• Song in this video.

    22 Dec 2013, 22:18 by Chucklebuck

    Tried Googling, couldn't find it.
  • Can't remember name or artist of dance song.

    11 Jun 2013, 22:49 by Chucklebuck

    Was in the gym the other day, heard a song on the TV, was one of these dance channels, think it was a chart show.

    Can't remember many of the lyrics, something about how they're dancing and don't care or something along those line. The video has two girls in it - a tall redhead and a shorted dark-haired woman if I recall correctly - dancing in a club and getting up to all sorts of shenanigans.

    Pretty vague, I know, but would be a shame if I never heard it again. My pal mentioned it the other day, but I've forgotten what he said and I doubt he'll remember again when I ask him about it.
  • A really hard one

    12 Nov 2012, 07:19 by emely_jensen

    So, I get crazy when I wanna know the name of a song and I can't discover it. I have this song in my mind and I could swear was from Kings of Convenience but it's not. I listened to all of their albums and couldn't find this song x.x So here are the tips, help me to find out:

    - Most part of the song it's instrumental, but in the end a guy sings some stuff that I can't remember exactly the words together, if I'm not dreaming involves "i wanna spend my time/life" with you you";
    - The song has at least 4 minutes;
    - It's REALLY similar to Kings of Convenience;
    - It's not an old song (2009 and up for sure);
    - There is a piano in the instrumental part or violins or both, can't remember exactly. It's not an electronic style song, so it's not Royksopp at all too.
    - It's not Radio Dept., Jose Gonzalez, Erlend Oye and the Whitest Boy Alive, I already checked.

    Hope someone can help me!
  • PixiCast On Air!

    7 Oct 2012, 18:22 by JeroenKlomp

    Note: a couple of links here lead to When clicking them you get a warning from is a well-known site, owned by Google, and the warning has everything to do with Anti-Piracy, since many have their own blog on which they share music etc.

    Podshow by Pixieguts (Australia) and Voide (Sweden). Fresh electronica from, mostly, independent, unsigned artists around the cyberglobe

    Stream Of Air!

    The server used, which is set up by someone I know, couldn't handle the size of the total content used for a 24/7 stream, it's good enough for a basic simulisten service for which it's originally set up.
    it might come back in time, no idea when though. Till that time, all audio used for the stream, the podcasts and the compilation albums, are available for Free Download at these places:

    for Pixicast, other may vary

    Share this with others:

    See Also:



    Playing often Palace Network artists on various shows

    Fugdale Titee Friends of redhalo Phillip Wilkerson C.P. McDill Jukeen fenducci Corrientes Crimson Death Baskyl Magic Glowstick Cixxx j Danny Lo Scippo Reconsiderate Tecknixia Lungbutter Nezumi Northcape soft damages The Peach Tree Black Possum Solid Electro mildsparrow HealeyIsland 5thinstar 4c3 Deepspace Herrera Mr Smiff mr scott Electromagnetic Impulses HipGnosis Hox Vox eQo Cwtch Voide CausaliDox Radio Scotvoid Dementio13 ElectricOkra General Fuzz Adrian Carter 4our5ive6ix Bette Dillinger Max Waves Keinzweiter Quantica Hot Bitch Arsenal Nebulae Clutter TheTrees Voodoo Economics Re-Drum Serkan Süleymaniye Autorotation Vienna Psychoanalytical Society Fox Thomas Jane Silence Jennifer Delano Si Begg T-Phone Distant Fires Burning Baxandall IP sp00 Von Hash Ugress Beneva Clark Nova THEreminGIRL Doyeq PIXSID RunMan Snowy One Of Three Predwilm! Project Emorej Supralist Minimono Oortcloud Sven Laux Q.P.A. Black Magic Duckman L-Ement Pauly Walnuts Keinzweiter vedad hodzic Mink15 Allen Wentz Helen Austin Brokenkites Trinity Vate Darkat Little Red Cottage VFSix vedad hodzic Muammar Buffalo Soldier Brookat Pixieguts Quantica Ross Crean Waffle Man Sal Boca 1undread ManMadeMan Psy'Aviah Ayria Virus B Jillian Ann adamned.age SXtheMadArtist The Ne Plus Ultra Dj Sid-the Apocalypze Calendar Girl Artemis lady venom Matt Stevens Crimson Butterfly Anne Garner Jim Robson NVR-NDR ICUH8N SK123 VPS Indidginus Tripswitch Double No No Phobik Organic Despair Artemis Native Dog Specta Ciera Indidginus Oood Big Block 454 The Last Sound Ollie Olsen tricil Chris23 Kilowatts auma Secret Archives of the Vatican Iron Collar Toffeetronic Masonik Third Person Lurkin Tim James CP McDill Macerator ALONE Solarno Pinklogik The Fierce & The Dead The Cult Of Wedge Diane Marie Kloba Jumble Hole Clough Ian Thistlethwaite Deon Vozov
  • Who Is Webcasting Legal Music And Who Is Not?

