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    • 21 Apr 2006, 10:12

    Mind Over Matter

    How is your Opinion about this album?

    I have since a few weeks and i really enjoy listening to it ! My Favourite Songs are Delight , Still Alive, Pale Candle Light and from the Bonus Disc Paradox and The Essence Of Mind.

    cYa `Raven

  • I think Mind over Matter is a good record with many top hits and reaches the 4th place in my Top Records Ranking of year 2005.

    My opinion about the favourite songs of this album is completely different to the opinion of you *g* Can't understand why the most people votes Pale Candle Light to the top track of the album, especially the refrain is so screwed-up :-(

    So my favourite songs are (ranking): Homesick, Self Deception, Odyssey of Mind and Delight.

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