New Album/London Shows

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    • 16 Apr 2009, 15:43

    New Album/London Shows

    Goodness this forum's a bit quiet, thought I'd ask everyone's opinions on the new album? Seems a bit mixed judging by the shouts on the main page, and will admit that the first couple of listens I wasn't bowled over by it...

    didn't stop me from seeing them three times in four days last week though :) I got to the Proud Gallery, Barfy and Borderline shows and they were a different experience every time! the first show was a moshing one (Proud Gallery has a big courtyard room that was packed out, moshing possibly due to drunken people, Brian seemed a bit gone himself but showed off some neat footwork! Sound was terrible), Barfly was more subdued, possibly because it was a press show, but LOUD...! Best line was from Brian "We have a new album out... and some of you already seem to have it... that's cool, I do that too"...! Borderline was undeniably a fan show, lots of singing along and appreciative moshing. Every show the band looked honoured to be there and surprised by the reaction of the crowd, either they're good at faking and working the crowd or the most genuinely humbled people in music...! Except for when my ill judged heckle meant that they dedicated 'lazy eye' to "everyone here tonight... but not you!"

    The new stuff, yes, I was saying it didn't 'click'. After three nights it definitely did and the album is as revered as carnavas, you truly have to hear these songs live and LOUD! We got 'there's no secrets', 'the royal we', 'sort of', 'panic switch' but the highlight was 'growing old is getting old' which they're using as a set closer. It's just immense, a wall of sound that gets louder and louder as the song goes on until it reaches a fx pedal noisefest at the end (check out the recent xfm sesh to hear it 'live').

    I'm actually looking forward to their return so I can hear what they do with 'substitutions' and 'nice to know you work alone' and if the last track on the album 'surrounded' doesn't suck balls live... it's the worst thing they've done so far, maybe it makes more sense live. Anyway, your thoughts? Is this the album to launch them into bigger things?

    ****Amy Blue****

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