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    16 May 2013, 17:50 by GothicBowie666

    Fri 10 May – Les Nuits Botanique 2013: Chvrches

    Les Nuits Botanique, dat gezellige festival in de voornamelijk kruidentuinen van Brussel programmeert al vele jaren opkomende talenten gecombineerd met populaire bands en artiesten. Deze evenementen gaan door in de pittoreske zaaltjes daar gevestigd en een tent die buiten staat. Daarnaast zijn er ook concerten van doorgaans iets meer gevestigde waarden in de alternatieve muziek in Koninklijk Circus. De omgeving op zich geeft een gezellig gevoel van samenzijn, buiten is er zelfs een terras voorzien. De ingrediënten om een sfeervolle avond te beleven zijn dus steeds voldoende aanwezig. Ook wij vertoeven doorgaans graag enkele avonden in deze omgeving. Les Nuits Botanique gaat nog door tot 19 mei met een extra avond op 26 mei. We kunnen iedereen ten sterkste aanraden een avond daar mee te maken: Voor meer informatie verwijzen we jullie graag door naar :

    De opener van deze avond Pale Grey probeerde door middel van gezapig klinkende vocalen en een daarbij horende redelijk meeslepende sound ons te bekoren. Echter slaagden ze daar niet echt in, de opbouw lag iets teveel op dezelfde lijn en was ook niet echt overdonderend genoeg om ons echt te overtuigen. Nochtans waren er genoeg ingrediënten aanwezig in hun muziek om ons een magisch moment te doen beleven maar het bleef een beetje hangen bij een soort 'dertien in een dozijn' gevoel. Echter denken we dat deze Belgen over genoeg potentieel beschikken om gensters te kunnen slaan, ooit, nu op dit moment echter nog niet. We houden ze in het oog.

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  • 2012: Top Scrobbles, Albums, Songs, Films, Gigs, Hunks & Misc.

    26 Dec 2012, 15:23 by trent576

    This has taken up most of my boxing day but it has been fun. I also apologise in advance of the constant alternating between full stops being inside of a bracket.) and outside of a bracket). as i don't know which is the correct thing to do. Enjoy...

    My Top 12 Albums (& EPs) of 2012!
    1. Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra - Theatre Is Evil
    2. Patti Smith - Banga
    3. Daughn Gibson - All Hell
    4. Portico Quartet - Portico Quartet
    5. Huski - H
    6. Tourist - Tourist EP
    7. Niko - Hate & Love
    8. Clock Opera - Ways To Forget
    9. Lazee Lavenders - cassette ep
    10. Silver Swans - Forever
    11. Sharon Van Etten - Tramp
    12. Air - La Voyage Dans La Lune
    My Top 12 Songs of 2012!
    1. Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra - Want It Back
    2. Martin Creed - Fuck Off
    3. Huski - Sleep's Over
    4. Lana Del Rey - Ride
    5. Patti Smith - Banga
    6. Portic Quartet - Window Seat
    7. Chinawoman - To Be With Others
    8. IAMX - The Unified Field
    9. Daughn Gibson - Lookin' Back on '99
    10. Sharon Van Etten - We Are Fine
    11. The Lovely Eggs - Don't Look At Me (I Don't Like It)
    12. Lazee Lavenders - Kool Girl
    My Top 12 Films of 2012! (Going By UK Cinema Release Dates)
    1. Looper (dir. Rian Johnson)
    2. The Perks of Being a Wallflower (dir. Stephen Chbosky)
    3. Sleep Tight (Mientras Duermes) (dir. Jaume Balagueró)
    4. Your Sister's Sister (dir. Lynn Shelton)
    5. The Cabin In The Woods (dir. Drew Goddard)
    6. The Artist (dir. Michel Hazanavicius)
    7. Marvel's The Avengers (dir. Joss Whedon)
    8. The Dark Knight Rises (dir. Christopher Nolan)
    9. The Hunger Games (dir. Gary Ross)
    10. Young Adult (dir. Jason Reitman)
    11. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (dir. Peter Jackson)
    12. Hysteria (dir. Tanya Wexler)

    [this is subject to change as we are planning on seeing Life of Pi today...]

