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    • 16 Jul 2007, 04:56

    neska-inside! is a project inspired by the energetic new england ska scene. The main goal of neska is to bring together ska fans in a lively, but accessible community, where they can discover new bands, meet new friends, and keep in touch with the scene.

    The neska-inside! website, has a biography/profile page for every New England ska band who desires one. These pages are fully loaded with user and band submitted pictures, videos, and more. Bands are able to share full or preview length mp3s on their pages. There is also a regular "featured band" who will be interviewed and get front page recognition.

    neska-inside! provides message forums for bands and fans to discuss upcoming or past shows, their favorite bands, and more, and will soon have a consolidated and up to date calender of New England ska shows.

    Our aim is to be your first stop on the web for learning about and becoming active in the New England ska community.

    If you would like your band to have a page on neska-inside! message us. Any Ska or Ska-influenced New England band can be added!

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