which music for the AiRport ?

  • which music for the AiRport ?

    in connecting artists, i started with brian eno and similiar ones. brian eno's MUSIC for AIRPORTS is a good fit - it's been the birth of AMBIENT music. i mean TRUE ambient music, not what most people tag on last.fm.

    as members of the group, i invite you not only to use the AiRport as the superhub to all connected groups, but also enjoy the stay and create a musical collection with me that is OUR music for the AiRport.

    i think AMBIENT music is a good starting point, and we should somehow stay in the realm of this 'genre', but i'm open to all suggestions of the members.

    let's see how the AiRport ( a neverending constructions area ) develops.

    • tergan said...
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    • 19 Sep 2008, 17:20
    i've just been listening to a couple artists that i think would fit nicely: Pan•American and Lawrence English

  • Deepspace is great sounding deep ambient

    Clutter's slow blizzard comes to mind too

  • cool, thx, connected ! hehe, Pan•American, that fits very nicely to an airport ...

  • Hello! just joined, I wonder if Master Margherita could be linked, he has a most excellent eclectic mix of instrument/electronica, check out in particular Nabuconodosor and The Analog Point from his superb album Mastura and El Assouat from Peace Therapy.
    Also Ishtar from The Peaking Goddess Collective would fit nicely.
    May I also suggest Aes Dana, Astropilot, Solar Fields, Astral Waves and Tachyon, Indigo
    Continents and Active Ingredient. Although these Excellent artists have many other Beautiful tracks! they would be good to link in here too.
    Many Thanks :)

  • thank you for the suggestions. solar fields had already been connected. i have to check the others.

    i should explain my philosophy for airport music.
    i don't design the aiport as a mothership for all kinds of ambient music. this mothership will board on the airport in the near future, and then we can adhere to all suggestions so far.

    for the airport, i'm suggesting LIGHT ambient music and similar "airy" sounds which we all would appreciate when moving through an airport or waiting for boarding (best example is brian eno's music for airports).

    i would exclude dark ambient, psychedelic, mystic and pseudoclassical new age, ambient house or ambient techno.

    thank you for your understanding :)

  • Absolutely! Perhaps these artists suggested above could be connected to the Space port?
    Many Thanks
    Em :)

  • yes, for the spaceport (which at this moment has no existence of its own but is integrated into the airport) i would of course use space music and some more exciting ambient, even dark ambient, haunting, space age and scifi music. well, the new mothership of ambient music is boarding right now ...

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