Who's Your Muse?

    • Kendi28 said...
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    • 23 Sep 2009, 21:39

    Who's Your Muse?

    Hello SoGoPro Supporters and Friends,

    I don't know about you, but when I hear the word "muse", I automatically think of Bibis Ellison, mainly because she inspired The Hellick so greatly. (I suppose I also think of the band, Muse, but that's not the point!)

    With a community as large as ours, I think we can all get a lot out of each others' personal taste in music. Last.fm is a great tool for this! However, I think it'd be really cool to discuss not only who your favorite artists are, but why!
    Hilarie, Nick and KT are always dishing out their love toward various artists and authors- and I think we get a lot out of that. Imagine how much more incentive you'll have to check out a group you might have overlooked once you've read a fellow SGP friend's raving review?
    With members all around the world, we have a chance to make Last.fm more than a numerical display of our listening habits. We can make it a home for our ears, a place to quench that thirst for new, different artists, a place to expand our tastes...

    So I want to know! Who do you love and why? Let's get detailed! Post lyrics of significance, tell us about a concert you saw that stands out, what it takes for an artist to mean something to you.... Tell us who you don't like!

    Go :)

  • Wow... Kendall, this is a VERY open question... I can keep talking about the bands and artists that inspire me for years... jajaja... but to begin with something, something actual because this band has just released a new album, I'm going to talk about Muse (it goes with the title of the discussion too, jejeje).
    I absolutely adore this band and I'm going to see them play in November, yay! they do a very special kind of music, when you hear one of this songs, you know inmediatly that is Muse who is playing. I think that the voice of the singer is like another instrument in the songs, is rare and special.
    In their last album, The ressistance, they have composed a Symphony, yes, a real symphony, in three parts... absolutely amazing.
    But I'm obsessed with one of their new songs, it's called "Guiding light" (I can't wait to hear them play this one in the concert). I don't know why but every time I hear this song it's like I'm fliying, lost in my thoughts, absolutely trapped by the music and the lyrics... I give you'all the link to the song and the lyrics, I hope you like it.
    Besos, Vero

    Guiding Light

    Pure hearts stumble
    in my hands, they crumble
    Fragile and stripped to the core
    I can't hurt you anymore
    Loved by numbers
    you're losing life's wonder
    touch like strangers; detached
    I can't feel you anymore
    The sunshine trapped in our hearts
    it could rise again
    but i'm lost, crushed, cold and confused with no guiding light left inside

    you were my guiding light

    When comfort and warmth can't be found I still reach for you
    but i'm lost, crushed, cold and confused with no guiding light left inside

    You're my guiding light
    You're my guiding light
    when there's no guiding light left inside
    when there's no guiding light in our lives

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 7 Oct 2009, 08:01
    Can't say I have one specific "muse". There are many reasons why various artists have influenced me over the years, so it's difficult to pinpoint just one.

    I will however say, what all those artists have in common is the unbelievable passion and belief in what they're doing. It's not just about the fame or the money - though this may be an ultimate goal or perhaps a measure of success, it is not the primary focus.

    I also find it incredibly moving when they pour so much of themselves into their music and at the same time they manage to connect with a larger audience through their songs. And it's great when you see people like Bibis, people who play the local clubs and sing in bars or on sidewalks or wherever just to get the music out there and make a connection with a bigger audience and just be passionate about their work. I think that is what comes to mind - in a general/broader sense - when i think of the word "Muse". And yes, the band also comes to mind - which I've noticed you both have been listening to repeatedly. Will have to check that out.

    On the topic of stand out concerts, in my top 5 (and here I might just get slaughtered for saying it), is Kanye West. Okay, yes, the man is an (insert expletive) but he understands music in a way, that I think, very few artists understands. He's dynamic on stage and he certainly knows how to work a crowd. So yes, he's personality sucks, but the man does make great music.

