do you listen to soundtracks of movies you haven't seen?

  • Yes, I do.
    I like listening to Hans Zimmer, Lisa Gerrard, Vangelis, Mark Isham, Mychael Danna, Michael Nyman, Philip Glass, Ennio Morricone, R.Sakamoto film music whether I am introduced to those films or not.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 11 Apr 2009, 19:44
    Yes I do. Actually I am always visiting foruns to get some advice of what to listen!

    But it happens a LOT I watch a movie, dont like the movie but looove the OST. Maybe its because I pay a LOT of attention in the OST during the movie.

    For example: Inkheart... omg the movie is soh bleargh, but the OST is amaaaaaaazing!

    Nowadays I'm listening Memories of a Geisha a lot and I've never see the movie =] I've read it was pretty good and decided to listen ^^

  • In fact, I've done that many times.
    The best example is my favoutite movie soundtrack - Lost Highway. I never saw this film, but the OST - just perfect.

    ...? ...!
  • All the time :B

    As a matter of fact, I like to listen to the score before watching the movie. Even so because there are some movies that sucks, but the scores are great.
    Maybe its because I pay a LOT of attention in the OST during the movie.
    I pay a loooot of attention too :D
    My friends don't understand me sometimes, that's good to hear there are people who use to do that to.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 27 Apr 2009, 16:09
    Sometimes but usually watch movie soon after.

  • Yes. :)

    I also listen to soundtracks to movies I don't even like. A movie can be complete crap, yet I can still enjoy the soundtrack as a stand-alone type thing.

  • I usually get to know a soundtrack by seeing the movie first, like many here, but sometimes if it's from a composer I love, I'll give it a chance

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    • DDDiego said...
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    • 24 May 2009, 03:15
    Yeah, sure! If I like the soundtrack, of course watch the movie and vice versa.

  • nope, never did; but it often happens that i listen to the soundtrack even if i didn't like the movie...

    • LuxusPL said...
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    • 1 Jul 2009, 07:04
    Very often. And it's like DDDiego said, if I like soundtrack are often watch movie itself cause of it. Quite often I listen to soundtrack if I even know that I'm not going to watch a movie ;]

  • Never

    Having seen the movie adds to a better understanding of the soundtrack.When I listen to the soundtrack, pictures from the movie will appear in my brain, and that gives a true feeling.However, if I haven't seen the movie before, I can't taste the soundtrack very well.

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  • I do. I currently can't get enough of 'Into the wild' OST by Eddie Vedder and haven't seen the movie (yet). Take a listen to it (even if you haven't seen the movie). You'll enjoy it, trust me.

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    • A_nne_ said...
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    • 10 Jul 2009, 19:03
    Most often after watching the film I am just starting to listen soundtracks.

  • I have been known to do it. For example, I adore the Sweeney Todd soundtrack without having seen the film. (: I haven't seen Slumdog Millionaire or Notting Hill, but I have a song from each of their soundtracks. Neither have I seen Legally Blonde, but I still have a song from that. <33

  • I am trying not to do so, but sometimes it is so damn good that I can't hold on (like .hack//SIGN soundtrack).

  • Sometimes, I hear soundtracks from other composer, but only, if it´s really good.
    For example from different animes or games...
    sorry for my bad english, but I hope you can understand it..^^''

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  • I do that all the time.. I have a lot of soundtracks by Zbigniew Preisner and I haven't watched any of the movies they belong to.

  • I don't own any soundtracks that I haven't watched the movies, but I don't find it senseless. Music speaks by itself, and watching the film just helps you fit in the mood.

  • Often :) Sometimes it makes me wonder if the film is as good as the soundtracks.

    • Ennish said...
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    • 26 Jan 2010, 05:07
    Yes, but it's more so for anime than movies. A good portion of anime songs I have in my music library are from shows I haven't seen.

  • Yes, all the time; some movies aren't appealing to me, but the composer/artists might.

    For example I'm not interested in the "Twilight" movies, but I love Alexandre Desplat's score, and his other work generally is of a very high standard in terms of creativity so I dig out his other work on Spotify, and in most cases it's for movies I've never seen. Same goes for other composers.

  • Yes but I prefer listening scores after seeing movie ;) I'm getting real connection to story this way.

  • Only once, and I love the soundtrack (The Fountain)

  • Yeah :) Some soundtracks are more appealing than the movie.

    And I'm glad about it.
  • Sometimes I do.

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