Welcome to the Simple Minds group!

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    • 16 Jul 2006, 11:35

    Welcome to the Simple Minds group!

    This is an open group for all who want to celebrate the music of this great band who will be 30 years old next year. I know their music has touched a lot of people in that time. Please let us know about your favourite Simple Minds moments, be that music, concerts or whatever you like about the band. I'm working up a list of my top 25 fave Simple Minds songs but am having great difficulty keeping it down to 25! What about you?

    • ascolda said...
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    • 3 Aug 2006, 16:01
    Hallo. I don't know Simple Minds as well as i would like to, but nevertheless I am crazy about a couple of songs. They are:
    Life In A Day
    Today I Died Again (!)
    Love Song
    Seeing Out The Angel
    Theme For Great Cities (!)
    and some others...
    This group was in Russia last year, but I couldn't visit that concert :(

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 3 Aug 2006, 19:47
    Wow - there's some early stuff there. Happy to recommend you more of course. Theme for Great Cities is one of my all time faves too and don't start me on Love Song!

  • One of the best, if not the best gig I ever saw was Simple Minds live at the Caird Hall in February 1984. Truely amazing. I still listen to Sons and Fascination / Sister Feelings Call quite a bit as it is one of my all time favourites and my favourite Minds album by a long way. Does anyone else remember Love Song making it to No.1 on the now defunct Scottish charts ? That's how big they were in Scotland in 1981 - Love Song did not even make the UK top 40. I also love the fact that they provided the hand claps (yes hand claps) on Gary Numan's 1980 album Telekon. Never figured that one out.

    Fav tracks:
    Sweat in Bullet
    70 cities
    In trance as mission
    I travel - the full length 12" version for maximum dancefloor effect

    Sorry these are all old

  • I joined!! Wow Simple Minds was formed the year I was born (77) - Fate has obviously pointed me in this group's direction for a reason..LOL! :D

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    • 10 Aug 2006, 20:37
    Welcome Dannyboy77! I'm sure we'll all be able to educate you!

  • Hello people :-) I'm listening to Live in the City of Light now after joining this group for the first time in a few years probably. I've never seen the band live (but then I've never really been a regular concert goer). Some of my collection is on cassette and I dont have a cassette player right now so I can't rediscover them. Street Fighting Years is the no.1 album for me, I love the title track, soul crying out and Belfast Child especially. Also I think the cover of Peter Gabriels Biko is better than the original. I sort of stopped listening to the Minds a few years back for some reason and I don't own anything post Néapolis

  • Hey I converted someone to the Simple Minds group. Welcome along Hollow_Man. we can get some good old prog rock into this group radio now.LOL
    I Saw SM 3 Times. The best was front row at the Odeon in birmingham for the Sons and Fascination tour. Icehouse supported them and it was Awesome. I lost my ticket though so nobody believes me? But I was there.

    Still got this one though

    And this one


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  • Bloody hell I'm so crap at putting things in things and gatting the right size FCWS.


    Please check out my website

  • DAZ110264 said:
    Bloody hell I'm so crap at putting things in things and gatting the right size FCWS.

    And crap at spelling too I see :-p

    Anyways, when I said i didn't own anything post Néapolis well i do now. Today I won new copies of Cry and Neon Lights on ebay for £2.99 each inc p&p. A fine piece of business if I say so myself :-))

    • IanAR said...
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    • 9 Sep 2006, 16:31
    Make Sweat in Bullet streamable now! - Ian

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 30 Sep 2006, 17:43

    I've been into the 'Minds for a few years now, I'm not too familiar with their most recent or earliest stuff - I'm mostly keen on the period around 'Street Fighting Years' and 'Real Life'.

    Me fave track's always been 'All The Things She Said', purely for perhaps the greatest guit riff ever produced (imo, imo!) - though 'Ghostrider', 'Belfast Child', 'Love Song', 'She's a River', 'Ghostdancing', 'DYFAM', 'Sweat in Bullet', 'Alive and Kicking' and 'See The Lights' rank amongst my faves.

    • victorg said...
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    • 23 Oct 2006, 08:21
    bon jour,

    saw them live for the first time in april 84 at markthalle hamburg (sparkle in the rain tour).

    new gold dream is one of the best "pop"-albums. my favorite albums are sister feelings call and finally empires and dance. after 'don't you" the relation between us get a bit cooler. anyway great band.

    • victorg said...
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    • 23 Oct 2006, 10:42
    ... 'changeling' was the ultimate indie club song here in hamburg/germany in 83/84.

  • More Simple Minds world wide!!!

    My favourite tracks are:
    * Cry
    * See the Lights
    * Night Music
    * Sound in 70 Cities
    * Hypnotised
    * Glittering Prize
    * 7 Deadly Sins
    I hardly can explain it in English, but I want to say that as I have grown-up, the depth and greatness of the SM's music became very clear to me. I really plunge down into magic, amazing mood while listening to Simple Minds!