    On the top of my list though, is the 46664 concert of 03/04??!!, held in Cape Town. I think it was the second one that they put on but the first really big one. It was a festival of sorts - various bands from around world, across different genres who came together and just put on an amazing show! Each act just got better and better, it was like they all were pushing each other to be better than the last act. Plus we got to see Oprah do the "Beyonce Booty Dance" to "Crazy in Love, ha!

    I think as your circumstances change and you move forward and experience new things, your "muse" will change to reflect that period which you're on but if there is one artist, or song, or lyrical phrase/verse that sticks with you throughout, then that may just be your One True Muse ;) For me, that may just be "Wild Horses" - time will tell.

    Thanks for the thread, Kendall.

    • Kendi28 said...
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    • 7 Oct 2009, 14:47

    A quick response:

    Yes, if there is one band I recommend right now its Muse. I have followed them for a while, and find their music to be absolutely beautiful. They really know how to pull at your heart strings... as well as how to make you want to move around to the beat.
    They have magnificent musicianship.
    Some people find them to be just "another" rock band- but anyone with a varied knowledge of music will recognize right away that Muse incorporates elements of all kinds of music. The first genre that comes to mind is Classical. The piano and the orchestral strings add something so special to their sound I don't think words could accurately express.
    Their most recent album, "The Resistence", is not their strongest, but is definitely a good representation of their sound. The last 3 tracks make up three movements to their symphony named "Exogenesis"- and I can't stop listening to them.
    The vocals are outstanding, the music itself is interesting, and I know they are quite a great act to see live.
    So, if you haven't heard Muse- Definitely do! I'd be really interested to see how your opinion varies/relates to mine :)

    Other Muse Discography:
    -Black Holes and Revelations
    -Origin of Symmetry
    (I haven't heard this album...) -Showbiz

    And just to participate, I'll quickly mention a few other contemporary artists/bands that I can safely say helped me fall in love with music- for reasons quite like Astrid's...
    -Death Cab For Cutie
    -Leonard Cohen
    -Fleet Foxes
    -Howard Shore (oh god I better not start on the Composer list now... it'll go on forever!)
    I'm sure I'll post again with many more details on these folks and more ;)

    Keep posting all! This is fun!

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 7 Oct 2009, 16:40
    Ha, I'm with you on the composer list! Howard Shore did an amazing job on Lord of the Rings. And Trevor Rabin was awesome on Remember the Titans (plus he's from SA, so I love that even more). My favourite though - Craig Armstrong, oh man he;s music just tugs at my heartstrings. There is a "station" on last.fm -soundtracks i think, it has all these awesome tracks that were featured in various films, i love it, definitely recommend you check it out! I have so much respect for composers, their ability to use music to take the picture on the screen to a whole new level is mind blowing!

    I love that you have Coldplay and Feist on your list - though I'd put emphasis on the early coldplay stuff as opposed to the newer stuff.

    ETA: Found the station: http://www.last.fm/listen/group/Soundtrack

    • Kendi28 said...
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    • 7 Oct 2009, 19:28
    I definitely loved the early Coldplay stuff- but I do have some love for the more recent work, like Viva La Vida. I'd say of all the albums, X&Y is my least favorite- and A Rush Of Blood To The Head is my most favorite!

    LOTR Soundtrack is by far one of my favorite film scores. I absolutely love how he took the time to compose themes for each and every character/location. This kind of attention I am drawn to- because you have no choice but to recall certain imagery when you hear the music. Howard Shore's feel for timing/emotion/intensity... it's all there. :)
    He did make me want to get into film scoring- but sadly that's not offered here at my school.. Maybe further on down the road!
    Oh and the group you mentioned! I joined that a while back- I jump over there frequently! It's a great place to get your OST on :)

    Trevor Rabin- I loved Remember the Titans.. he also did Armageddon- which isn't my top score as far as films go, but memorable because a few of the themes made me cry harder than I would have while viewing the flick.
    Good stuff!!!

