The US labor movement

  • The US labor movement

    Let's assume there is actually a movement, brought to you by the GOPs attempt to crush the unions. What do you think of it? It is not a socialist movement, and it never will be... granted... and maybe therefore it's off topic here, but its success would make for a far more equitable arrangement than would be the continued success of the brand of capitalist feudalism that's been going on for the last thirty years - longer than this of course, but this is the general time frame for its operations under steroid usage.

    I am hoping that the class massacre the rich and the corporations have been inflicting on everyone else will turn into an actual populist class war against the elite. What do you think? Is there going to be a real pushback against the GOP? Is the Democratic so corrupt that it is simply incapable of being anything other than Republican-lite?

    I'll say it again, I am hopeful... (fingers crossed)

  • The spontaneous revulsion and protest felt by workers is something that has thus far been co-opted by the Democrats. It is the duty of all revolutionists to fight within this movement for socialism.

  • I have no knowledge of the labor movement in the US, but the movement in Norway do contain revolutionary elements and the creation of a Social Democratic welfare state can be solely credited to them and their political parties. Sadly it has stagnated and the common worker of Norway are almost all supporters of either the Labour Party (Centrist-"Left" that has turned itself more and more into a right-wing party) or the Progress Party(Think about the worst of the islamophobic parties in Europe and the worst within the Tea Party movement)

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