    25 Sep 2011, 17:57 by CrybKeeper

    There seems to be some confusion, as to which webcast radio, music hosting and on demand radio services are actually legal on the web. Many listeners may not realize, these services must ascribe to specific broadcast and performance licenses. Much of these licenses require individual aquisitions of said licenses for each and every country on Earth. Some music licenses are very relaxed, while others are bogged down in multiple restrictions and costly aquisition fees. After much research, this is what I have discovered to be the facts, concerning ten of our presently available music services, thrice in the USA, Canada and in Europe.

    Grooveshark: Legal or illegal? 90% illegal and currently dealing with lawsuits from EMI records and many others. Grooveshark is in complete violation in all European countries, as well as Canada. They have some legal permissions in the USA, but this is very little and only covers two major record labels, out of the dozens that are somehow available on Grooveshark. Grooveshark calls itself a radio streaming service, of course, it's not. It's an on-demand service, which makes it more like Spotify than Pandora.

    Spotify: Legal or illegal? Spotify are 100% legal and have been so, since their very beginnings. Spotify carry an "On Demand" streaming license. This is a costly venture and is the main reason for so much advertising support on Spotify - they must have it, or otherwise would go bankrupt. Although Spotify kept costs down, by limiting legal service to the United Kingdom, they have recently became available legally, in the USA.

    Pandora: Legal or illegal? Again 100% legal, but only available in the USA, as this is the cheapest licensing and royalty percentage on Earth, for random streaming radio services like Pandora. Pandora allows us to create up to 100 unique radio stations, that will randomly play our selected favorite tunes. Pandora is not an On Demand service and also put limits on track skipping monthly, to keep licensing costs down. Pandora has been forced to limit users’ free streaming capabilities to 40 hours per month, after which users have to pay $0.99 monthly for unlimited access to song streaming.

    Jango: Legal or illegal? 100% legal random radio streaming service. Jango is completely advertising supported and have a global blanket license. This means anyone on Earth should be able to use Jango Radio, barring dictatorial government intrusions in some countries. We can skip tracks as much as we like with Jango, while every so many skips will cause some advertising to interupt your listening experience. Jango recently stated in an e-mail to me, they have no plans for offering an ad free streaming service at the present time.

    Playofday: Legal or illegal? Hosting our playlists, this site is new and may be legal, as they are only part responsible for users hosting content. They are protected in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act ("DMCA"). Not only can the site itself be sued or taken down indefinitely, if they do not comply with the DMCA and police their own site regularly, performance rights groups and the RIAA can come after them, as well as the sites users in kind.

    Jampri: Legal or illegal? Jampri is exactly the same as Playofday site(immediately above), so be careful with using these type hosting sites.

    Jamendo: Legal or illegal? Jamendo is 100% legal. We can build playlists of the sites avialable music artist and tracks. You won't find mainstream or major artists on Jamendo, as this site hosts tracks/albums from mostly DIY and independant artists who choose to offer their material for free streaming and even free downloading on Jamendo. Jamendo is a great site for discovering new and obscure music artists from around the world.

