Album of the week: Week 1 - Hawkwind - Space Ritual

  • Album of the week: Week 1 - Hawkwind - Space Ritual

    Thoughts on it go here.

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    • 19 Aug 2012, 10:12
    A busy day today, and Ii'm not sure if I'll have time to post here today, but I will eventually. Got some thoughts on this one

  • My favourite Hawkwind release by a mile. Here they truly live up to the term "space rock" through the vivid atmosphere created by waves of reverb-drenched guitar riffs, distant, swirling synthesizers, and a madman spouting nonsense about "sonic attacks". Every song here is an improvement over it's studio version, in particular Master of the Universe, the possibly one of the heaviest songs of the early 70s.


  • I'm just gonna copy my review I wrote on my blog here.
    I feel the record gets off to a bit of a slow start, and Dave Brock doesn't deliver his best vocal performance here. It gets better with time, but I feel the album doesn't really hit its full potential until near the end of the first CD with Brainstorm. It feels like it took the men of Hawkwind a while to get going, but they deliver excellently at this point. The second CD continues strongly until Masters of the Universe, another excellent track and a highlight of the CD. The problem with Space Ritual for me is that a lot of the tracks are a bit too repetitive without being interesting. However, the energy the good songs deliver still make it a fairly good album for me.

    That said, I'm pretty dead because of the heat so I might not have been in an ideal state to listen to the record.

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    • 20 Aug 2012, 05:07
    I've done pretty sketchy listen through while I was at work thismorning, so you'll have to forgive me if I haven't got much useful to say. I scribbled down notes for the first couple of songs, but it got out of hand pretty quick.

    I thought Born to Go was a really neat song, although it did drag on a little to long. From memory this one had some pretty out there flute-y sounding stuff, which I really liked.

    Down Through the Night was really good, too. Took a minute or so of fucking around at the start to get into the groove, but once it did it was one of my favourite parts on the album.

    Lord of Light was good, but after that it all sort of blurs into one. I plan on listening to this thing a couple more times to sort my shit out a bit better.

    The little passages of spoken word (they weren't really skits, were they?) were pretty weird, but I guess they fitted the vibe fine. Does anyone know if they were recordings played live, or did the guy recite them on stage? That would have been pretty neat. The one about orgasms would have been creepy as shit.

    I feel like we should choose a shorter record next time. As for a verdict on this record, though, I feel like I could totally get into a cleaner, shorter (i.e. boiled down) record by these guys. This has definitely got me interested in them, put it that way. Liked a lot of the sounds and stuff that was happening on this thing, but it was just way too long.

  • Come on guys, we should have more feedback on this by now.

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    • 21 Aug 2012, 14:54
    Sorry for being a bit late, had a busy day yesterday.

    This album is a real beauty in my eyes. The band plays with extraordinary energy and power, which is one of the main reasons as to why I adore this album. Every single song on this thing is far more superior than the studio versions, and Lord of Light and Master of the Universe, two of my favourite Hawkwind songs, especially are delivered in an extraordinary superb manner.

    I also love the bass playing on this album, by the one and only Lemmy. Listening to this record when I first started playing bass guitar myself was quite inspiring. Just putting it out there.

    Not a lot to say about this one, other than that I just love it. Love the music, love the spoken word and I love the delivery. It's all great stuff

  • Gonna give it a listen tomorrow and then mould this comment into a more review-y shape with the use of the "edit" button, yeah that one right there I'm lookin at you edit button.

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    • 22 Aug 2012, 05:32
    Yeah. I'm planning on giving it a second listen and hopefully adding to my thoughts a bit tonight, but I'm feeling pretty sick so I might just end up going straight to bed. We'll see.

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