    Music really can make or break a film, in my opinion. Those who master it are my heros :)

  • Wow... composers... I love it!! Besides Howard Shore, I can say one or two names (and films) that I absolutely love:

    - John Williams: of course, it's a genius. You know all his music, for sure (Star Wars, Jaws, Schindler´s List...) but I specially have a thing for Jurassic Park...
    - Trevor Jones: The last of the Mohicans... gorgeus, beautiful score...
    - James Horner: Legends of the fall and Braveheart...
    - Giorgio Moroder: The neverending story, I lose myself in the music everytime I hear it.

    And I have to say this, today I'm really really excited because I've bought tickets to see The Cranberries (one of my favourites bands of all times) in concert. I can't believe it, and talking about "muses", Dolores O'Riordan is a pretty good one. She, like Bibis, has an unmistakable voice, different, unique, moving... In one word, awesome voices.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 8 Oct 2009, 07:09
    James Horner! Love him. I've never actually seen Braveheart but his work is amazing (Titanic, anyone?!).

    I'm so jealous V, all these awesome bands playing in Spain. We haven't had very many swing by this year. I may go see the Killers and the Parlotones though. Have a wonderful time at the Cranberries!

    Kendall, A Rush of Blood to the Head is my fav too :)

    • Kendi28 said...
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    • 8 Oct 2009, 21:41

    James Horner *sigh*

    Love him- though I will say the first Titanic soundtrack that was released is not the one I am in love with. Granted, the music is generally the same, and the writing without question, is still amazing. However, the second soundtrack released, "Back To Titanic" features an actual orchestra as opposed to the synthesizer you hear quite often in the other. I'm definitely a traditional kinda gal when it comes to strings- I usually don't sit well with "fake" strings- especially in movie soundtracks. While I understand they're better for budget etc. for a film that may not have the resources to get the recording space/the musicians to pay... I can't help but feel slightly disappointed when I hear electronic orchestras.
    (I know we're talking about scores we love, but I need to take a minute and mention that the Gettysburg OST (Randy Edleman) was one of the biggest disappointments... The track "Fife and Drum" features a terribly synthesized "fife" sound. I couldn't believe it and haven't looked back since haha)

    Braveheart is a fantastic, fantastic soundtrack. Never get tired of it.
    Anybody a fan of Nicholas Hooper? HP5 Soundtrack in particular? I really enjoyed that one... Let's see... The Atonement OST was also quite wonderful (Dario Marianelli, I believe)...
    I could go on all day!!!

    ...And may I ask Astrid what your fav tracks are from Rush of Blood? I'd have to say mine are:
    -The Scientist
    -Green Eyes
    -Warning Sign
    -Rush of Blood to the Head :)

    Of course I love the whole album- just some of it more than others.

    (Still listening to that Muse album... did you hear it yet Astrid?

    Oh and I would kill to see The Killers! I love them! Might I ask which album of theirs you love most?

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 9 Oct 2009, 06:42
    I have that second titanic ost!! it's so so good.

    I havent heard anything else from Nicholas Hooper but the HP soundtrack was brilliant. It added such a wonderful ambience to the film. And now I have the main piece stuck in my head haha.

    Hands down, The Scientist. That and "Trouble" are my 2 favorite Coldplay tracks. Yeah "Yellow" is a great song but The Scientist and Trouble takes it for me. (2 diff albums, i know). The music video for Scientist is also awesome.

    Err...yeah...haven't quite gotten round to the Muse album yet. Have been listening to Glee tracks all week. And also been stuck in pop tracks circa 2003 - one of my favorite years in music!

    Oh one more thing, a little bit random but it's still music. I brought this up in chat the other day - this is still by far my favorite grammy moment: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rh2Yxp6q2h0

  • Random ;-)

    scores - jan a.p. kaczmarek (sometimes), craig armstrong (sometimes), rachel portman (usually), Yann Tiersen & Thomas Newman - along with the obvious Elfman (hear Sommersby!) oh and Jon Brion...

    soundtracks are a horse of a different colour... may need a new thread...
    (ahem Garden State, That Thing You Do, Baz's Romeo & Juliet...)

