• Last.FM Icon

    Can't seem to get the last.FM icon onto my CR100 or desktop software... scrobbling only in Australia... any suggestion would be appreciated.


  • The sad news is that you cannot use Last.fm on your Sonos equipment outside the US, Germany & the UK, regardless of whether you are paying for a Last.fm account or not. This is due to a licensing restriction placed on SONOS by Last.fm. See the post from a Last.fm staff member in this thread. The only thing they allow is for scrobbles of you playing your own music to recorded into your Last.fm account, and into their data mining database of course.

  • Sonos Music Services.

    Thanks for the tip... I'd better unsubscribe eh! Any idea what the best music service provider is for Australian Sonos users. I used the Rhapsody 30 day trial and it was very impressive, but again, you can not resubscribe in this country.... might have to give playback a call in meblourne.... I am happy to pay for this level of audio resource....



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