Genre... For God's sake!!

    • Kwaxus said...
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    • 31 Jul 2006, 21:40

    Genre... For God's sake!!

    Here comes the time, I've got to ask about it and, I hope, begin a discussion.

    There is no one, specificated genre tag for Soulfly (and other Soulfly-like bands, i.e. Ektormorf, bit of Sepultura etc etc). Some sources state it is just "heavy metal", sometimes adding the ethnic influences... Many other say, Soulfly is nu metal, which is for me a misunderstanding, as whole "nu metal" designation...

    Me and all my friends listening to Soulfly, called it just "core"... I don't know, where the hell we derived it from, but... It was obvious for us, you know - core means something rather primitive. Core music, music that is harsh and heavy; something that derives from tribal music, with rather simple but heavy rhythms and ethnic melodies.

    There have been already many subgenres having the -core ending in their names, like hardcore punk, grindcore, trashcore, metalcore... But it all doesn't fit for me to Soulfly, to Ektomorf. So? How should we call it? This style is so much specific that there has to be a name to define it, don't you think?

    • ElCobra said...
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    • 2 Aug 2006, 11:34
    I'm not happy with the nu metal tag, too.
    (and far from being happy with the metalcore tag assigned to Soulfly.)

    As I think that the tribal influences play a major part in Soulflys music (and for the whole band as persons), i'm using the term "tribal metal" for Soulfly & Ektomorf.

    "metal" because i think the music is MUCH closer to metal than to (hard-)core.

    From the literal meaning of "core" i can understand why you and your friends use it to describe Soulfly's music, but regarding how the term "(-)core" is used when talking about music, i prefer my (beloved ^^) expression "tribal metal".


    • Kwaxus said...
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    • 2 Aug 2006, 18:24
    Tribal metal! :D Sounds good, but it would be rather hard to enforce that into the official naming...

  • I love "alternative metal", "exotic metal" and "world music".


  • Tribal Metal sounds good to me.
    And it IS metal.

    • zubrzyk said...
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    • 10 Aug 2006, 13:13
    tribal metal hahahahaha XD
    exactly! well-chosen tag :)

    • zgoda said...
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    • 23 Aug 2006, 19:19
    For me it's just metal, heavy metal. Heavier than heavy rock (or "false metal", as some call music done by System of a Down).

    Soulfly is metal.
    Fear Factory is metal.
    Machine Head is metal.
    The Dillinger Escape Plan is metal.
    Static-X is metal.

    If you don't like metal, you wouldn't like Soulfly, no matter if you like Avenged Sevenfold or The Dillinger Escape Plan or just Iron Maiden.

    We got into this in late 80's, when we got thrash metal (like Anthrax) apart of "just metal" (like Iron Maiden) and soon hardcore thrash. For me it was still metal, and it is to date. If you listen to gothenburg metal or melodic death metal, but don't get metal in its generic sense, you cann't call yourself a metal fan. Similarly, if you like just Rammstein, you are not an industrial rock fan.

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    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 31 Aug 2006, 22:16
    i don't understand why does it's metal,if somebody asks you what kind,you just say metal...i always say : Soulfly is special,there is no name for that kind...
    I call it special metal :)

    • mat35 said...
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    • 4 Sep 2006, 13:45
    Let's break it down...
    Soulfly (Groove Metal/Nu-Metal)
    Primitive (Nu Metal/Utter Crap)
    3 (Nu-Metal)
    Prophecy (Groove Metal/Nu-Metal)
    Dark Ages (Groove Metal/Rushed)

    * The Bold show which style is more predominant.

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    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 13 Sep 2006, 15:17
    I always used the words "Tribal Metal". :) I think that´s the best description, especially for albums like 3 or "Prophecy".

  • I'd say groove metal. With some nu metal (on Primitive mostly) and thrash influences thrown in too, as well as the whole ethnic music thing.

    haha mat35, nice post, especially the "utter crap" and "rushed" comments :P

  • Tribal metal is the best tag imho ;] metal with great ethnic influence.

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  • I prefer to call guys just nu-metal (truly nu-METAL) on the first three albums, then they, i think, have drifted into a thrash metal. :) *Sorry for my English*
    But Tribal Metal... haha, really xD

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  • Yeah... I always tag Soulfly, Sepultura, Ektomorf (and maybe Ill Nino) as Tribal Metal... but songs like One Nation, Bleak, etc. could be tagged as tribecore xD

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 27 Feb 2009, 21:27
    tribal metal sounds good, but i use hardcore and metal tags for soulfly. some times with thrash influence.
    realy hate when soufly calls NU-METAL... nu-metal is korn,deftones,ill nino but not soufly, especially 2 last albums -__-

  • I think tribal metal describes it best :)

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