    Lastfm: Legal or illegal? 100% legal and one of the cheapest subscription radio streaming services in the world. Lastfm is an excellent music discovery engine, offering a wide variety of free downloads, full stream sampling, direct from the artists, major music acts and unsigned artists alike, plus so much more. Lastfm is the largest music catalog on Earth for free or for a very small monthly subscription, of only $3.00 USD. They are licensed globally in all countries. Lastfm are also a music data collection service and music wikipedia, where listeners can help build the site, adding artists images, videos, biographies and their own personal listening statistics. Lastfm is also open source, so members can develop their own aps and offer those to other members of Lastfm. The various ways to stream personal radios on Lastfm, are quite vast and more varacious than any other music site on the web.

    Reverb Nation: Legal or illegal? 100% legal, Reverb Nation hosts content, biographies and track streams, that are uploaded strictly by the music artists themselves. RN also offers helpful tools for the musicians to publicize themselves in the music market and to help find new fans, such as press kits, fan club and street team registrations.

    Fizy: Legal or illegal? 50% illegal. Similar to the now defunct Seeqpod, Fizy is an extremely bare bones approach to streaming music with a simple search bar. Like Seeqpod, the site offers speedy music video results and audio results, and unfortunately, legally questionable content, so beware!

    Top Five Legal Music Download Sites:

    #1 - SuperPass
    #2 - eMusic
    #3 - Napster
    #4 - Amazon MP3
    #5 - iTunes
  • Similar Artist Radio vs. Custom Tag Artist Radios

    6 Jul 2011, 20:43 by CrybKeeper

    The music artists and myself are creating Custom Artist Tag Radios and then getting their fans to listen to those, instead of the not very similar, Similar Artist Radios on their music profiles. It does take alot of work and more than one person must use the same tag, in order to make it a Global tag and streamable within the website.

    If you click one of these custom artist titled tags and stream that instead of Similar Artist Radio buttons, this will actually propagate the correct similar artists to the music artists profiles. This is mainly a priority for new music artists and not very well known yet.

    I have a few more to create and wait for them to go global, which can take up to two weeks on LastFM, ugh! However, the artists are liking this creative work around, because it does work fairly well. I thought of doing it several months back and have been spreading the word around.

    If you're a musician and think your Similar Artists on your LFM music profile are completely wrong, send me a PM and we will create a custom artist tag radio to fix that =)

    What you need to do?

    First, you want to tag your own artist page with the title of your band/artist and then tag each individual track with exactly the same tag. An example would be tag on the band Metallica. You will want to tag your artist and every one of your tracks with genre tags - as many as are appropriate and possible. So a band named Metallica would be tagged everywhere possible with <--(Insert your band name here), , , and , at the very least.

    Next, you will need to decide what other music artists, you feel are very similar to your artist. Go to their profile page and tag them with <--(Insert your band name here), , , and , at the very least. You should do this to at least 3 of these music artists tracks that are available for streaming on LastFM and also do this on/at the very least, 30 other similar music artists in total. This will give your new Artist Title Tag around 90 streamable tracks in it, plus all of yours you have available.

    Third, you must find at least one other person, who can tag every single one of these same artists and their streamable tracks with <--(Insert your band name here), , , and , at the very least.

    Finally, you can wait one to two weeks for this your new Artist Title Tag to go Global and be playable as a radio through the LastFM web page, Flash radio. However, you can play this immediately, if you install the LastFM Scrobbler Desktop Client and play tags directly through that from your desktop.

    The more you, your friends and fans play this Artist Title Tag Radio, the faster your Similar Artists Radio will fill in with the music artists you really want to be there. This will also aid in adding your music artist to those other artists Similar artist radios and over time, this will get your music artist more and more royalty streams on radios at LastFM.

