is everyone really okay with corgan calling his lover "a whore" in ava adore?

  • is everyone really okay with corgan calling his lover "a whore" in ava adore?

    i really like this song (Ava Adore), except for the verse where corgan says "you'll always be my whore". is it just me or is this really inappropriate?
    maybe i'm misinterpreting this in some way or something!

    • Nobrou said...
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    • 4 Jul 2007, 13:35
    it's you :)

    this said, let's remain careful! :/
  • sometimes it used to bug me, but mostly not now. it's a fairly simple rhyme with adore, and it's oddly appropriate. but you know, it's an expression of crazy emotions and he says a lot of weird shit in those lyrics. :)

  • That song just should not be on that album. There is a certain dark(yet tender) reflective feel to the album ("Where the willows weep and the whirlpools sleep, you'll find me") that strongly contrasts the more poppy feel of ava adore. Notice it was really the only single on the album(it got more play than 'Perfect'). 'Daphne Descends' is a more fitting upbeat song for the album.

    • Katpaps said...
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    • 19 Feb 2008, 16:28
    No I think its appropriate and works in context with the rest of the lyrics. I have heard that the song was written about his "relationship/s" with Courtney Love.... In which case that particular word is fitting, no? =)


  • can't think of a moar fitting description for courtney =P

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  • I don't think there could be a nicer way of being called a whore, to be perfectly honest

  • Only song of adore that bugs me :/

    • absolia said...
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    • 4 Jun 2008, 21:26
    calling your lover a "whore" isn't inappropriate at all, especially within the context billy's using it. it's very erotic, actually.

  • i totally agree with absolia, this song is very erotic, so "whore" it isn't inappropriate.

    • Chenana said...
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    • 2 Jul 2008, 09:01
    I don't think so... I think he means "lover" or something like that... not a literal whore

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  • Yeah, I don't think he's saying that his girlfriend is a prostitute ;)

    and I heard that he wrote it (he said this himself) while sitting on a hotel bed with his gf at the time.

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