NEON SIGH new shoegaze/dream/noise pop label releases Black Nite Crash new LP "Drawn…

  • NEON SIGH new shoegaze/dream/noise pop label releases Black Nite Crash new LP "Drawn Out Days" on June 12th

    If you like Ride, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Malory, Swervedriver, Singapore Sling, The Blue Angel Lounge, The Raveonettes, you might like the new record from Black Nite Crash as well. "Drawn Out Days" releases June 12th on Neon Sigh Records, a new label dedicated to supporting good music ideally featuring any of the following: reverb, echo, tremolo, massive distortion, tape bends, fuzz, delay, drone, keyboards, synth, neon, good lyrics, written by and/or for space and time travellers.

    Follow this link for all the information and samples, including links to information on the album release concerts in Seattle and Portland (June 8-9):

    Since forming in late 2002, Black Nite Crash have made a name for themselves combining the best elements of the psychedelic Sixties with Post-Punk angst and the reverb-drenched noise of the Shoegazer movement into an original concoction that feels simultaneously familiar and new.

    It’s been nearly four years since debut album "Array" was released, but that time has been far from quiet for the band. Three tours and as many bass players, a split 7-inch (with The Tamborines) and a split 12 inch EP (with Sky Parade), not to mention two babies and a wedding, have been leading up to the release of their second full-length album, "Drawn Out Days". While "Array" in many ways marked the “end of the beginning” for BNC, "Drawn Out Days" chronicles a period of change for the band personally and growth artistically. The band that started this chapter is not the same band that now sees its finish. The vibe remains the same, but songcraft has moved to the fore in a reaction to the band's perception that, while many artists master “style” in the present age, few remember to address the question of “substance.”

    As to the substance: first single “Baby Its You” mixes an insistent pulse with a squalling guitar buzz married lyrically to the romantic notions involved with love at first sight. Melodic hooks are firmly in place throughout the album, notably on the sixties-flavored “Our Love is Dead” and the hypnotic “Blink of an Eye.” Sci-Fi drone runs headlong in to Bo Diddley’s bounce on “The Astronavagatrix,” while “Atmosphere” and “Love and Drinking” add some gravitas, as well as some dynamic ebb and flow, to the proceedings. The equation is still simple, but the execution is more elaborate this time out; repeated play rewards the listener with layered depths, melodies and counter melodies creating textures and sounds to which the band have always aspired.

    Work on the third album is already underway with a covers EP and a single release coming in the interim, but the band will be balancing recording with playing… Black Nite Crash will be back in the clubs and on the road in summer and fall 2012, playing West Coast and East Coast dates while finishing up their follow-up to "Drawn Out Days".

    "Drawn Out Days" is set for release on June 12th through Neon Sigh Records


    Jim Biggs - Vocals, Guitar
    Randall Morgan - Drums
    Jasun Hadaway - Bass
    Izzy Dickey - Vocals, keyboards
    Scott Kennedy - Vocals, Guitar


    V/A - "Shoegazerbliss" - (feat. “See Her Tonight”) - 2002 - (Reverb)
    V/A - "In a Different Place" - (feat. “Some Days”) - 2003 - (Reverb)
    Black Nite Crash - "Black Nite Crash EP" - 2004 - (Self-Released)
    V/A - "The Fuzzy Ball" - (feat. “Last Time” Live on KEXP) - 2004 - (Reverb)
    V/A - "Psychedelica Vol. 1" - (feat. “Falling Down”) - 2006 - (Northern Star)
    Black Nite Crash - "Array" LP - 2008 - (Custom Made)
    V/A - “Midnight Club: Los Angeles (South Central Expansion)” - (feat. “Falling Down”) - 2009 - (Rockstar Games)
    Black Nite Crash/The Tamborines - split 7" - 2009 - (Custom Made)
    Black Nite Crash/Sky Parade - split 12"EP - 2010 - (Custom Made)
    Black Nite Crash - "Drawn Out Days" LP - Jun 2012 - (Neon Sigh)

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