CD or Download, which do you prefer?

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    • 24 Jan 2007, 01:47

    CD or Download, which do you prefer?

    Do you prefer to buy a physical album, or do you download music from services like the iTunes Music Store, Napster, etc?

  • I prefer buying the CD, but I've had to resort to downloading lately because my DVDR/CDR drive has died on me, and the only way I listen is by ripping and then sticking it onto my mp3 player. So I've been having to use Itunes a little more now. I only ever buy a download if I cannot find it... ANYWHERE else. It's usually a last resort for me.

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    • 26 Jan 2007, 01:27
    I only download. I might own about 8 CDs whereas I used to own over 4 or 5 hundred.

  • Download. I MAY buy 2 or 3 cds a year. Only for my favorite artist like Kelis or Outkast or IF I'm REALLY feeling the cd i downloaded then I'll buy it.

  • both.

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  • If it's some rare/out of print music, i'll use soulseek. Otherwise, buy CD.

  • I get more enjoyment out of buying cds straight from the label. It's cheap and you get lots of freebies. But I do download from soulseek b/c a lot of the stuff I'm into isn't sold in stores. But even then I burn it onto cds. I don't plan on buying an mp3 player. I can put a couple dozen songs on my phone or listen to music in my car cd player. If it's not in my car or on my computer then it's on a spindle stack. There's just no point in buying an mp3 player. The cd quality is better.

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  • Download.

  • I BUY

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    • 5 Nov 2007, 02:31
    Both. I download more but if I really like a CD I'll go out and buy it.

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    • 12 Apr 2008, 05:23

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    • 9 Jun 2008, 18:08
    I actually addressed this issue in a journal. If you care to read, click here.

  • I only buy music from my favorite artists and if I hear anything that sounds AWESOME... but since most artists have a tendency make one or two good songs and release them as singles while the rest of the cd sounds like utter boring crap... I download.

    • ADL92 said...
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    • 2 Nov 2008, 02:43
    I'd much rather buy a cd, but they cost alot. So I mostly download.

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    • 29 Apr 2009, 11:14
    It's generally not too expensive to buy on if you know how to use it well. If you want used or if you want new just look through for the cheapest one with the highest feedback rating.

  • i buy cds because of the quality. itunes really turned me off of downloading songs because of the horrible 128kbs songs they originally offered, though they have improved alot with the 256kbs (itunes plus) songs but there is still a huge difference between that and the cd quality. that said if an artist i really like releases a song on itunes that is not available anywhere else i will get it from there

    • LMRosa said...
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    • 29 Nov 2009, 21:40
    CDs .... unless there is a specific song i really like then i'll download it :D

  • I get all my music for free because I work as a music critic but I find that most of the advance digital releases contain more songs then the CD counterparts and sometimes vice versa. I'm from the CD boom so I'll always love CD's. Its like an investment in your favorite band though to be honest the musicans that I have met over ym lifetime all seem to agree that the only ones losing out on revenue due to file sharing seems to be the labels. Artists, as long as they don't sell off their merchandise rights, make all their money touring. Is that off subject?

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