    My Top 12 Gigs of 2012!
    1. Patti Smith, The Coal Exchange, Cardiff – 26th June
    2. Martin Creed, Dempseys, Cardiff (Swn Festival) – 20th October
    3. Sharon Van Etten, The Glee Club, Cardiff – 9th December
    4. The Lovely Eggs, The Moon Club, Cardiff (Swn Festival) – 18th October
    5. Duke Special, The Glee Club, Cardiff – 21st May
    6. Death Grips, The Fleece, Bristol – 5th November
    7. Clock Opera, Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff (Swn Festival) – 21th October
    8. AlunaGeorge, Buffalo Bar, Cardiff (Swn Festival) – 20th October
    8. Man Without Country, Undertone, Cardiff (Swn Festival) – 21th October
    9. Faye, Buffalo Bar, Cardiff (Swn Festival) – 18th October
    10. Karin Park, Hobos, Bridgend – 8th September
    11. Sue Denim, 10 Feet Tall, Cardiff – 12th September
    12. Drums Of Death, Buffalo Bar, Cardiff – 16th August

    Hunks of 2012: Seriously Hot Men!!!
    1. Liam Hemsworth
    2. Chris Hemsworth
    3. Joe Labanowski from Seasfire

    Inspirational Quote of 2012
    ‎"...People, you are the future,
    and the future is now!
    Things are tough, they will get tougher!
    And you have to be ready!
    Ready for any kind of fucking revaluation!
    Ready to discard material things!
    Ready to be free!
    Ready to say 'NO, i don't want any more of your shit!'
    Ready not to be slaves of technology!
    Ready to say fuck the phone, fuck it all!
    Ready to be human!
    You are the future and the future is now!"

    Patti Smith - Cardiff Coal Exchange 26/06/12

    Well Done for all your Extracurricular Success in 2012 and Everything but PLEASE get Back to Your Day Job
    (...Yes, she sang 2 "very well written & sung but horribly produced" songs with David Guetta and has written songs for Rihanna, Ne-Yo, Flo Rida, Ke$ha, Rita Ora, Shakira, Christina Aguilera and probably countless others this year... but please get back to what you do best... Colour the Small One and We Are Born are brilliant albums.)

    The "I'm Really Late To The Party With This One As I Had Heard Loads Of Praise For This Artist's 2012 Album And Didn't Really Listen At The Time But I Know I Will Grow To Really Really Love It In The Coming Future" Award
    Sharon Van Etten
    (My boyfriend really likes the album, i hadn't heard it until After seeing her live a few weeks ago. She is fantastic and her album would've been higher up in my Top 12 albums of the year if i had heard it sooner, but i am currently in the middle of the process of falling in love with Tramp for it is truly beautiful and Give Out & We Are Fine are amazing).

    The "My Prediction for The Next Big Thing (But I Am Never Right About These Things As People Are Stupid) Award"
    (Formally known as Little Loud, his debut EP and his remixes of Clock Opera, Goldfrapp, Sharon Van Etten and Au Revoir Simone are fantastic! Combining somber "Chillwave" synth textures with the exuberant electronic giddiness of acts like Mylo and Röyksopp, either as a solo act or a producer hope his makes it big.)

    The Worst Song of 2012
    Mumford & Sons - I Will Wait
    (Really boring music for pig fucking hillbillies, nothing more, nothing less)

    The Worst Film of 2012
    The Woman In Black (dir. James Watkins)
    (Whoever thinks this film is faithful to the spirit of the book obviously must have read a different book to me... This film has far more in common with 2006's schlockfest "Dead Silence" than the book or even the 1989 tv adaptation. I know the point of the new film is to put the director and writer's own stamp on the story but to strip out everything scary about the original story and chuck in loads of cliched horror conventions (possession, jump scares & false alarms, loads of silly ghost children, angry villagers, naff flashbacks, daft sound effects, cheesy ending, etc etc, all of which are not in the book) and turn it into "part-british miserablism, part-silly, daft and kooky haunted house ride" is unforgivable. The Woman In Black is not meant to be silly! A catastrophically disappointing experience. On the plus side, the production design and costumes were nice.)

    The Most Overrated Band of 2012
    The xx
    (All of their songs are either (a) a mid tempo boring charisma vacuum dirge with boring vocals, or (b) an ever-so-slightly up tempo boring charisma vacuum dirge with boring vocals...)

    The Most Disappointing Gig of 2012
    Tricky - Bristol O2 Acadamy, 26th April,
    (This could have been spectacular, and there is no faulting Martina Topley-Bird's performance of the Maxinquaye material, but it was written all over her face that she was really uncomfortable, since Tricky was more interested in dicking around, insulting the audience who had paid to see him perform the Maximquaye material as advertised (he seemed less than interested in that concept) and getting his talentless cousins on stage to rap for 10 minutes at a time so he could wander off or wobble in a dark corner of the stage instead of than putting on a show. Half a wasted opportunity, Half a great set of Martina singing Maxinquaye tracks).


