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    19 Feb 2013, 14:26 by der_waldlaeufer

    Hello friends!

    My second self-release "Wanderlust" is out now!!! Digital download (Bandcamp, iTunes, AmazonMP3, Deezer…)


    Check out the album previews on Youtube: and on Facebook:


    CD version available in March via Bandcamp and my homepage.


    Feel free to add me to your library:

    Thx & enjoy,
    Der Waldläufer

  • Shouts & feedback for Der Waldläufer

    11 Jan 2012, 06:39 by der_waldlaeufer

    Hi friends! Here is some feedback for my album "Completely Near & Far Away" from fans all over the planet. Thank you so much for your support and your positive vibes! It really means the world to me!! :)

    More infos:

    "Hi, I've received my cd two days ago... many thanks for that beautiful and dreamin music; I wish you a very good career and so many beautiful compos as these ones. I hope to hear your new songs very soon . See u soon for the next order and show us your splendid pictures. Dream within the dream. olivier from Belgium", Olivier Materne

    „Der Wald verbindet uns scheinbar. ich bin ein waldgeniesser. Ob bei Tag oder in der Nacht. Im Winter. Meist dann, wenn normalsterbliche den Wald meiden. Und deine musik lässt da was anklingen, was ich im Wald wahrnehme.", Fidelio63

    "Inspiring sounds... beautiful music!", Ana María Quiroga

    "Tu musica siempre me acompaña aun en los peores momentos que me ha tocado vivir gracias por eso Der Waldläufer. Gracias por tu música es simplemente genial!!! :)", Ritsuko Kattejo Akagi

    „Hallo Herr Waldläufer :) Habe mir gerade dein Album gekauft und es mir zu Gemüte geführt. Sehr sehr schön!! Sie haben einen neuen Fan :)", Gabriel Strecker

    "Adore your music.", Matthew Fleming

    "Muzik for relax", Iva Ivanova

    "Great music ...", Jean-Yves Baraton

    "This artist was a surprise to me. His debut album is really great. My fav on that: "Perdido Encontrado" ***** Five stars!", Kilian CabGuy

    „Spezielle Musik für spezielle Momente... ;) Great stuff... :)", JoJo WunderFitz

    "Good, gute, bueno", Rkrdo Medina Navarro


    "GENIAL tu musica es coneccion completa con nuestro mundo el mejor lado de la vida la paz y la tranquilidad", Alan Rodriguez

    "Your music is good , ,,Very original and unique ,, Don't for get to send me a friend request " BURN IT UP", S. Handy

    "Beautiful music! I love it. Can't wait to get the album. Peace & love", Monica Halliday

    "Pure relaxation...", Joana Esteves

    «Un bon son ambient, avec de bonnes mélodies et un ensemble bien soutenu. Très agréable à l'oreille. Félicitations et bon succès... », Michel Bérubé

    „Hey Der Waldläufer!!! I'm so excited,I got your Beautiful CD today in the mail,from Germany all the way to Canada,thank you so much,I love it,hugs!!!, Renee Weese

    "Hey my friend, I downloaded your album friday night and it is AMAZING!!! From one musician to another, thanks for this beautiful work of art. Peace bro =)", James 'Jam Cat' Catchpole

    "..talking to my neighbor Sat. morning, about to go for a drive..mail handler walks up and hands me a much awaited pkg from Germany. I plug it's contents into my CD encoder, turn the volume level to 20, and I've been living in the atmospheric world of CNFA ever since=I am completely there!..exploring the landscape, watching the sun/moon, inside the story of Der Waldläufer's imagination box...thiS is what I'm talking about..this is how "inventive", cutting edge, ambient concept albums are made--thank you for sharing your world with us Tobias! :)", Todd Markham

    „So, nun endlich konnte ich dein neues Album auch geniessen und bin begeistert! So stelle ich mir Ambient...ChillOut...wie auch immer vor! Mach bitte weiter so!", Michael Böhme

    "Yeah I'm just listening to your myspace songs right now, and i love it", Eva Zdrava

    "Received your album today and it's so beautiful! your tracks blend so well into each other, so it's like you're listening to one beautiful track! great work, it's one of the top 5 ambient/chill albums i've bought this year. thank you so much and keep it up :))"; Claudio Gianoncelli

    "Your new youtube track is absolutely mint, i had to listen numerous times. excellent work. from furey2310 :)", Patrick Furey

