the politician will usually use it to discredit the person in whatever way possible.

    I may speak with Palpatine about the subject, though it too would be risky for me. I have not decided how I am going to handle this in my dealings with him. There are several options…1. I could pretend as if I have no idea about the truth, in order that he may not be alarmed, and still believes as if I have complete trust in him. 2. I could confront him directly with the issue, and let him know that I am on to him. This may direct him to not be corrupt, as he would know I would be watching him. 3. I could give him an ambiguous message, and he will not know exactly what I am saying, or how much I know. This could persuade him to not be so corrupt, but it may also cause him to trust me less.
    I felt you should be aware of what Palpatine said.

    Thank you. Though I did not get elected, it was good to know that some of my fellow Senators thought well enough of me to nominate me. It also speaks loudly that other Senators wish to end corruption as well. Before the special Senate session, which you spoke in, I had been discussing my idea of the reform committee with several other Senators. Apparently they felt this warranted my nomination.

    Have you left Coruscant yet? I am sorry…I have been tied down with all this madness in the Senate that I am unaware of your whereabouts. You said that little Anakin may not be allowed to be trained. That’s sad. I have not seen him around either, so is he with you?

    Please let me know how you are doing.

    Senator Bail Antilles

  • Note 20 - Padme

    Senator Antilles,

    Thank you for telling me what our new Chancellor said. I am greatly upset by his statement. It is certainly a lie, what he said, because it was him that suggested a vote of no confidence. He said that Vallorum was not going to help us and that a new leader needed to be elected in his place. I'm extremely upset by this because I had thought that Palpatine could be trusted. Now I see that I may have made a horrible mistake in what I've done. I hope that you're right, that maybe this was just an isolated incident. But my fear is that we have been setup somehow. I don't know this for sure. But I will certainly be more careful around him. I agree with you. We cannot ever completely trust him again. And now that he has been elected Chancellor...I worry that that may have been a mistake as well. But we must hope for the best. Hopefully, this will turn out to be the best for the Senate and the galaxy in the end.

    As for what you should do about what you know, that is completely up to you. I'm not sure if it would be better to speak to him about it or do nothing at all. If he is indeed corrupt, he won't like that you're suspicious of him. And if he isn't corrupt, he won't like that you're suspicious of him either. This decision is entirely up to you but whatever you do, you must be extremely careful. I'm not sure yet what I'm going to do about what Palpatine said about me. For now, I think I'm going to pretend that I trust him. It might be better for Naboo in the long run if Palpatine still believes that I support him.

    I have returned to Naboo with the Jedi. There is going to be a battle against the Trade Federation. I have asked the Gunjans, a tribe on Naboo, to help us and they have agreed. With this help, I believe that we can defeat the Trade Federation. I will keep you posted. Thank you again for telling me what you learned.

    Queen Amidala

  • Note 21 - Bail

    Note 21
    Queen Amidala,

    It was not with pleasure that I told you what Palpatine said. I felt you should know, as it concerned you, and as he was your Senator. It does not surprise me that he was the one that suggested the vote, and then told me that you suggested it.

    Perhaps my reaction was premature and sudden. He may very well have been very stressed by the situation, and so, he resorted to lying to me about the vote. It is too early to tell whether or not he can truly be trusted in general. I believe him to be, in general, wishing what is best for the Republic. Let us hold to this, and hope that it is the truth.

    Palpatine was not the worst choice for Supreme Chancellor. It could have been far worse. Although I do not know how far we can trust him, he has been elected, and he may yet hold to his duty of that office. If corruption is to be ended, we must take the risk of trusting him some. You too must realize this.

    It is also possible that he wished to have the position of Supreme Chancellor because he had a specific goal in mind. His lie to me could have been because he was embarrassed by the method he chose. However, we cannot count on this either. We must wait and see what he does in office, and how he acts. I will never forget his statement, and I will keep this lesson in mind.

    In honesty, I too fear that this was the first step in some sort of scheme, though to believe that would be dangerous. The fact is that we do not know. We must be careful…careful in how much we trust the Chancellor, careful of the events in the Senate, and careful that we trust the Chancellor enough. It may be that we are paranoid. Many other Senators would have done a similar thing, had they been in Palpatine’s position.

    We must be cautious while still hoping for the best. As Supreme Chancellor, the man holds an important position, to be sure, but not absolute control. The Supreme Chancellor is to guide the Senate Sessions, and he chooses who speaks and when…keeps everyone in the Senate in line during the sessions. He also makes important decisions in that he can choose to pay greater or less attention to a specific issue. The Supreme Chancellor can also request help from the Jedi Council, should he feel the situation warrants it. The Supreme Chancellor can also set up organizations, committees, and that sort of thing to help the Senate work smoothly and effectively. The man is also a figure head. He could have great influence in destroying the corruption.

    The Supreme Chancellor cannot make important decisions for the Senate…such as whether or not to act on a particular incident without the Senate’s approval. Yes, he helps the situation move along, but he has no direct control over what happens. Everything must be voted on. If we think he is out of line with a particular action, we can vote him out of office. He is charged with helping the Republic run smoothly.

    I have decided not to let Chancellor Palpatine know that I am aware that he lied about the vote of no confidence. Telling him would do little good. However, I also hinted that I hoped he took his job seriously, and that I still wish to pursue reforming the Senate and ending corruption…though corruption will never be completely eliminated. As of late, it has become far too rampant.

    I must be careful, and I will. I intend to see this reform committee out, and I will do so. Yes, please continue to let him think that you support him all the way. Be careful that he does not manipulate you with his words. Keep watch over that.

