same sights, new light! new album on july 3!

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    • 11 May 2009, 08:07

    same sights, new light! new album on july 3!

    ladies and gentleman, the time has come! we are proud and happy, thrilled and and good old bit of scared too: on july 3, 2009 we release our new and sophomore album "same sights, new light" on devilduck records! after recording adventures, broken machines, mixing odysseys and artwork marathons everything is now prepared to bring you ten new songs, packaged in the format of your choice... the album will be released on vinyl, cd and digital format and comes with artwork created by romy blümel, who also painted for our last album.

    2 years have passed since our debut album and a lot of things have changed in the meantime... line-up changes, a shift of perspectives, hopes and possibilities and new ep releases admidst it all. in 4 months we created something to sum it all up, to collect the pieces we were so determined to show to you. without the help of friends and family it would not have been possible to do it, we thank everyone involved who helped painting this album with us!

    to celebrate the release of "same sights, new light" we will play 4 shows before the record will be out in the shops on july 3, so you have the chance to get it a good 3 weeks in advance... that's the early bird bonus, folks! we can't wait to play the new songs live for all of you. oh yes, you can tell.

    17 june // hamburg, prinzenbar
    18 june // leipzig, nato
    19 june // berlin, maschinenhaus
    20 june // potsdam, waschhaus

    in 7 days from now you will be able to listen to a song from the record, we will release a free mp3 for each and everyone of you. so, next monday you have a new song for breakfast. and we are excited to hear what what you think of it.

    all the best from all of us!
    yours andreas, nils, sepp and janek.

    Same Sights, New Light

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