    "Wonderful music! Love it! :)", Sofia Jönsson

    "...the music I have ever dreamed!!! wonderful... ^_^", Antonietta Cozzolino

    "Thats the right word to describe your masterpieces", Max Svidlo Eargasm

    "Sweetness in Music-Congratulations on a Masterpiece of Chill. Warm Vibes from Amsterdam.", Andy Tours

    "...good music!!AMAZING!!", Esther Arias Alvarez

    "I really like ur music, it's like in the early morning at springtime, when the sun is rising :)", Severino Degen

    "Good music is perfect for relaxing ......... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", Verónica Varone

    "Nice! open wide spaces : )", Stefano Falchi

    "Great tunes mate..kip on spreadin ur vibes! ;)", Mel Lam

    "Amazing music!!!!!", Anna Sert

    "Good music is perfect for relaxing ......... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", Verónica Varone

    "And thank you for your great music! 'completely near & far away' is a beautiful album :)", shbadr

    "Listened to it all. . . you're a true talent, very well done. If that had been a spam, then it officially classifies as BEST. .. SPAM. . . EVER. But it wasn't, of course, and I'm thankful you brought it to me. I am impressed. . . I've never been a fan of the saxophone, until I heard it used to great (proper!) effect in Ciel Ouvert. I'll be in touch, certainly!", Surrealism

    "Hey! Thank for inviting! You make great music...with its own special atmosphere. I'll exactly continue to listen to it)", dramko

    "Thanks, amazing music !", MikTek

    "Yeah we might be ride on/music it's just somewhere here in de .. air who's really cares if someone keep on blind moving! Good taste it's the light /keep on being your self pal!Cheerz)", MrOliver74m

    „Your tune "ciel ouvert" is wonderful ! it would be great for a soundtrack...", rsvpnet

    "Hallo , so schöne muzik !! grüsse aus Frankreich :-) Lil", Liloucat

    „You sound is really good! PsyAmbient mmm)))", Gen_Man

    „Impressed with the new material based on the samples I've heard. Soothing, earthy, meditative and enchanting. I can definitely hear a Boards of Canada-like undercurrent in many of the tracks, but the nature sounds give them a distinct flavor. Have you pressed the album to CD yet?", hotterthanjuly

    "Greetings~~ I just heard some of your songs and I think they're great!! Keep it up and hope to hear more from you ^^", gwaed

    "Hi - thanks for the contact. Really like what i've heard of your new album - beautiful production.", skinboat

    "You're doing good work, Keep up!", Gaboch1

    "Hi! Thank you for your beautiful music! :)", Fearkiller

    "Hey great music you make. I love it. Thanks!", squezey

    „Nice to hear you released your first album all by yourself! Good job :)", GFXONLINE

    „Sehr sehr klasse sounds!!!! danke schön!! ich werde die noch viele mahlen anhören. grüße von amsterdam . inge", iDoubleYou

    „Hey! I listened to your album. I have to say that it's great. Very relaxing and deep ambient. Just the way I love it ^^. Thanks for sharing and I wish you luck on your next projects. Best regards ~ HypeExc. (:", HyperExc

    "Thx for sharing, very peaceful & relaxing, especially during morning hours. Although I usually prefer quite different music genres I enjoyed a lot.", havok_7gates

    "I had a listen to your uploads on YouTube, gotta say that's some beautiful music! Such an atmospheric and liquid flowing sound, it makes me think of Brian Eno. I hope you can take your music places, it deserves to be listened to.", mindlib

    "Very cool music you make, thanks for sharing.", zevitts

    "Album sound wicked dude!", SuperNovaMax

    "I am listening now and I found your all music very good especially Plateau Dedans is very successful with a wonderful visual composition", firsthope

    "Hi from Russia! you do talented music, keep the same. I like it!", Futboman

    "Good stuff, keep up! Impressive and emotional sound.", czstudio

    "Very impressive for the first album my friend. I wish you luck in your future music experience. Cheers! P.S. I will listen to your album fully when I get a better internet. Thx again.", DaggerDevil

    "Loving your tunes man! They put me in a nice place! :)", Shakalaka

    „Very nicely done, listening to "Lands End" now; fantastic clarity in the mix.", burro151

    "Very nice album of yours! keep it that way!", antaruma

    "Hi, congratulations for your music, it creates a really dense, evolving and meditative atmosphere.good luck and keep up the good work, Aedhon", araglar