    Here are some examples, that will take you to playable custom built Artist Title Tag Radio pages, which include some very nice artist stats as well:

    Please click on these name tags and browse around ;-)

    @ Lastfm (industrial, electronic rock, piano rock),

    @ Lastfm (gothic metal, metal)

    @ Lastfm (gothic, darkwave)

    @ Lastfm (rapcore, crossover)

    @ Lastfm (folk, acoustic, singer-songwriter)

    @ Lastfm (techno, electronic)

  • Ellsbeth Are #1 In Gothic Metal

    1 May 2011, 11:19 by CrybKeeper

    Ellsbeth are female fronted gothic metal, with a slightly Evanescence similarity, but a heavier metal sound. Ellsbeth have 20,000,000 tracks played on My Space and many millions more all over the web. My Space Records chose Ellsbeth as #1 gothic metal band on My Space, 3 years in a row! They have also been in the top 10 listeners favorites on California FM radio and in rotation at radio stations in Canada and all over the USA, from Huntington, West Virginia to New York and Ohio.

    For some reason, Ellsbeth have not caught on as well at LastFM. Most likely due to limited ability to promote through this website.

    As just one of their publicists, through Adrock Media and Selective Image inc., I have copy distribution rights for their music. I give away free downloads to top listeners on LastFM, so if you honestly like Ellsbeths sound, keep listening and I may send you a surprise gift, or even one month gift subscription to LastFM.

    Cheers and hears,
  • LastFM Powerplay Campaign VS Jango Airplay Campaign

    5 Sep 2010, 23:52 by CrybKeeper

    Lastfm staff and CBSi may not like what I am about to write, but the facts are here and the record is clear. I am writing this, as an appeal to Lastfm staff to make the Powerplay Campaign fair and reasonable. As it stands currently, it does not seem fair at all, since Jango offers better for less. Read on...

    At lastfm, we have diverse radio options where in, if someone Scrobbles/listens to your music, this will automatically add your band/artist in their library. Once a music artist is in those music libraries and listeners play their music library, there is a good chance you will get repeat Scrobbles, which is long as they do play their music libraries, of course.

    So, I took a look at the Lastfm Powerplay Promotions vehicle and the cost for what you get. I was shocked to find, it is not only expensive, it doens't really do anything special for the artists, that we cannot do for ourselves! I then looked at the Jango campaign, which is not only similar, it offers more features, more statistics and all for much less money!

    Lastfm's Powerplay campaign, boasts this claim: Use our unique Powerplay campaigns to promote your artist on I am not so sure, that is true.

    Jango lets you choose your own demographics. Jango lets you choose 24 targeted music artists radio, that your music will come up on for airplay. Jangos statistics and listeners data is much more detailed - you will know right away who your new fans are and if they just listened, or loved your track. Jango sends constant and accurate e-mail alerts weekly, so you know which new fans to write and say, "thank you for listening!". After purchasing your Airplay Campaign, you can modify all your targets, in case one track is more well recieved than another.

    The images tell all - Something is very wrong with Lastfm : (

    Link to Jango Airplay Campaign for music artists to sign up:

    Here is what we have gotten for our $30.00 USD after just 36 hours on Jango! Please also take into account, at Jango, we can set our similar artists and add 24 of them if we wish, we can allocate the plays to an unlimited number of songs and move those plays around at any time! Jango radio is just as good as Lastfm radio and we have already recieved 23 new fans, who loved(hearted) our tracks at Jango! Only 36 hours and wow!

    Look at the rich and informative statistics at Jango Airplay campaign? Keeping in mind, these can be clicked and hovered and show even MORE detailed data!

  • 'Reality' Doesn't Bite After All

    10 Nov 2010, 23:07 by CrybKeeper

    Just got my advance copy of Woolgather bands second CD, titled Programmes ll - The Reality Principle.

    Casey and the guys have went with a little different sound on some of the new songs. Don't let that worry you though; the songs simply have more energy, with a clear and recognizable Woolgather sound. It's immediately obvious, the guys have grown musically and spiritually, giving Woolgather a more mature and even more enjoyable sound. The new album will be available to the public on November 30, 2010, so save your dollars and euros Woolgather fans, because this one is essential, a must have CD in any progressive rock, music collection.

