Have you ever been on SP's concert?

  • Have you ever been on SP's concert?

    Hello, guys. I am new here and I decided to start new topic, namely Simple Plan concerts .

    I know that every SP's fan dreams of meeting his idols, being on their show. I guess few of us had this chance, so go ahead and write it - how was it? With every detail! I will start, hoping you will follow me ;)

    So.. it was 10th of November, 2008. Simple Plan gave the first concert in my country (Poland). I was really excited, because I've been waiting for this day for a loooong time. I went there with my dad (he likes them!) and my friends, who started to listen to SP 'cause of me, by the way. I've been standing in a large queue for about seven hours, it was impossible to breath or make a move. But it was worth it, of course.
    While I was waiting there, we heard some sounds. Simple Plan was having sound check or something like that, and we heard a piece of `Perfect`. It was amazing.
    When I got inside, at last, I got really close to stage, on the right side. I knew I will be near Sebastien, because as you know he always stands there. As a support there were Zebrahead and Kids In Glass Houses (fucking good bands!). Then we were waiting just for them . After about half an hour we heard first sounds of Generation . Everybody shouted, screamed, lost their minds. And so did I. They played a lot of songs, for example Save You , Your Love Is a Lie , Take My Hand , I'm Just a Kid , Welcome To My Life and many, many others. They played a special song for Poland, too. It was so sweet. After almost every song David was saying "Dzięki!" to us. (it means 'thanks', in polish.) Pierre and David were speaking in our language, it was awesome.
    The last song was, as you can guess, Perfect . It was so fucking amazing. Firstly, only Pierre was standing on the stage, playing acoustic guitar and singing. After the first chorus rest of the group jumped on stage and they started to play normally, in original version. Whole crowd was singing with Pierre, flashing light from cell-phones, cameras etc. I will never forget that.
    After the concert I've been waiting for about two hours for them, to take pictures with boys. I have a photo with Sebastien and Chuck, I've got their signs too. Jeff didn't come to us, Pierre and David went inside after few minutes and I was late to get to them. But there was really nice guard who came to me and gave me.. David'd pick! I was so happy, you can't even imagine. Now it's laying safely on the bottom of my little box, next to a badge which Jared Leto threw before 30StM's concert. Two little things which make me happy everytime I touch them :D

    You can see photos from there on MySpace (www.myspace.com/unknown_dancer), invite me if you want to ;)
    And movies from there are on my YouTube account, my nickname is polish0girl. You can check them out!

    So that's it. That was my concert, my day, one of the most beautiful and crazy in my life. Your turn!

    i will never forget / i will never regret / i will live my life
  • you're so lucky
    i've never seen a sp concert..

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 14 Jan 2009, 19:51
    i was last year in berlin at a sp concert... it was just amazing and i can't wait until they come back to germany :)

  • No,I have never been on their concert.I really would like to go to one,but I think it's impossible.My country is too small and they will never come here. :(

    Music heals my soul... <3
  • hey, don't say that! my country is very small too, almost nobody knows where it is, but finally they came here! it was their first time in Poland, but doesn't matter. they were here and it's fantastic, they'll come to you too, one day (:

    i will never forget / i will never regret / i will live my life
    • Idizzen said...
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    • 24 Feb 2009, 09:05
    i've seen them live twice, and met them twice too :D they're actually very nice, and an awesome live band :D

  • write mooooore! xD

    i will never forget / i will never regret / i will live my life
    • Idizzen said...
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    • 26 Feb 2009, 08:45
    me? ^^
    i met the whole band at a signing (minus David, who was down with the flu) and then I met Pierre after the concert by the backdoors :D and Pierre waved at me at the concert :D

  • Ha! Też byłam, i było 'zajebiście'

  • I've seen live twice, and met them once. They're awesome live :)
    And it's actually weird that they have even come here, cause Finland isn't that big country either. =D

  • Goood, I've written so much and you write just one sentence.
    it's not fair ;d

    i will never forget / i will never regret / i will live my life
    • Tikity said...
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    • 5 Mar 2009, 18:57
    I was there! In the Poland show!
    And i met Them all!! <33
    And David talked with me ALOT.
    And Jeff hugged me! : DDD
    and They promised They'll come to Lithuania!! ^^ \,,/
    And the other day Sebastien replied to me...<333

    i've been to Their show before, in Denmark, but i haven't met Them there...

  • Sooooo bylo zajebiscie w Polsce co nie? :D
    I've been on two shows. in Prague and in Poland. haha both were amazing but show in Warsaw hmmm was much much much better :d haha
    i mean i got their autographs and happened a lot othings connected with sp.hahah
    3 hours beofre show they came in some kind of small bus and i looked into this bus and i saw david's hat and i screamed loudly "omg DAVD!" it was so funny. and then seb turned to me and smiled to me in freaky way xD and waved haha i did the same xD then the buss stopped cause gate was broken xD and pierre opened his window and everybody started to scream hi hello etc. noone could move xD so i went to pierre and akes for sutographs xD hahaha :D seb was sitting next to hm and i told him to sign my cd as well and he asked" are you sure?" xD haha there happened a lot funny situatons i need time to write about it. The most funny hing was that i had throatache and i was talking like a squirell. How i sounded omg xD

  • I've seen them live 3 times, all three times were awsome and SP are amazing live<3 But I've never meet them though... I hope I will some day =D Anyway I must say that they get better and better for every concert, Last time I saw them they were amazing, siriusly I cant describe it.... Just amazing!! <3<3<3

    "Simple Plan will never break your heart!!" - Pierre Bouvier October 31 2008 <3
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