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    • 13 Jan 2009, 20:09


    I've recently discovered Gustaf Hildebrand, and have realised that this is the kind of ambient I really like.
    Is there anything similar? Just long synth soundscapes with maybe a few ambient sounds mixed in (not too dense though, and fitting with the theme), that is inspired by space?

    The only other ambient I've heard so far is Skadi, Raison d'être, Lustmord and Deepspace. And Vinterriket if that counts
    I also listen to Darkspace, although they play space-influenced ambient black metal.

    So, any other good space-related ambient stuff I should check out?
    I heard of Viridian Sun and wanted to check that out, but sadly I can't find anything by them (him?)...

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 6 Feb 2009, 11:54

    Maybee Tholen and NASA Voyager Recordings.

    Perhaps you should check Tholen : Interresting space-inspired music, just one giant track ( 71min ). Worth a listen.

    And if i had just one thing to recommend to you, it would be without a single hesitation NASA Voyager Recordings . This is true space's soundtrack, the people of ancient times must envy us the opportunity we have here. The cosmos is talking to you, nothing more, nothing less.

  • My tips

    Hi cuber 3,

    Maybe Steve Roach, Max Corbacho or Robert Rich
    are similar to your description.

    I invite you also to listen to my albums, particularly "Lumina magica" and possibly "Aima dust". In full lengh. Enjoy

  • Greets, cuber3 -

    I picked up a couple Viridian Sun CDs on Amazon, but those seem to have disappeared from the site. However, a few of their CDs are still available on, and it looks like shipping rates to Europe are fairly reasonable.

  • Robert Rich - Below Zero
    Lull - Cold Summer
    Rapoon - Darker By Light
    Inade - Colliding Dimensions
    Raison D'Etre - Metamorphyses

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 1 Apr 2009, 16:14
  • Space Metal

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 31 Jul 2009, 04:58

    Electroacoustic Recommendation

  • I highly recommend Carbon Based Lifeforms. Dreamy, soothing space music at its best.

    FF til' Death
  • area c - sea of rains

    "In April of 2008, AREA C was commissioned by the NASA RI Space Grant Consortium and the Museum of Natural History in Providence, RI to compose an original score for their "Mission Moon: past, present, future" exhibit at the Museum of Natural History. SEA of RAINS is the resulting 55-minute soundscape, inspired by the names, colors, history and otherworldliness of this still-strange fixture in our sky."

    • Gltch said...
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    • 5 Sep 2009, 01:54
    No matte what kind of ambient you're into, I'd recommend Murcof.
    Murcof is the stage name of mexican composer Fernando Corona, and he has made some very cool records. In particular, "Cosmos" which contains very spacey music. Listen to it.

    fuel for black quartz
    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 26 Feb 2010, 18:19

    Obscure Talent

    Try this surprisingly obscure Band,


    New World Revolution

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 6 Jun 2010, 11:26
    Implex Grace

    Landscapes of pure radiant light, yet swept by streams of dark energy are contained in "Through Luminescent Passages II".
    His website, with downloads :

    Don't miss it.

  • Akasha Project

    "A series of improvised sound spaces are being created with the aid of electronically produced sound on the basis of the planetary and molecular concert pitches and their partial tones. They are in part meditative, floating as well as full of rhythm, which move the audience in resonance with fundamental and realistic frequencies.
    There is a collective vibration by listening to the quantum music of Hydrogen, the basic archaic sounds of the planets of our sun system or the archaic sounds of the earth. This makes it possible to accept one’s sense of ‘self’ to become part of the universe, which is surrounding us."

  • Universe-space lover?

    Then my friend's music is for you. Space ambient, soundscapers


    The art of sound

    - In Lak Ech' A Lak in
  • Benn Jordan - Pale Blue Dot

    Inspired by Carl Sagan, hope that says enough.

  • Totally Awesome, The Joint, Radical, Killer, Kickin', Gnarly, Excellent, Dope....


    this is a great introduction to the disco side of space music..

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