    Programmes ll contains 7 tracks in total, ranging from 3 minutes to 9 minutes in length. I will be reviewing just a few here, so as not to spoil the whole experience for everyone reading this. Want you to be pleasantly surprised, as I am sure you will be.

    The Kite, has a slightly faster rhythm than what we fans are used to on Programmes l, with hauntingly beautiful vocals, thoughtful lyrics and sensational keyboards. Uh-hm, these guys know how to arrange music, with cymbals at the correct spots and something I haven't heard from Woolgather before - accompanying, growling vox, but they have done a superb job with this, keeping it subtle and well placed, heard but not overpowering. Over all, I would rate The Kite a near perfect track, giving it a 9.6 of 10. This one is pre-released as a single. You can hear it in full on My Space, at this link.

    The King's Ransom, will take you back somewhat, to that signature Woolgather sound we all know and love, but with a slightly heavier rhythm guitar and some really cool backing vox, in my opinion. This track is another gem out of the jewelry box everyone. I will be playing this one until my hard drive melts! 9.3 of 10.

    Pre-Flight Candidacy is an intro to The Kite and an instrumental song on Programmes ll and it's a perfect mood for a perfect album. It leaves me wanting more and already waiting in anticipation for a Fourth CD from Woolgather. This starts with a nice intro, that may remind you ever so slightly, of Ghost Riders In The Sky, by Marty Robbins, covered later, by Johnny Cash and also The Outlaws. However, Pre-Flight smoothly morphs into something very new and unique, with some really clever instrumental work going on, with chimes, walking cymbals, prancing piano and a familair rhythm and bass. 9.1 of 10.

    Over all album rating - 9 of 10. A must have CD!

    Woolgather are:
    Smooth Operator, Casey Tipton - lead vocals/guitar
    Good Vibrations, Eric Stephens - Bass
    The Diamond Cutter, Matthew Eads - Drums

    Read more about Programmes l & ll in Woolgathers My Space Blog.
    Get yourself a nifty T-shirt from Woolgathers official website.WoolgatherWoolgather
  • Stand Up And Shout: Women Have The Right To RAWK Too!

    21 Jun 2009, 03:50 by CrybKeeper

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    Category: Music

    When you spend many of your weekdays, e-mailing and phoning DJ's, station managers and magazine editors, submitting artists for airplay, you get a chance to hear alot of opinions on women who like to play metal.

    Wish I had a guitar for every time a DJ replied back saying, "I don't play chick bands." I could open a music store! Chick Bands?! How crass is that?

    Art is art, music is art and gender should never play a role in wether to accept fine art.

    Bands like Ellsbeth, Dig Jelly, Level-C and remember Veruca Salt? These are musicians that bring music to life and perform it with just as much passion and power, as any of us guys can.

    The Cryb not only digs them, we support them and their music.

    Don't be hatin'

    Check out some fine art here:

    Dig Jelly
    Veruca Salt

    Update: Thanks everyone. Here are some more great artists

    Mrs Loud(Lorraine Crosby from Meatloaf)
    A.D.D. A.D.D. @ Lastfm

    Update: new suggestions from Woolum


    Update: new suggestions from DeadHeadBear

    Babes In Toyland
    Janis Joplin but not forgotten)
    Bikini Kill but not forgotten:fan site)
    Joan Jett and the Blackhearts putting out new material!)
    Pat Benatar

    Update: NEW suggestions from Big Evil

    Doro Pesch Currently DORO
    Lita Ford
    (Los Angeles) Lita is back! The Queen of Metal returns in full force on Wicked Wonderland, her first new U.S. studio album in 18 years being released early this fall on her own JLRG Entertainment label

    Updated: NEW suggestion from TheArtistBox:Girlschool on Lastfm

    MORE suggestions from all of you below and huge thanks for sharing the music guys!

    AC/Dshe (not found)
    Live Skull
    Liz Phair
    Lydia Lunch
    Pretty Girls Make Graves
    The Breeders
    X-Ray Spex

    The CrybKeeper

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