Local Ska Bands

    • Avex11 said...
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    • 15 Feb 2005, 23:12

    Local Ska Bands

    Everyone knows ska has come and gone, and even though this saddens me, i have acepted this fact. There are many indie bands though trying to keep ska alive (myself included) and i was just wondering if you could promote any good local ska bands in or around where you live. Help try and keep us from having to have ska is dead 50 tours and instead have ska is.....alive lol.

    If ska was a woman, i would marry her!
  • I actually don't mind ska being dead. Maybe it's just my personality, but it would suck if it was popular. There's a perfect amount... That amount for me is for it not to be the thing everyone does cause it's the popular cool thing of the time, but popular enough that you can find some people that have it in common with you.

    I don't know what that had to do with anything, but yep. :)

    I've only seen 2-3 local ska bands. One was pretty good, reggae/funk ska band, another was pretty horrible IMO, kind of a Good Charlotte with horns, and another had a nice style but weren't too good on their instruments.

    Oh yeah, funny how it says you have 0 posts. Kinda weird.

  • oh man

    SKA is very much alive. It's exactly where it should be. Not on the radio on on your TV. In the clubs and In the hearts of the fans.

    Check out these hot local (ALBANY, NY) ska bands on Purevolume.

    Kicking Sicily!

    The Menace Society!

    Public Access!

    Albany SKA! 518!

    rub out your eyes, this ship is sinking

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  • Yeah they were good, i saw them when they came to albany last year.

    rub out your eyes, this ship is sinking
    • fett79 said...
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    • 13 Mar 2005, 05:04
    Big D is local to me. My friend from Dorchester knows the trombonist Paul E Cuttler very well.

    • fett79 said...
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    • 13 Mar 2005, 05:07
    Big D is local to me. My friend from Dorchester knows the trombonist Paul E Cuttler very well.

    • fett79 said...
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    • 13 Mar 2005, 05:07
    Big D is local to me. My friend from Dorchester knows the trombonist Paul E Cuttler very well.

  • I love Big D! They sometimes play over in this part of the state too although I don't know if I can really claim them as local.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 23 Mar 2005, 23:51
    Well here in the UK, there are still some superb bands sticking more to the true sound of ska, but the ones which really are special are the ones that have evolved the sound and brought their own style to it all. Bands such as Capdown, Howards Alias, Ye Wiles, No Comply and Sonic Boom Six really are pushing things forward. None of your generic third wave ska in sight here.

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  • High School Football Heroes
    The Arrogant Sons Of Bitches

    You hold a ska show on Long Island you are going to want to have one of those two bands on your bill

    Just gimme a scene where the music is free...
  • local ska

    theres a few ska bands on their way around here, but Westin just sticks out. maybe because I'm friend with them, but I don't know. Give them a listen.


    I have the cd, get in contact with me if you want a listen.

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  • Atlanta

    anyone know of any good Ska bands in the Atlanta, GA area???

  • MFC

  • ska rulez!

    a local band of mine: spicy roots!
    it's kind of original ska, without much punk or something!
    they are pretty good!

    cool runnings are also a ska band in near of my hometown.
    they are also very good!
    but i don't have an internetadress :(

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 13 Aug 2005, 17:39

    Ska's Not Dead

    Ska really isn't dead at all actually...it's just not on the mainstream(which to me is a necessarily good thing). There are still plenty of ska bands making good music and playing shows. For example, October 9th, Streetlight Manifesto and The Arrogant Sons of Bitches are playing a show at The Downtown. Oh yeah. I don't know if anyone here cares, but I play in a local ska band...www.myspace.com/2dn Tell me what you think, I guess.

  • hmmm, my fave ska band of all time, Five Iron Frenzy, died recently. But its been fun going back and collecting everything that I've missed out of by being marginally in the scene in middle and high school.

    For local stuff, anyone near Raliegh NC might want to check out a band called Micah's Hat. They are pretty good and if you need proof they have all their mp3's on www.download.com . Good stuff for a bunch of punky high school kids, not necessarily 2 tone but its got the fun spirit.

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    • kinslut said...
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    • 21 Aug 2005, 05:39

    east coast

    Monty's fan club is real good if you're from around New England, other bands from RI that i know are the Agents, who broke up, and bad larry

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 23 Aug 2005, 04:47

    san antonio ska!!!

    here are a few great SA ska bands and from the surrounding areas:


  • Ska

    Ska being dead is a good thing though, the fact that no one (except for individuals) Likes it makes it all the more enjoyable.

    But i swear, if some ska band signs a record label with a big company, I'm gonna kill someone.

    • 4D0wN said...
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    • 19 Mar 2006, 11:54

    Swedish ska

    Exept for my own band i know one local band.

    Ska 'N' Ska


  • I was going to mention NoComply myself, but it's already been done.

    I know a couple people who are playing trombone in a few random bands, but it's just for the fun of it and they haven't even given their bands names so I suppose it doesn't really count.

  • Well, I used to play in a ska band called Quazimodo & The Hunch but we broke up for half of us to go to college. You can hear some of our stuff at http://www.myspace.com/qmath as I've taken our website down. Also, a new band formed from the half of us that didn't go to college and they are Thermador & The Professionals. They just recorded a 3 song demo which sounds really good! You should check them out at http://www.myspace.com/tatp Also, if you're in the MD area you should go see them live, it's awesome!

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    • 8 Apr 2006, 15:33
    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 8 Apr 2006, 15:39
    ...oh, yeah. And then there's these guys. They've been gone for longer than the Blackouts, but for some reason their website is still up: The Motives

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