Ukrainian black metal releases 2009

  • Ukrainian black metal releases 2009

    The Rustling Of Leaves - "Reverence"

    Release Date - 05.03.2009
    Style: Black Metal, Atmospheric Black Metal, Post Black Metal
    Audio: MP3 320 kbit/s, Stereo/Joint-Stereo
    Size: 49.89 Mb


    01. Daydream - 01:45
    02. Provenance - 01:59
    03. Tempest - 03:13
    04. Exemption - 03:25
    05. Hailstorm - 02:51
    06. Reverence - 03:08
    07. Onslaught - 02:40
    08. Farewell - 01:19

    Download: "Reverence" (49.89 Mb, 320 kbit/s)

    Moloch - "Depression of Surtr" (Best of/Compilation)

    Cult misanthropic Slavonic Black Metal from the Carpathian mountains and the deep Underground of a Rivne region village in Ukraina.

    Raw atmospheric Nordic-influenced style with a very personal touch inspired by BURZUM, and DARKTHRONE. A predominantly mid-paced, somewhat primitive and necro-ish execution with ringing distorted electric-guitar skirl and anguished grim vocals all contributing to the melancholy, utterly drepressive ['Post-Suicidal'] mood. MOLOCH's distinctive calibre of dark art elicits tangential, but positive comparisons to PEORDH, I SHALT BECOME, NAZGUL (Spain), and STRIBORG. The cosmic, delirium-inducing attack is even reminiscent of the classic "Dog's Blood Rising" by early CURRENT 93.

    Unlike other Ukraine bands who defiantly reject Scandinavian culture, MOLOCH chooses to focus on Nordic and Teutonic influences such as Norse mythology and German literature. The majority of the tracks explore themes based on the Nine Worlds of Norse cosmology with titles such as "Svartalfaheimr", "Lyosalfaheimr", "Asaheimr", "Jotunheimr", "Helheimr", and "Vanaheimr". Highly-recommended for diehard fanatics of cult Black Metal, and definitely for those who bravely ignore the dross and mediocrity of mainstream culture, in search of extreme emotion and grim aural sensibilities.... This is the first MOLOCH release exclusively for and on Records, "Depression of Surtr" is also the band's first album to be officially released on [Pro-Manufactured] 'REAL' CD (Not 'cdr'), an elite tour-de-force featuring many 'previously-unreleased' tracks, rarities, cover-versions of BURZUM and DARKTHRONE songs, and also includes a teaser for the next album "Der Schein des schwarzesten Schnees", to be released exclusively on Records in the very near future! (2009)


    01. Gates of Spiritual Vyrdin (0:57)
    02. Ljosalfaheimr (4:56)
    03. Svartalfaheimr (2:26)
    04. Asaheimr (4:32)
    05. Jotunheimr (2:57)
    06. Helheimr (2:03)
    07. Vanaheimr (1:07)
    08. Elivagr (3:06)
    09. Echoes of Nidd (3:42)
    10. Depression of Surtr (5:05)
    11. Die Alte Essenz Eine Enzwischen Toten Welt (5:29)
    12. Sylgr Form Essence (6:09)
    13. Through Halo of Fire-Brands (7:24)
    14. Through Halo of Fire-Brands [BulgAryan Version] (5:07)
    15. Moonblood (3:52)
    16. Hail Black Metal Krieg [Pt. II] (3:14)
    17. Rotten Armful of Grey Thoughts (4:35)
    18. En As I Dype Skogen *[DARKTHRONE cover-version] (3:26)
    19. Illa Tidandi *[BURZUM cover-version] (1:43)

    Total playing-time: 72 minutes.

    Drudkh - "Microcosmos"

    Ukrainian folk metallers Drudkh follow a policy of "no photos, no interviews, no web site, no gigs". In Drudkh's opinion, the music of the band tells everything. The band's silence isn't disrespectful for the listener, it just follows the idea that the musicians should prove their talent with their music lyrics and design only. They accept their activity as a pure form of art, so the band members just don't want to use cheap (in their opinion) tricks like popularization of the band's name.


    01.Days that Passed 01:07
    02.Distant Cries of Cranes 09:37
    03.Decadence 10:33
    04.Ars Poetica 09:48
    05.Everything Unsaid Before 09:33
    06.Widow's Grief 01:08

    Total Playtime: 41:46

    Gromm - "Pilgrimage amidst the Catacombs of Negativism" (Mini-CD)

    Released by Propaganda label on 16.06.2009

    Track list:

    1. Necroscope /04:00/
    2. Crown of Rust /06:03/
    3. Cold Thorns /04:48/
    4. Nihilism Arsenal /03:47/
    5. The Pest of Black Metal /02:51/

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    По моему не правильная ссылка на альбом Gromm - думаю это будет правильней))

    осотоневшее небо
    • Rhox88 said...
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    • 25 Jun 2009, 21:23

    Dead Christ Cult - Your Absurd Life

    1. K Pobede Zhelezom I Krov'yu
    2. Efemernost' Zhizni
    3. Lzheprorok
    4. Pogonya Za Himerami
    5. Mertvoe Kasanie
    6. Ogon' Mesti
    7. Razve Bog Ne Prishel?


    • Rhox88 said...
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    • 28 Jun 2009, 19:49

    Chur - Lykho

    I'm looking for this releases Chur - Lykho

    if anyone has it, can he up? ;)

    I will try to repay ;D

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    вже виправив, дякую що замітив))

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