Who's the first person to listen to your latest work?

  • Who's the first person to listen to your latest work?

    Your soulmate? A friend with good taste in music? Your neighbours? Your cat? A random stranger on the Internet?

    I'm asking this because I'm not sure myself, it changes all the time. I'm not even sure if it matters. Yet this questions bugs me. It probably means I make music for me before anyone else. Maybe the fact nobody I know in real life is especially interested in ambient can explain this. Maybe not.

    Maybe it's easier to get feedback through Last FM and other online communities than trying to explain why a computer is a kind of intrument to your grandfather...

    So, except yourself, who's your very first listener?

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    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 2 Sep 2008, 22:06
    My meter for how good or bad something is? My brother, he's a film guy but can grasp it fairly quick. He would also be the first one to say something if it didn't sit right.

    • KryptoN said...
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    • 5 Sep 2008, 11:08

    Re: Who's the first person to listen to your latest work?

    lectronice said:
    It probably means I make music for me before anyone else.

    This is the case for me. When I create something, I make sure that I like it myself at first. And when I'm satisfied with the result I just release it. I don't run it by anyone before the release. It doesn't mean that I don't value feedback or suggestions, but I prefer to do things this way. All that really matters is that I view it as a decent effort myself. If even one other person likes it then I view it as a success.

    I have a small group of people (mainly internet friends) that have shown interest in my stuff. I let them know when I release new stuff so I guess they could be called the very first people to hear the newest releases.

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    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 6 Nov 2008, 17:09
    My friend who plays guitar. He doesn't know a shit about harsh noise or ambient, lol.

  • I first presented my music to my father, who was into some less common genres. I was more commercial back then however, and he wasn't really a "listener" - still isn't. The first people that I could truly share my music with were a small group of friends from various countries, that I had met online. And they're the people that hear my releases first, now...

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    • jukhau said...
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    • 30 Nov 2008, 12:01
    I used to play new tracks for my best friends and girlfriend, but nowadays I usually just release them without any 2nd opinions.

  • Well, as soon as a music is finished, I call my mother to get her opinion, mainly for my "contemplative" songs. When it's too "Metal" or too weird or extreme, I don't, I would hate to scare her or to worry her about my mental health !

    Well, sometimes, my best friend has the special right to hear a music before it's finished to get his opinion, if I need to change something in the mix or what.... But, yes, some of my internet friends and bandmates from other projects are the first to listen. Some of my friends met by last.fm are sometimes among the very first to listen as well. And I must admit that I love to get feedback, from as many people as possible, I love to share my emotions with musics... But, when a song pleases me and that it is posted, I'm not going to change it, even if many people dislike it !

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    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 29 Dec 2008, 21:29
    On my demo, it was nobody, and that was certainly a mistake, because listening again to it, and hearing other's responses, I think a few songs are too focused on memories that only I have, and evoke those memories instead of creating their feeling in someone else.

    Still, it certainly made that album a very personal work.

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