    Please be careful on Naboo. It cannot be an especially safe situation that you have walked into. I wish you the best. Please let me know how your action turns out. If you believe you can defeat the Trade Federation, hold to that, and do not give up. Thank you for letting me know where you were.

    I must go now.

    Senator Bail Antilles

  • Note 22 - Padme

    Senator Antilles,

    I appreciate you telling me what you did. I understand it must have been difficult to not only tell me what you knew but to realize that Chancellor Palpatine had lied. I don't know that your reaction was too premature or sudden. I certainly have my own reservations about him and I do believe that somehow he's not telling us the complete truth about anything. He has some other motive, but I have no idea what that is. There is something about him that seems untrustworthy and now I'm beginning to believe that I was too hasty is calling for the vote of no-confidence. But then again, Palpatine was elected on his own, at least I hope so, and there is nothing we can do at the moment anyways.

    I agree that we should at least give him a chance. He was elected and has only done one act to truly justify any misgivings we have. Perhaps we should give him the benefit of the doubt. He has been a good friend and was very concerned with what was happening on Naboo.

    Thank you for explaining the position of Supreme Chancellor to me. I wasn't aware he had that many responsibilites or that much power. It is scary to me that we would give one person that much power, even if it is not absolute. But we have to belief that this change in leadership is the best for the Republic.

    I must go now. The battle for Naboo is continuing and I must return to it.

    Queen Amidala

  • Note 23 - Bail

    Note 23
    Queen Amidala,

    Let us then remain careful around Chancellor Palpatine. Until his intentions and actions in Senate are made clear, we can do very little else. Palpatine WAS elected on his own, and your vote of no confidence had nothing to do with the outcome. The term in office of Supreme Chancellor is limited any way. Even if he does not hold to our standards, we will get a new Supreme Chancellor within several years. I hope that is not the case.

    Giving the new Chancellor the benefit of the doubt is the best move that I can think of. Even if we think it wrong that he lied about you, what good would that do us? We can’t accuse him of lying; that would be silly. No, he has been elected, and he must hold up the office on his own. He may turn out to be a very good Supreme Chancellor. We do not know.

    You’re welcome. It was my pleasure to explain the nature of the Supreme Chancellor position to you. The power the Supreme Chancellor holds is checked by the Senators. It is our responsibility to call for a vote of no confidence if we believe he has not been effective…that or, if the believed offense is truly bad, to impeach him.

    How is the battle of Naboo going? What has happened so far? I continue to wish you the best as you endeavor to bring freedom to your planet and people.

    Senator Bail Antilles, Alderaan

  • Note 24 - Padme

    Senator Antilles,

    I think you're right about the Chancellor. We just need to give him a chance, even though this makes me very uneasy. I know I need to give him the benefit of the doubt, but it's difficult for me and I don't understand why. Ever since he lied to you, I just can't trust him, even if his motives behind that had good intentions. If he lies about one thing, he's sure to do it again especially now that he's found it works.

    I'm glad that the Senate has some control over the Chancellor. If Palpatine does something out of line, then the Senate can easily check him. However, I know the Senate is corrupted and Palpatine has promised me that he's going to put an end to that. I still don't know whether or not I truly believe he'll do that. I think he's just telling me what I want to hear. But I really don't have any solid reason to believe he's that manipulative. We just need to wait it out and see what actions he takes.

    The battle is turning around in our favor and I think we have a chance to win. The Jedi are occupied with a Sith, so we're not getting the help from them in the battle that I thought we would. But the Gunjans are coming through for us, even though Palpatine told me they wouldn't. I'll continue to keep you posted and the battle is almost over. Hopefully, the next time we speak, I'll be telling you about our victory.

    Queen Amidala

  • Note 25 - Bail

    Note 25
    Queen Amidala,

    If it makes it any easier, it is hard for me to trust Palpatine completely as well. I suppose He’ll have to gain my trust…but I do want to be open-minded about him. We must allow him to be tested and prove us wrong (wrong in that we can’t trust him.)

    You are correct. The Senate is very corrupt, but I am hoping that the amount of corruption will decrease with the Naboo situation being resolved. I fear, though, that this is the first move in a very wrong direction. It is possible that even a Supreme Chancellor who tries his very best may not be able to curb the corruption. The Senate has ignored your situation, and who is to say that a similar mistake will not be made in the future. I also worry that most Senators do not wish to end the corruption.

    I am in the process of starting a new committee, and with this committee I hope to take action against the corruption. There is no telling how this will be received. I fear that it will not be well. However, I must try. Doing nothing about the situation would only allow things to degrade worse. I have discussed my general ideas about this with Palpatine, and he says that he will support me. Whether he does or not remains to be seen. He may hold to his promise. Let us hope this is the case.

    It is possible that he is just telling us what we want to hear, though…so we must still deal with the man cautiously. Besides the lie he said earlier, I have no reason to believe he would be that manipulative either. I know that there are Senators that would not think twice about doing something like that. Whether Palpatine is one of those, we do not know. Yes, we must wait to see how he will act.

    I’m relieved to hear that the battle seems to be going in your favor. I hope and pray that things stay that way for you. The Jedi are fighting a Sith? That cannot be good. Palpatine said the gungans wouldn’t come through for you…sigh….well it is true that it was a big gamble, but we should never doubt the devotion of another.

    Thank you. Your updates are appreciated, as I do hope that your situation works out. To see this issue resolved and your people free…after all we have been through….would be wonderful. I too hope that your next message will bring news of your victory.

    Bail Antilles, Senator of Alderaan

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