    oh but to get on topic - glad 46664 has been mentioned (google it y'all!!!)
    my muses are artists who are not puppets
    who choose to acknowledge the world
    and voice solid response
    (Peter Gabriel springs to mind)

    or is this yet another thread?
    i know some feel strongly artists should stick to their craft
    and keep personal/political opinions hushed...

    just sayin...

    p.s. giving Muse another chance 'cause of y'all

  • p.p.s . la Aguilera

    Lana Turner channeling Tina Turner
    i'll give it up for her - in spite of Mouse House training

  • p.p.p.s sulking at Spain

    Coldplay and the Cranberries - i'm jealous

    • Kendi28 said...
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    • 12 Oct 2009, 03:13


    I suppose this one thread has morphed into several by now- Should others join in we can reorganize subjects/threads...
    But for now-
    Danny Elfman! I don't know how I didn't mention him. The Edward Scissorhands score was what made me fall in love with him.
    I really do like Peter Gabriel too! My father got me into him. Sometimes associations like that make an artist mean more to me then they probably would have otherwise- does anyone else know what I mean by that?

    It's interesting because I find it extremely difficult to deal with artists that have inspired me on one album, that eventually disappoint me with their next. I suppose the word "puppet" describes it perfectly.
    I'm not too good at seeing it that way either- I like to make excuses up for the artists who change themselves or their sound to sell better in the industry. I usually can't get my head around it, after all- an artist that I love wouldn't turn around and disappoint me, a loyal fan, on purpose right? Ha ha ha... wrong.
    Wish I had a good example to use here, but it's past 11pm and I'm wiped!
    I know a lot of people feel that way about Coldplay. Viva La Vida doesn't sound anything like Parachutes- I like to say they evolved, others like to say they got lazy and copied Joe Satriani... I don't wanna even go there... ;)

    I also wanted to mention a few other artists that have stuck with me over several years:
    -Susie Suh
    -Trespassers William
    -Trembling Blue Stars

    To name a few. All of those artists I just listed have knocked the wind out of me a few times here and there. I really dig the melodic, driving, lyrical, sometimes minor sound they all tap into at some point or another.
    I especially have a little place in my heart for Trespassers William. I sometimes feel like I'm listening to my own soul when I hear "Lie In The Sound" or "Alone". Now there are two songs that I remember hearing for the first time- clear as day.
    (i think that'd be a good topic to start one of these days too...)

    So much to talk about! We have to get more folks on here to join in :) It's too fun to keep all to ourselves!

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 12 Oct 2009, 09:15

    quick response because i really should be working

  • quick response too because I should be picking up Danielle

    Too much to talk about, we should open different threads and be more organized... jejeje.. Anyway, scores and soundtracks... Ali is clever... I absolutely love soundtracks... (Reality Bites, Donnie Darko, Adventureland...), we should talk about this, definitely.

    And Danielle is coming to visit me so I have to pick her up in half and hour... yay!! Making friends with SoGoPro :-P

    ps: umm... y'all, the americans I mean, have had U2 and Muse in the same concert... so you're lucky too.. más besos.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 28 Oct 2009, 21:33
    I really do like Peter Gabriel too! My father got me into him. Sometimes associations like that make an artist mean more to me then they probably would have otherwise- does anyone else know what I mean by that?
    I get what you mean by that. Sometimes the music itself is not particularly great or necessarily inspring on the whole but the memories associated with it make it that much more special and personally inspiring.

    my muses are artists who are not puppets who choose to acknowledge the world and voice solid response
    This I strongly agree with. Knowing that their are people using the "star status" for a good cause and trying to make a difference definitely makes them muse-worthy to me.

    It's interesting because I find it extremely difficult to deal with artists that have inspired me on one album, that eventually disappoint me with their next. I suppose the word "puppet" describes it perfectly.
    Maybe it's just me but I usually seem to connect more with the albums that reflect real/personal experiences rather than mundane things. You can just tell when they've poured every bit of themselves into an album and it makes it a stellar listening experience and then the follow up tends to be impersonal and lack-lustre. I think in such cases, the kicker is album #3. If they screw that up then it's pretty much a lost cause for me.

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