Good ska, skapunk, or skacore bands

  • Good ska, skapunk, or skacore bands

    Just list any bands that you like in those genres so people can check them out and find missed ones.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 4 Feb 2005, 17:16
    scrapy (ska-punk/skinhead-punk)

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  • cool

    my favorite ska-punk bands

    Big D and the kids table
    Operation Ivy
    Mad Caddies
    suicide machines
    catch 22
    The taj motel trio
    choking victim

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  • the single album SLAPSTICK is one of the best ever, I didn't see it in your list!

  • yeah that is pretty much the definition of skapunk....i have that cd and yes its really good...whats your favorite song on there?

  • Some good UK ones
    Duff Muffin
    Catch-It Kebabs
    Blame It On Edd
    Shootin Goon
    Sonic Boom Six

    Outside of the UK

    Ska-p are worth checking out as are Streetlight Manifesto

    Also while they are not really ska-punk NoComply, Adequate Seven and Howards Alias are very good.

    • Lock said...
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    • 14 Mar 2005, 07:14
    My Personal favorites

    Reel Big Fish
    Flogging Molly
    Dropkick Murpheys
    Less Than Jake
    Mustard Plug
    Me First And The Gimmie Gimmies
    The real McKenzies
    Voodoo Glow Skulls


    Hog Hoggidy Hog

    --> links to all the bands with free mp3's on their sites!

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    • ulll said...
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    • 15 Mar 2005, 10:44
    the mighty mighty bosstones

  • My favs:

    Ska-P (Spanish)
    The Cat Empire (Australian)
    Liberator (Swedish, mostly the early stuff)
    Jammah Tammah (Dutch)

    and much, much more, but these are my true favo's! :D

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    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 20 Apr 2005, 09:54
    Some very good bands:

    Ska-P (Spain)
    Kortatu (Spain)
    Elvis Jackson (Slovenia)
    Rantanplan (Germany)
    The Busters (Germany)

    And, if you're into the Punk/Irish Folk mixture (Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly), you should check out
    Blood Or Whiskey (Ireland)

  • less than jake

    but if sublime count as ska, wld have to be top of list

    Adventure Excitement, a jedi craves not these =]
    • alwhab said...
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    • 22 May 2005, 19:06
    Give 'Em The Boot Vol 1

    Also check out ska from Bergen, Norway:

    At Least We Have A Band

    At Least We Have A Band - Do the Ska -
  • Ska-Punk

    Big D and the Kids Table
    Catch 22
    Reel Big Fish
    Save Ferris
    Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies
    Less Than Jake
    Skankin Pickle
    Taj Motel Trio
    One and Done

    Some other good older ska bands are:
    The Specials
    Mighty Mighty Bosstones

    I Love Ska
  • I'm totally russian ska-punk listener:

    Элизиум (Elizium) - Ska-pop-punk;
    Дёргать (Djorgat') - Ska-punk;
    Clockwork Times - Ska-punk;
    Necondition - Ska-punk;
    Distemper - Ska-punk;
    Яйцы Фаберже (Jajci Faberzhe) - Ska/Reggae/Oi!;
    Skaльпель (Skalpel) - Ska/Neo Swing;
    Spitfire - Ska-punk;
    7000$ - hardcore with Ska elements

    and many many other's

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  • =)

    Sapobanjo from Brazil

    • Ultima said...
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    • 2 Jun 2005, 03:15
    A Billon Ernies

  • :)


    Hello Fellow Punk & Ska Fans..... !!


  • yup what other people said with streetlight manifesto empasized once again!

  • ive noticed most peoples lists are missing:

    Johnny Socko
    Less Than Jake
    Bruce Lee Band
    Catch 22

    i need to check out ska-p cos they look good!

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  • :O really! well that isn't good enough, yes less than jake, catch 22 and specials, ska-p are quite cool (Y)

  • i looked at this and realized i myself hadnt put anything down so heres my favorites:
    suicide machines
    catch 22

    check out Asian Man Records if you havent already because that label is pretty much all ska and or punk bands. guarantee youll come away liking one of the bands. that is if you havent already discovered the label.

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  • I agree with the goodness of Asian man. Thats where i descovered the wonder that is Johnny Socko. Try out their compulation albums 'mailorder is fun' and'mailorder is still fun' from amazon. Just make sure you dont go on cos i made that mistake and it was a gay porn site!

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  • hahahaha thats hilarious

  • You don't have The Aquabats! on your list
    Their cd The Fury...of The Aquabats! is one of the best ska-pop-punk-newwave cds ever

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    • erinbit said...
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    • 21 Jun 2005, 15:39
    I think all my favorites have already been listed. But if you want a really great local ska band from Asheville, North Carolina... check out

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