Shibuya-kei,A Global Phenomenon?

  • Shibuya-kei,A Global Phenomenon?

    I need your Help.I'm working on a Blog for Shibuya-Kei & Japanese ClubPop.I mostly
    post selfmade Mixtapes & compilations.The more i do,the more i think that i should involve Artists from outside Japan/Asia.In my Opinion Shibuya-kei is not a Japan only
    Genre.When i got into Shibuya-kei in the early 90's it was part of a worldwide Scene.
    From the Cardigans(who stole from P.5 the Albumname "First Band on the Moon"),
    The Gentle People,Stereo Total,Combustible Edison,Ursula 1000 and many more.
    For the first time japananese Pop Culture really interact with the rest of the World.
    Not just as a Market to sell their Toys & Games to.So my Question is:Shouldn't we change our View on Shibuya-kei?What is your Opinion?Am iright or just a Pop Culture Otaku who likes play Brain Lego?I really want to know.

  • The only band I recognized from the ones you mentioned was Stereo Total, and I do see how they could be compared to Shibuya-Kei.
    I would say though that Shibuya-Kei was only a Japanese movement, because the bands at the heart of it were located in Japan. But that doesn't mean you can't group together artists that were influenced by Shibuya-Kei, even if they aren't Japanese. It is interesting to see how musical style spreads globally.

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