    "Yes, it's very nice. im your fan on Facebook so i was listening to your music. "Wake Me" is really one piece of art!", Dyskolia

    "I love what i hear, Soft relaxing ambient soundscapes yet with a mood.", TomerM

    "Hi, just been checking out some of your tracks on your myspace page. I love them!!!", deebeedee

    "Very nice !!! i believe your cd will be wonderful )))", sharspb

    "Cool tracks @ myspace!!..will be waiting for more to hear!....(at Lastfm as well?)", zerofish9

    "I think your track friction_gentle is very beautiful piece of music. Love it!", HydroSonic

    More infos on my Facebook page

    Der Waldläufer
    Completely Near & Far Away
  • Review for Der Waldläufer - Completely Near & Far Away by Erik Lindgren, Sweden

    20 Nov 2011, 09:33 by der_waldlaeufer

    Der Waldläufer – Completely Near & Far Away

    As you stand and watch the horizon, a beautiful sunset, an airliner passing by in the sky, or looking out your window watching the leaves gently falling from the trees on a dark fresh autumn night, you might have a sense of these objects being far away. And yet all these these objects are in your perception, and your perception is near, it's you, you are in it and it's in you. All these phenomena that you can experience through your perception is in a sense completely near and far away, and this is true. Yet, if you are too look for truth in logic, then this will go against the assumption that any statement is either true or false and that any statement cannot at the same time be true and false. But if it's true that something can be completely near and far away, two opposed notions, then we need to rethink our concept of logic. Because if anyone takes a moment to reflect upon this matter, it will occur to you that this statement is completely logical, consistent and true. What is even more intriguing is that if you reflect upon it further you will realize that it's also false. If you can realize this then you will at the same time realize where truth lies, it lies in that domain of thought and experience that always eludes any classification or categorization, it just bounces back and forth defying any attempt to be controlled.

    Der Waldläufers debut album is an album that centers around the emotional spectrum reached after such a realization that I just mentioned, there is nothing else a person can do than completely surrender to life. This implies an album with a slow pace, which it is. What Der Waldläufer manages to create with his music is a sense of vast spaces, a sense of being situated in a large dome of some sort, sometimes with an ethnic touch pushing the boundaries out of the dome on to the wide planes of planet earth. The music has a strong connection with our origins, the nature we live side to side with, this means that the music does not convey an sense of boundlessness, although this notion is of course perfectly imaginable.

    The music is permeated with this connection to nature, the stillness, the vast fields of green, lakes stretching for miles and miles. This is music that humbles a man. Even so, this permeation of nature is littered with subtle synthesized sounds making it feel fresh and up-to-date. This occasionally pushes the album into a more space ambient oriented tone. So there you have it, nature and space. But this is not all that is represented on the album, acoustic elements occasionally sets the stage for a sometimes more loungy approach. This makes for quite an ambivalence, bordering between nature and the artificial world we all live in. But this two-edgedness settles into a wonderful emotional state, which is due certainly to the intelligent composition of the music.

    Der Waldläufers debut is a slow paced emotional journey, with a strong tendency to depict nature. It's greatly composed in a non-intrusive way. It's a beautiful album well worth checking out, I think most people will be positively surprised.

    Written by Erik Lindgren, Stockholm, Sweden

    Check out his Blog:
    Der Waldläufer
  • Playlist for 07 / 11 / 2011

    10 Nov 2011, 07:57 by TaitheStrange

    HOUR 1:

    Hawkwind - Time We Left This World Today [Live]
    - 1973 / Space Ritual

    Popol Vuh - Letzte Tage, Letzte Nächte
    - 1976 / Letzte Tage, Letzte Nächte

    Jefferson Airplane - Comin' Back to Me
    - 1967 / Surrealistic Pillow

    The Mothers of Invention - Zolar Czakl
    - 1969 / Uncle Meat

    Bailter Space - Stand
    - 1998 / Solar.3

    Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. - Ange Mécanique de Saturne
    - 2000 / Univers Zen Ou de Zéro à Zéro

    Valet - Mystic Flood
    - 2006 / Blood Is Clean

    The Warlocks - Thursday's Radiation
    - 2005 / Surgery

    Serotonin - Three Strikes
    - 2006 / Serotonin

    Autechre - Foil
    - 1994 / Amber

    Aphex Twin - Corn Mouth
    - 1997 / Richard D. James Album

    HOUR 2:

