RIP Paul Dedrick Gray

  • RIP Paul Dedrick Gray

    no....I can't believe :'(

    God I'm so shocked..... :(
    RIP will be dearly missed! :'(

  • Is so fucking unfair... why shits of Pop dont die, and the metal masters of all time r dying...

    • ribly said...
    • User
    • 25 May 2010, 18:06
    Rest in peace Paul, you'll never be forgotten, such an inspiration and great musician <3

    • aylion said...
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    • 25 May 2010, 19:01
    R.I.P. Paul :(

  • - SlipKnoT press conference addressing Paul Gray's death (heartbreaking!)

  • R.I.P Paul Gray

  • it's... IT'S IMPOSIBLE! I want, that it was simple a joke!This great musician can't die!

    Paul will not die, while he is still live in our hearts!!!

    R.I.P. Paul

  • I made a heartbreaking tribute vid for Paul ;(

  • ;((

  • Goodbye. . .

    I.... I can't stop cry... Paul, we love you and we miss you so much...

    • Roxtah said...
    • User
    • 30 May 2010, 16:38
    Unbelievable that The Nine don't exist anymore... :'(

    You and I, wrong or right...

  • who know last information about Paul's dead?


    join my group
    there you can write all you wanted to say to him and how much you miss him

    all MAGGOTS we hafto be united and belivie in SlipKnoT thats what Paul want!

  • scnd_aft_god
    we are waiting for it....

    Laugh as much as you breath , and love as long as you live..

  • R.I.P. PAUL GRAY..... FUCK

  • R.I.P. PAUL.. great metal bassist :((

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  • Fuck it still bugs me that he's gone, R.I.P. Paul. No.1 Bassist in Metal History

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