    Scrobbles from between 26/12/11 - 26/12/12

    Top 12 Most Played ARTISTS of the Past 12 Months!
    1. Joy Zipper (589 Plays)
    2. Ladytron (400 Plays)
    3. Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra (351 Plays)
    4. Huski (317 Plays)
    5. Goldfrapp (306 Plays)
    6. Patti Smith (285 Plays)
    7. Siouxsie and the Banshees (236 Plays)
    8. Sia (183 Plays)
    9. Lana Del Rey (172 Plays)
    10. Primal Scream (169 Plays)
    11. Blondie (158 Plays)
    12. Clock Opera (157 Plays)
    Top 12 Most Played SONGS of the Past 12 Months!
    1. Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra - Want It Back (49 Plays)
    2. Clock Opera - Once And For All (Little Loud Remix) (46 Plays)
    3. Joy Zipper - 1 (45 Plays)
    4. Huski - Sleep's Over (44 Plays)
    5. The Creatures - Fury Eyes (7" Remix) (41 Plays)
    6. Joy Zipper - Window (36 Plays)
    7. Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra - Do It with a Rockstar (28 Plays)
    8. Lana Del Rey - Ride (27 Plays)
    9. Trentemøller - Moan (feat. Ane Trolle) (Trentemøller Remix) (26 Plays)
    10. No Doubt - Settle Down (26 Plays)
    11. Collage - A Real Hero (feat. Electric Youth) (25 Plays)
    12. Portic Quartet - Window Seat (25 Plays)
    Top 12 Most Played ALBUMS of the Past 12 Months!
    1. Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra - Theatre Is Evil
    2. Joy Zipper - American Whip
    3. Joy Zipper - The Heartlight Set
    4. Huski - H
    5. Clock Opera - Ways To Forget
    6. Ladytron - Gravity the Seducer
    7. Portico Quartet - Portico Quartet
    8. Daughn Gibson - All Hell
    9. Patti Smith - Banga
    10. Niko - Hate & Love
    11. Sia - We Are Born
    12. Lana Del Rey - Born to Die

    13 Dec 2011, 10:32 by Egibeltza



    AFP, Mise à jour : mardi 13 décembre 2011 11:16

    *note : "ONU" is for U.N.O., Organisation des Nations Unies (as we say : "unies ? tu parles !"

    Syrie: la répression a fait plus de 5.000 morts, l'ONU mise en cause pour son inaction

    La répression en Syrie a fait "plus de 5.000 morts", a affirmé lundi la haut commissaire aux droits de l'homme de l'ONU Navi Pillay, s'en prenant devant le Conseil de sécurité des Nations unies à l'inaction de la communauté internationale.


    "Aujourd'hui j'ai rapporté le fait que le nombre (des morts) excède 5.000", a-t-elle dit lors d'un point de presse à l'issue de la réunion du Conseil.

    L'ONU a des informations selon lesquelles plus de 200 personnes ont été tuées depuis le 2 décembre par les forces du président Bachar al-Assad, a indiqué Mme Pillay, selon des diplomates qui ont assisté à la réunion du Conseil.

    Le dernier bilan de l'ONU était de plus de 4.000 personnes tuées par les forces syriennes depuis le début du mouvement de contestation du régime en mars dernier. Interrogé sur ce bilan la semaine dernière, le président Assad avait mis en doute la crédibilité de l'ONU.

    Mme Pillay s'exprimait devant le Conseil en réponse à une demande de la France, de la Grande-Bretagne et de l'Allemagne.

    Le Conseil de sécurité n'arrive pas à se mettre d'accord sur une résolution qui condamnerait la répression en Syrie. Un double veto russo-chinois a torpillé le 4 octobre un projet de résolution en ce sens. Depuis, la Russie, alliée du régime syrien, n'a pas donné de signe d'assouplissement.

    "Des informations crédibles réunies par mon personnel démontrent une tendance à l'usage systématique et étendu de la torture lors des interrogatoires", a assuré Mme Pillay, toujours selon des diplomates.

    Citant des sources dignes de foi, Mme Pillay a indiqué que plus de 300 mineurs avaient été tués par les forces syriennes, dont 56 pour le seul mois de novembre. Les écoles ont été utilisées comme centres de détention.

    "Tuer des enfants en les frappant ou en leur tirant dessus pendant les manifestations" est une pratique "largement répandue" tout comme "la torture et les mauvais traitements", a-t-elle ajouté.

    "L'inaction de la communauté internationale va enhardir les autorités syriennes et assurer l'impunité aux auteurs" de ces tueries, a-t-elle dit.

    A l'issue de l'exposé de Navi Pillay, même Vitali Tchourkine, ambassadeur russe à l'ONU, s'est dit "troublé". "Nous sommes tous unis par le fait que nous sommes extrêmement troublés par les développements tragiques en Syrie de ces derniers mois et par le fait que nous voudrions que cela cesse", a-t-il déclaré.

