Hit me with your favorite funk & soul tracks!

    • ABLE_M said...
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    • 29 May 2006, 13:43

    Hit me with your favorite funk & soul tracks!

    Hit me with your favorite funk & soul tracks!

    • LuGiah said...
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    • 26 Jun 2006, 22:59

    My favourite

    The Beginning of the end - Funky nassau part 1

    ultimate funkydrumming.

    • ABLE_M said...
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    • 27 Jun 2006, 16:43
    yeahh that is a funky tune =D!

    • sly75 said...
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    • 10 Jul 2006, 14:40

    a few

    Thought I'd chip-in on this one:

    Duralcha - Ghetto Funk. Love the stoopid vocal grunts in this one.
    The J.B's - All aboard the soul funky train. In fact any J.B's is worthy of this list.
    Marvin Gaye - Got to give it up (part one). Classic!
    Curtis Mayfield - Mighty Mighty (Spade and Whitey). Great live track - to me this is a classic.
    Sam & Dave - Hold on I'm coming.

  • A few more...

  • On a soul tip...

    ...you can't go wrong with the Reverend Al Green - "Let's stay together", "L.O.V.E.", "Tired of being alone", any of them really

    • derteo said...
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    • 5 Jan 2007, 09:56
    West-Berlin Wahnsinn.
  • My Man Is a Mean Man

    and like the previous poster, JB naturally:

    Funky Drummer

  • Give it up or turn it loose - Lyn Collins


    Blow your head - Fred Wesley & the JBs

    Fire is the land of surprise.
    • llehcin said...
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    • 26 Mar 2007, 22:45
    Linda Lyndel - What A Man

    James Brown - Cold Sweat

    James Brown - Payback

    I'd Rather Be With You - Bootsy Collins

  • troubleman

    by good ole m.g.!

    en oakland kaliforn-i-a

  • Tom Brown - Funkin' For Jamaica

  • D.I.T.C. Aint Nothin' Like Vinyl Musiq
    • Mii85 said...
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    • 28 Apr 2007, 05:16
    Marvin Gaye - Got to give it up


    James Brown - The Payback

  • Stretch - Why Did You Did It

    Johnny Guitar Watson - Aint That A Bitch

    • jmvelos said...
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    • 10 Jul 2007, 12:20

    The funkiest moment ever recorded...

    ...would have to be about 20 seconds into the first track on the album

    Man-Child by Herbie Hancock

    It's called Hang Up Your Hang Ups and when the drums come in and things really start rolling...


    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 15 Jul 2007, 19:44

    My Top 5

    It was hard to put them in any kind of order, but this is the way it went down:

    1. Curtis Mayfield - Freddie's Dead(I first heard the beat on the gangsta rap-group 5150 song Steady Stayin' Paid)
    2. Sugar Pie Desanto - Git Back (from the Bay Area Funk vol 1-comp.)
    3. Sugar Pie Desanto - Straighten It Out With Yo Man (from the Bay Area Funk vol 2-comp. Sugar Pie's voice is incredible and the choir-part in this song is very funky)
    4. Ohio Players - Funky Worm (This one doesn't need no explanations, I think)
    5. Curtis Mayfield - Pusherman (I first heard the Ice-T-version I'm Your Pusher, and I got to say that the original version is much much better. Don't get me wrong, at first I really warmed up for the Iceberg's version

    • jmvelos said...
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    • 16 Jul 2007, 01:50

    Changed my mind

    Herbie Hancock's still the man, but I have to revise/add to my post above:

    The intro to the Incredible Jimmy Smith's live recording of Root Down (and Get It) is unbelievable. And he's really only known as a jazz musician with some funky tracks!

  • O'Jays - Darlin' Darlin' Baby

  • fav soul track at moment

    came across 0-0-0-h child by the 5 stairsteps. love this track. a sample of it is used in 2pac's 'keep ya head up'. have heard the song in quite a few films including 'boyz in da hood' and 'crooklyn'. check it out on the 'crooklyn' soundtrack - thats where i finally found a copy to download. well worth it! zephora x

  • fav funk tracks at mo'

    'if you want me 2 stay' - sly and family stone
    ' got 2 give it up (pt1)' - marvin gaye


    zephora x

    • Keule21 said...
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    • 22 Sep 2007, 15:41
    Gary Bartz Ntu Troop - Clestial Blues

    Volume Control Operator at | Electronic Norway

  • One of my favourites

    is The Rimshots - Do What You Feel

    the keyboard riff in this brings the funk.

  • The Impressions - Wherever You Leadeth Me
    Mary Wells - Better Use Your Head
    Bob James - Nautilus
    Donald Byrd & The Blackbyrds - Mysterious Vibes

    so brilliant!!!

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