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    ITA: Qui vi dovete presentare. Sì, DOVETE, visto che gradirei sapere chi ho sotto la mia giurisdizione. Se poi vi presentate decentemente sono anche più contento. Ricordate. io vi vedo, ogni sgarro sarà punito severamente. Ricordate anche che vi voglio bene; in senso paterno, ovviamente.
    Visto che ho fatto tutto questo discorso della minchia mi pare giusto che mi presenti anche io, no :D?
    Alessandro, 16 anni, faccio il III° superiore Scientifico, la mia musica preferita ovviamente è il Metal, mi piace scrivere, sentire la musica, bere Birra, ecc. ecc.

    P.S. per gli Italiani: presentatevi in inglese.


    ENG: Here you must introduce yourself. Yes, you MUST, because i'd like to know the identity of those who are under my jurisdiction. Moreover, If you introduce yourself decently I'll be very happy. Remember, I see you all, every discourtesy will be punished severely. Remember also that i love you; as a father, of course.
    Since I performed such a gabble I guess that I should introduce myself too, am I right :D?
    Alessandro, italian, 16 years old, I attend the third year of the Scientific High School, my favorite music is obviously Metal, i like writing, listen to music, drink Beer, etc. etc.


    Let's Drink!

  • Hi

    I'm Christine, from Germany, 40 years old, work as a mediadesigner and maybe I can love you as a mother *lol*.


  • :lol: welcome Chrissie! :D

  • Welcome DeafboyOne!

  • Hi!

    Im Vili from Finland, pretty basic metalhead who is in Ásatrú

  • Welcome VIli!

    Let's Drink!

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 13 Mar 2009, 10:09
    First of all, I have the same name with the group. :) I'm Stahlblitz, 20 years old, from Moscow, Russia. Funny that I've never heard about Absurd's song with the same name, I've just invented a good name for myself. :)
    About: clinical psychologist (neuropsychologist, to be concrete) in future - I'll graduate from university next year, have many hobbies such are philosophy, history, mythology, music, science and so on. :)
    Hello to Samhain92. :)

  • Thanks, from the new account of Samhain92 xD

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