    Moondog - Witch of Endor
    - 1969 / Moondog

    Scissor Shock - Ghost Fahey
    - 2008 / Synonym for the Word 'Decay'

    Amneciam - Circuito Herronio, Pt. 2 (Circuito Destrozado)
    - 2007 / Demonios Personales

    Gryphon - Midnight Mushrumps. Pt. 1
    - 1974 / Midnight Mushrumps

    THIRD I - Testimony
    - 2007 / This Is Our Post-Postapocalypse

    Oranj Punjabi - [Untitled]
    - 2011 / Oranj Punjabi

    Maryanne Amacher - Synaptic Island [Excerpt from Tower Metals, FEED2 and Mue Orchestra]
    - 1999 / Sound Characters (Making the Third Ear)

    Hierophonie V - Composed by Yoshihisa Taïra; performed by The Kroumata Percussion Ensemble
    - 1983 / The Kroumata Percussion Ensemble
  • Playlist for 31 / 10 / 2011

    1 Nov 2011, 04:08 by TaitheStrange

    HOUR 1:

    Genesis - Fly on a Windshield
    - 1974 / The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway

    Peter Gabriel - Perspective
    - 1978 / Peter Gabriel [2]

    SRC - Black Sheep [Album Version]
    - 1968 / SRC

    The Doors - People Are Strange
    - 1967 / Strange Days

    John Micah Rapp - Heavy Shaman
    - 2010 / M(((O)))(((O)))N

    The Flaming Lips - Watching the Planets
    - 2009 / The Embryonic

    Thurston Moore - Off Work
    - 2007 / Trees Outside the Academy

    High Dependency Unit - Irma Vep
    - 2007 / Metamathics

    Robert Fripp - North Star
    - 1979 / Exposure

    Island - Ueber dem Thal
    - 2008 / Orakel

    Fantômas - 04/10/05 Sunday
    - 2005 / Suspended Animation

    Buddy Peace - Section 007
    - 2004 / Watch and Repeat Play: A Warp Records Mix

    HOUR 2:

    Clock DVA - White Cell
    - 1981 / Thirst

    Die Form - Suffocations
    - 2000 / Extremum

    Alejandro Jodorowsky - Drink It
    - 2007 / The Holy Mountain (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

    Björk - Ambergris March
    - 2005 / Drawing Restraint 9

    Furchick - Woof
    - 2010 / Rabbits in Space

    Art Zoyd - Scéne De Maria Dans Les Catacombes
    - 2002 / Metropolis

    Kenji Siratori - Brutal Brain
    - 2007 / Smell the Stench: Second Net Compilation

    Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel - Sebastian
    - 1973 / The Human Menagerie

    Haus Arafna - Golgatha in Flames
    - 1998 / Children of God

    Ramleh - Prossneck
    - 1995 / We Created It, Let's Take It Over, Vol. III

    Gershon Kingsley - Pixillation
    - 2001 / Musique Conrete Soundtracks to Experimental Short Films 1956-1978 - Volume One

    Four Dirges, Opus 9a - Composed by Béla Bartók; performed by John Casten
    - 2010 / [Unreleased -]
  • Playlist for 24 / 10 / 2011

    25 Oct 2011, 03:08 by TaitheStrange

    HOUR 1:

    Can - Halleluwah
    - 1971 / Tago Mago

    Faust - Accroché à Tes Lèvres
    - 2009 / C'est Com...Com...Compliqué

    Ancient Grease - Woman and Children First
    - 1970 / Women and Children First

    The Poets - I Love Her Still
    - 1969 / The Rubble Collection: Volume 5 - The Electric Crayon Set

    The United States of America - Cloud Song
    - 1968 / The United States of America

    The Olivia Tremor Control - I Can Smell the Leaves
    - 1996 / Music fromt the Unrealized Film Script, Dusk at Cubist Castle

    Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. - Man on the Holy Mountain
    - 2003 / St. Captain Freak Out and the Magic Bamboo Request

    Devendra Banhart - Rejoicing in the Hands
    - 2004 / Rejoicing in the Hands

    Bailter Space - Two Stars
    - 1998 / Solar.3

    Battles - Snare Hanger
    - 2007 / Mirrored

    Remembering 22nd Century - SF 93
    - 2008 / Unnormalized CD

    HOUR 2:

