Top 10 Sloan songs

  • Top 10 Sloan songs

    What are your top 10 Sloan Songs?

    it's a tough one... but I think I have to go with:

    1. Everything You've Done Wrong
    2. Underwhelmed
    3. Chester the Molester
    4. Light Years
    5. I am the Cancer
    6. Coax Me
    7. G Turns to D
    8. Fading into Obscurity
    9. I Can Feel it
    10. She Says What She Means

  • 1. Waiting For Slow Songs
    2. Everything You've Done Wrong
    3. Junior Panthers
    4. The Marquee and the Moon
    5. I Hate My Generation

    its hard because i want to include more of a variety in albums/members, but, alas, i just can't.

    • echo725 said...
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    • 7 Oct 2011, 15:05
    1. Lines You Amend
    2. Another Way I Could Do It
    3. Losing California
    4. Fading Into Obscurity
    5. People Of The Sky
    6. Everything You've Done Wrong
    7. Dreaming Of You
    8. Unkind
    9. Snowsuit Sound
    10. Beverley Terrace

  • 1. Coax Me
    2. Waiting For Slow Songs
    3. Snowsuit Sound
    4. Money City Maniacs
    5. I Can Feel It
    6. I Am The Cancer
    7. Everything You've Done Wrong
    8. Fading Into Obscurity
    9. C'mon C'mon (We're Gonna Get It Started)
    10. The Lines You Amend

  • 1. G Turns To D
    2. Money City Maniacs
    3. Take Good Care of the Poor Boy
    4. Losing California
    5. Set In Motion
    6. I Can Feel It
    7. I Hate My Generation
    8. Nothing Left To Make Me Want To Stay
    9. On The Horizon
    10. Deeper Than Beauty

    Best songs from albums unrepresented from this list - Underwhelmed, Who You Talkin' To, False Alarm, Witch's Wand, Where Are You Now?, The Answer Was You.

  • i'm loving your Jay-loving

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