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Sounding from England and at just 22 years of age, Spor has quickly risen to the forefront edge of Drum & Bass production.

After being introduced to Drum & Bass through a friend around four years ago, Jon began experimenting with software to create his own music. His friend Codex took interest and before long they were producing as 'Final Reckoning', skipping off school to work on tracks, with early influence coming from artists such as Hive, Ram Trilogy and Bad Company.

This alias saw a lot of early progress and development take place, and soon differencing Universities meant that distance & time was an issue and Final Reckoning found it to hard to collaborate.

Jon took on his solo moniker 'Spor', a tag name derived from a combination of one of the first folders of samples he obtained, entitled 'Spore Tactics', and a favourite piece of artwork by a friend (see www.monaux.com). Graffiti outlining eventually meant he would drop the 'e' to leave a more balanced arrangement.

Spor saw a debut release on the 'Damaged Minds' imprint, after friend and early mentor Murphy introduced him to Damage. This was a huge incentive to pursue harder, and soon Spor had attracted further attention. After being headhunted by Chris Renegade, he landing himself an exclusive deal with one of Drum & Bass' most prestigious labels Renegade Hardware, and leading-edge label Barcode. This opened up DJ opportunities, and after playing his first ever set at London's 'The End Club’, Spor has continued to play across the globe.

2005 saw Spor's remix of Konflict's 'Messiah' and his debut EP for Renegade Hardware.

2006 has seen Spor depart from the TOV Music Group to form part of the newly emerging and exciting Lifted Music collective, as well as tracks on Subtitles, a project for Evol Intent Recordings and Planet Mu.

Spor - английский Drum'n'Bass музыкант, диджей и продюсер. Настоящее имя - Джон Гуч (англ. Jon Gooch). 1985 г.р. Музыкальная карьера Джона началась когда он еще учился в школе и вместо уроков занимался написанием своих треков. Вместе со своим знакомым музыкантом (Codex) они в то время работали над проектом "Final Reckoning". Потом Джон начинает сольную карьеру под псевдонимом Spor и выпускает свой первый официальный релиз на лейбле «Damaged Minds».

Псевдоним «Spore» был придуман на основе названия первого диска с музыкальными сэмплами от 'Spore Tactics' в коллекции Джона. Позднее букву "e" пришлось отбросить для лучшего восприятия на слух.

Карьера Джона резко пошла вверх. Его треки сразу попали в миксы ведуших диджеев drum'n'bass сцены. Вскоре, он заключает контракт с одним из ведущих drum'n'bass лейблов «Renegade Hardware». Начинаются его диджейские выступления в клубах Англии, а позже и во всему миру.

Сейчас треки Spor стали уже эталоном качественного английского drum'n'bass и вместе с Chris Renegade, Evol Intent, Apex и Ewun они объеденились под лейблом «Lifted Music», который только за 2007 год обрел популярность по всему миру. Два раза в месяц они записывают подкаст Lifted Music Show - миксы из самых свежих своих треков и ремиксов, которые бесплатно распространяются в сети.

* Spor - Supernova (2007) (LFTD002)
* Spor - 103 Degrees (2007) (LFTD002)
* Spor - 1 UP (2007) (LFTD002)
* Spor - The Resistance (2007) (LFTD002)
* Spor - Molehill (2007) (SUB057)
* Spor - Knock You Down (2006) (LFTD001)
* Spor - Hydra (2006) (ZIQ159)
* Spor - Powder Monkey (2006) (SUB055)
* Spor - Ignition (2006) (RH73)
* Spor - Dreadnought (2005) (RH72)
* Spor - The Eyes Have It (2005) (RH72)
* Spor - Lose It (2005) (RH72)
* Spor - To The Death (2005) (RH72)
* Spor - Cyberpunk (2005) (BAR12)
* Spor - Way of the Samurai (2005) (BARLP01)
* Spor - Alpha Trion (2005) (BARLP01CD)
* Spor - Dante's Inferno (2005) (BAR07)
* Spor - Brickbeats (2005) (BAR08)
* Spor - Haunt Me (2005) (BAR08)
* Spor - Haywire (2004) (KNOW51)
* Spor - Outbroken (That Track) (2004) (RH62)
* Spor - Nebulous (2004) (RH62CD)
* Spor - Insecticide (2004) (TOV67)
* Final Reckoning - A Thousand Worlds (2005) (TOV73)
* Final Reckoning - Ghosthacker (2005) (TOV71)
* Final Reckoning - Nothing Less (2005) (TOV73)
* Unicron - Orion's Five (2005) (TOVLP06)
* Unicron - You Must Believe (2005) (TOV69)
* Spor - Three Ravens (2004) (BAR04)
* Spor - Judderman (2004) (DMIND008)
* Spor - The Whisper (2004) (DMIND008)
* Pendulum - Toxic Shock (Spor Remix) (FREAK???)
* Ewun - Hate Machine (Spor Remix) (BARLP02)
* Infiltrata & Spor - Three Faces (2006) (BAR14)
* Konflict - Messiah (Spor Remix) (2005) (RH65)
* Unknown Error & Spor - Untitled (2006) (SUB057)
* Unknown Error - Shadows (Unicron Remix) (2005) (TOV69)

Треки не имеющие официального релиза или требующие дополнительной проверки:

* Fallout - Hesitate (Spor & Toxin Remix)
* Lumidee - Never Leave You (Spor Remix)
* Spor - Deathray
* Spor - That's That (feat. MC Illy)
* Spor - Running Man (2004) (NITE002)
* Spor - Running Man (Kaos, Karl K & Jae Kennedy Remix) (2004) (NITE002)
* Spor - Wretch
* Spor - The Origin

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