    Crow Tongue - Seeker: Dream Asleep, Pray Awake
    - 2008 / Ghost:Eye:Seeker

    Mercury Rev - Continuous Trucks and Thunder Under a Mother's Smile
    - 1991 / Yerself Is Steam

    The Delicacies Of Consuming Human Flesh - Creep
    - 2010 / The Delicacies of Consuming Human Flesh

    King Crimson - Coda: I Have a Dream
    - 2000 / The ConstruKction of Light

    川井憲次 - M06 Access
    - 1995 / Ghost in the Shell

    Snake-Beings - Ukulele S2 Harpo SFX
    - 2003 / Power to Trip

    Tigrics - Everbeener
    - 2002 / From Gdansk til Dawn

    Radiohead - Give Up the Ghost
    - 2011 / The King of Limbs

    +DOG+ - Paz
    - 2007 / Smell the Stench: Second Net Compilation

    Torturing Nurse - ccAeN
    - 2005 / NanaNanaNanaNanaNanaNana

    Mike Patton - Violence
    - 1996 / Adult Themes for Voice

    Book of Shadows - We Have Entered the 4th Dimension
    - 2008 / 777
  • Playlist for 17 / 10 / 2011

    22 Oct 2011, 08:50 by TaitheStrange

    HOUR 1:

    Omar Rodriguez-Lopez - Las Lagrimas de Arakuine
    - 2007 / Calibration (Is Pushing Luck and Key Too Far)

    The Moody Blues - Watching and Waiting
    - 1969 / To Our Children's Children

    The Other Half - Mr. Pharmacist
    - 1968 / Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From the First Psychedelic Era 1965-1968, Vol. 4

    Les Fleur De Lys - Stop Crossing the Bridge
    - 1969 / Reflections

    Antony with Bryce Dessner - I Was Young When I Left Home
    - 2009 / Dark Was the Night

    Coheed and Cambria - God Send Conspirator
    - 2002 / The Second Stage Turbine Blade

    Tool - The Grudge
    - 2001 / Lateralus

    Suicide - 96 Tears [Live]
    - 1977 / Suicide

    Butthole Surfers - Kuntz
    - 1987 / Locust Abortion Technician

    HOUR 2:

    David Lynch - Crazy Clown Time
    - 2011 / Crazy Clown Time

    Mr. Bungle - The Girls of Porn
    - 1991 / Mr. Bungle

    SPK - Despair [Video Version]
    - 1982 / Brikkwerz Performance Australia

    Schlafengarten - Transformation
    - 1986 / Sounds Beyond the Grave

    Igor Wakhévitch - Eau-Ardente
    - 1971 / Doctor Faust

    Enduser - Wednesday
    - 2005 / Calling the Vultures

    Controlled Bleeding - Lover's Remorse [Extended Dub/Jazz Mix]
    - 1997 / Gilded Shadows
  • Playlist for 03 / 10 / 2011

    4 Oct 2011, 08:01 by TaitheStrange

    HOUR 1:

    Comus - The Bite
    - 1971 / First Utterance

    Love - August
    - 1969 / Four Sail

    Blackrock - Black Cloud Overhead
    - 1969 / Psychedelic Minds, Vol. 1 - Heavy Underground 1967-71

    Wire - Reuters
    - 1977 / Pink Flag

    Explosions in the Sky - What Do You Go Home To?
    - 2007 / All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone

    Electric Wizard - Vinum Sabbathi
    - 2000 / Dopethrone

    Elu of the Nine - Tomb
    - 2009 / Elu of the Nine

    HOUR 2:

    DNA - Egomaniac's Kiss
    - 1978 / No New York

    Cabaret Voltaire - Nag Nag Nag
    - 1990 / The Living Legends

    Fad Gadget - Ad Nauseam
    - 1984 / Gag

    Atrium Carceri - Hidden Crimes
    2004 / Seishinbyouin

    M83 - My Face
    - 2002 / M83

    Ewe - La Voix Des Morts
    - 2007 / Smell the Stench: Second Net Compilation

    Merzbow - Ropes in Tears
    - 1991 / Music for Bondage Performance

    Amneciam - Despojado De Su Piel
    - 2007 / Demonios Personales

    Torturing Nurse - Nann
    - 2005 / NanaNanaNanaNanaNanaNana

    Masonna - Untitled 19
    - 1996 / Ejaculation Generator

    The Sodality - Fuck Mastery
    - 1994 / Beyond Unknown Pleasures

    Björk - Vessel Shimenawa
    - 2005 / Drawing Restraint 9

    John Cage - Seventy-Four [Version II]
    - 2000 / The Seasons
  • Playlist for 26 / 09 / 2011