    La position de la Russie n'a pas bougé pour autant, a résumé M. Tchourkine. "Ce que la Russie a demandé est le dialogue. Malheureusement nous avons vu certains membres-clés de la communauté internationale et du Conseil de sécurité changer de vitesse et se tourner vers le mode +changer de régime+ (en Syrie), décourageant le dialogue à l'intérieur de la Syrie et entre la Ligue arabe et la Syrie", a-t-il poursuivi. "C'est très dangereux", a-t-il prévenu.

    A l'opposé, l'ambassadeur de France à l'ONU a vertement mis en cause l'inaction du Conseil de sécurité, "moralement responsable de ce qui se passe aujourd'hui en Syrie". "La France et d'autres membres du Conseil de sécurité considèrent que le silence du Conseil est un scandale", a-t-il poursuivi.

    "Nous pensons maintenant que le Conseil de sécurité doit agir", a pour sa part côté affirmé l'ambassadeur britannique à l'ONU Mark Lyall Grant. "Il est intolérable que le Conseil soit condamné à demeurer silencieux", a renchéri l'ambassadeur allemand aux Nations unies Peter Wittig, dont le ministre des Affaires étrangères Guido Westerwelle s'était auparavant dit "choqué" par ce qu'il avait entendu de la situation en Syrie.

    "Nous estimons incroyable que le Conseil de sécurité n'ait pas parlé ces derniers mois", a quant à elle Mme Rosemary DiCarlo, ambassadrice adjointe des Etats-Unis à l'ONU.

  • Movement

    1 Dec 2011, 20:49 by bertrand-escaff

    Hi !

    Group Zeru ta Lur

    Artist Zeru ta Lur / Cérou ta Lourre, Zeru ta Lur, Cérou ta Lourre, Cérou ta Loure...

    Pronounciation Thay-roota loorrr

    Founder artist Zuhurbelea


    Other brand new groups :

    For artists and new projects, for cold wave fans or just curious :

    Cold Wave Revival

    If you want to have a band classified in thematic and alphabetic list :

    Afterpunk Directory

    Be welcome, and for news to share, historical cold/new wave description of your region and its styles, thank you for sharing it in :


    See you, cheers :-)
  • Joy Divisial Bureau of Investigation

    29 Nov 2011, 22:59 by bertrand-escaff

    Hi !

    Hands up. You have the right to keep silent.

    If you prefer to speak loud, you can contribute to the Global Enquiry for collecting the list of Bands Known or Obscure who Sound like Joy Division especially concerning the rythmical section .

    So, I ask you for the last time : which bands do you know with a big round obsessive rythm ?

  • Joy Divisial Bureau of Investigation

    29 Nov 2011, 22:58 by bertrand-escaff

    Hi !

    Hands up. You have the right to keep silent.

    If you prefer to speak loud, you can contribute to the Global Enquiry for collecting the list of Bands Known or Obscure who Sound like Joy Division especially concerning the rythmical section .

    So, I ask you for the last time : which bands do you know with a big round obsessive rythm ?

  • Arts and society : historical relationship.

    29 Nov 2011, 15:53 by bertrand-escaff


    What changes happened in your region under the influence of an art, either music or other arts..?
    Did you see it, or did you hear testimonies ?

  • They all saw The Sex Pistols live & made bands, we listen to the bands & forget…

    29 Nov 2011, 11:52 by bertrand-escaff

    They all saw The Sex Pistols live & made bands, we listen to the bands & forget home-made friendly local new wave !

    Passive ? Active ? A question of era and comfort, maybe...

    Regional news ? Evolution of bands and styles in your town ? Underrated bands you know ?

    >>> Fanzine : write a short wiki (even "non"-neutral : special authorization) + links to samples, then share the link to your thread / article with your friends.
    Indie, electro, post-punk, psyche, mod, funky, ethereal, pop, transe, dream, doom, punk, stoner... All thing other than L. Gaga & sponsored stuff !

    And... Suggest connexions. Cheers :-)
  • Zeru ta Lur y Los Chichos ... contra la anemia musical !

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  • ... Let's raise hands and hope for the future of our subcultural horizons facing Mr…

    28 Oct 2011, 03:11 by bertrand-escaff

    ... Let's raise hands and hope for the future of our subcultural horizons facing Mr Fast Food and emergency ...

    - : § : -

    Project !

    Is anyone here in the site able to cover bass on Lullabies ? Top chrono.

    (1rst from one google plex more questions).

    Cold Wave Revival, Will Heggie, Garlands.