  • Cry

    Video Cry. Having seen it, I was just mesmerized. Greatest cinema!

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 5 Nov 2006, 08:24

    hi all

    I listen to Simple Minds just a short time but i already "just can't get enough" <---(also depeche mode addicted^^) of them ;D
    My favourite 3 songs are:
    1.Don't you (forget about me)
    2.Someone Somewhere in Summertime
    3.Let there be Love
    For sure I still may not know as many songs than other people from this gruop ... but even yet I can say that
    Simple Minds will always be one of my most favourite bands^^

    • jujuspi said...
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    • 13 Nov 2006, 17:52
    Hello !
    I listen to Simple Minds for a while, maybe 2-3 years.
    My top 3 songs :
    1. Don't you(fotget about me)
    2. Promised you a miracle
    3. Home (B&W 050505)

    I have listened their new album "Black and White 050505", it's a great album, with "Home", "Stanger" and all of the tracks in this album are great.
    Simple Minds is and will be always my favorite band ;)

    PS : Thx to RobM64 for the invitation to this group :)

    • flospi said...
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    • 13 Dec 2006, 06:39

    Home, East at Easter, much more

    Hey there and thanks for the invitation

    My first Simple Minds Concert was 1989 in Dortmund, the Street Fighting Years tour.

    As for favourite tracks, thats difficult. At the moment I guess it's Home. But when they play their songs live, almost everything is great, because it's live.

    I don't like their tracks from the mid 90's until Black&White too much.

  • Hey peeps :)

    I saw them in 1984 in Montréal, China Crisis supporting IIRC, went to the first show and was SO blown away that I went the next night as well :D

    I haven't actually got any albums post-Sparkle in the Rain...but I listen to the early ones all the time.

  • Hi there

    I saw the Minds for the first time in '98 when they were supporting the Rolling Stones. I was 14 at the time and completely blown away, it was the start of a great voyage: discovering amazing music along the way.
    My favourite albums are: Sparkle In The Rain, S&F/SFC and Our Secrets Are The Same. I saw the band a couple of times during the Black and White tour, and I must say they were bloody amazing every time!

    Thanks for creating this group on lastfm.com!
    For the people who're interesting in discussing the Minds (but also a whole range of other stuff) some more, there's a great forum at www.sosimpleminded.com. Check it out!

    Greets from Belgium,

    Death by Chocolate, it's a fact!
    • HTUK said...
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    • 5 Jan 2007, 20:54
    Hi all!

    I've never seen the Minds in concert, but my fave tracks are:

    Don't You (Forget About Me)
    Kick It In
    Sanctify Yourself
    See The Lights

    I was generally interested in their sound from the mid-80s on, but not an avid fan. But I've been getting more into appreciating the quality of their sound and lyrics in the last few years, as places like last.fm and the chance to share music with others have led me to go through the back catalogue of bands of my 'youth' once again!

  • Hi all!

    Just joined the group. So glad to find people that love this amazing band.

    I first heard SM at first Mandela concert. In fact, I knew them through U2's The Joshua Tree, as at that time <i>Street Fightingh Years</i> was to be released. My brother was annoying me saying that SM was better than U2 (by that time I didn't think so), but when it came to listen that record, I changed my mind (although U2 and SM does not sound so similar to me...).

    My most beloved SM moment, apart from shaking hands with Mel on Barcelona's Razzmatazz last February, was crossing Ireland in bus with <i>Once Upon A Time</i> blasting time after time in my headphones.

    About my fav tracks:
    1. Book of Brilliant Things (Live In The City of Lights version)
    2. Shake Off The Ghosts
    3. Waterfront
    4. Glittering Prize
    5. Ghostdancing

    Best wishes, love and peace,


  • Hello There

    Just found this forum. Made up to read comments from like minded people. Been into the minds since 1989 (street fighting years). Saw them for first time in Milton Keynes for Real Life tour. Best moment has to be meeting Jim outside stage door at Manchester Apollo for floating world tour. Struggling to think of a top 5 but here goes:

    1 Book of brilliant things (city of light)
    2 Pleasantly disturbed
    3 Shake off the ghosts
    4 New gold dream
    5 Somebody up there likes you

    I'll probably change my mind about this list before I finish pint of Guinness!!!

    All the best.

  • Hi everybody

    hi all!

    I've been loving SM music since 1997, I'm too young to know about them before this date :)

    I love most the epic sound of the band: songs as Alive and Kicking, Book of Brilliant Things, Speed your love to me, Stay Visible... Steve Lyliwhite & Bob Clearmountain produced tracks.

    Hope to listen to great tunes in this channel!

    If you want to listen to my band, Bearlin, very Simpleminded-influenced, do it at http://www.myspace.com/bearlin


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