    29 Sep 2011, 05:54 by TaitheStrange

    HOUR 1:

    King Crimson - 21st Century Schizoid Man
    - 1969 / In the Court of the Crimson King

    Blue Cheer - Second Time Around
    - 1968 / Vincebus Eruptum

    The Mothers of Invention - Igor's Boogie, Phase One
    - 1970 / Burnt Weeny Sandwich

    Donovan - Young Girl Blues
    - 2008 / Playlist: The Very Best of Donovan

    Devendra Banhart - Sawkill River
    - 2005 / Cripple Crow

    BabyMash - 5 Reasons to Keep Breathing - a) Universe, b) JAMMI'N, c) Sneaky Spaces, d) LOVE/a March 4., e) PROGSTANDARD
    - 2008 / Music Found Behind the Old Couch

    Sonic Youth - Secret Girl
    - 1986 / Evol

    - 2005 / Taiga

    Joy Division - She's Lost Control
    - 1979 / Unknown Pleasures

    King Crimson - Epitaph
    - 1969 / In the Court of the Crimson King

    HOUR 2:

    The Olivia Tremor Control - Cycle 2
    - 1996 / Explanation II: Instrumental Themes and Dream Sequences

    Jakob - Safety in Numbers
    - 2006 / Solace

    Die Form - Radiomorphism 1+
    - 2000 / Extremum

    XDUGEF - Kero Cell - KWVA
    - 2007 / Smell the Stench: Second Net Compilation

    Black Leather Jesus - Hidden Plague
    - 2008 / Skuff

    Whitehouse - Viking Section
    - 1982 / New Britain

    William S. Burroughs - Last Words of Hassan Sabbah
    - 1981 / Nothing Here Now But the Recordings
  • Playlist for 19 / 09 / 2011

    20 Sep 2011, 09:15 by TaitheStrange

    HOUR 1:

    The Mars Volta - Day of the Baphomets
    - 2006 / Amputechture

    Idiot O'Clock - Frozen Sea
    - 1989 / Original First Album

    Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Endless Enigma, Pt. 1
    - 1972 / Trilogy

    Bongwater - Joy Ride
    - 1988 / Double Bummer

    Kraftwerk - Radioactivity [Live]
    - 2005 / Minimum-Maximum

    Dysrhythmia - Appeared at First
    - 2006 / Barriers and Passages

    Melvins - Inhumanity and Death
    - 2010 / The Bride Screamed Murder

    Boris - Pseudo-Bread
    - 2005 / Pink

    Death Grips - Takyon (Death Yon)
    - 2011 / Exmilitary

    Venetian Snares - Pouncelciot
    - 2001 / Songs About My Cats

    HOUR 2:

    The Ghost and Swift Moths - Must Be Loved
    - 2009 / Superimposium 2: The Definitive the Ghost and Swift Moths Collection

    The Moon and the Nightspirit - Rögbõl Élet
    - 2007 / Regõ Rejtem

    Swans - Children of God
    - 1987 / Children of God

    Clock DVA - The Hacker
    - 1988 / The Hacker

    SPK - In Flagrante Delicto
    - 1987 / Oceania: In Performance 1987

    Autopsia - Radical Machine
    - 2006 / The Berlin Requiem

    Akira Yamaoka - Squirm
    - 2002 / Silent Hill Complete Soundtrack

    Snake-Beings and Spider Monk-EE - Poely Wahly
    - 2004 / E8 Daytape Worm, Vol. 2

    helvitis - Symphony No. 1 for 13 Guitarists (Excerpt)
    - 2002 / The Wire Tapper 8

    The Gerogerigegege - Kanojo kara Manandakoto
    - 1990 / Tokyo Anal Dynamite

    Oranj Punjabi - Orphans, Lullaby, Lounge Music
    - 2011 / Oranj Punjabi

    Lisa & Naomi Tocatly - Stiletto Nights
    - 2000 / Extreme Music From Women

    Masonna - Untitled 28
    - 1996 / Ejaculation Generator

    Prurient - Shoulder
    - 2004 / Shipwrecker's Diary

    Nicole 12 - Teen Romance
    - 2003 / Field Tales